Orders of Battle

The Kohima garrison, Commonwealth forces (Colonel Richards)

None of the units below was present in any great strength – in some cases only a platoon or a company – so the garrison consisted of elements of these battalions and men of the RASC, RE, RIASC and many other corps and departments of the British and Indian Armies. An excellent detailed order of battle for the entirety of General Stopford’s XXXIII Corps can be found in Robert Lyman’s Kohima 1944.

1st Assam Regiment

3/2nd Punjab

1st Garrison Battalion, Burma Regiment

5th Burma Regiment

27/5th Mahratta Light Infantry

3rd Assam Rifles

Shere Regiment, Nepalese Army

1432 Company Indian Army Pioneer Corps

80th Light Field Ambulance

161st Indian Brigade (Brig. Warren)

The Royal West Kents fought their battle as part of the garrison of Kohima, but were one of the units of 161st Brigade.

4th Royal West Kents

1/1st Punjab

4/7th Rajputs

31st Division, Imperial Japanese Army (General Sato)

58th Infantry Regiment (three battalions)

124th Infantry Regiment (three battalions)

138th Infantry Regiment (three battalions)

31st Mountain Artillery Regiment (three battalions)

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