The terms and abbreviations below are by no means exhaustive, but I have listed those found within this work. Generally they follow OPNAV 29-P1000, which is the Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations 1940–1946. Current usage in the U.S. Navy may vary from this format. Within the time period there were also numerous variations on usage. For instance, OPNAV 29-P1000 lists ComdgOf as the correct abbreviation for commanding officer. However, it was usually entered as CO in most of the official action reports and other documents. In all likelihood these variations reflected the training of the yeoman writing the report and his immediate superior. The exigencies of war did not always permit perfect editing.

Adm Admiral

AH Hospital Ship

AK Cargo Ship Auxiliary (cargo ship of any kind operated by the Navy)

AKA Cargo Ship Attack

AM Minesweeper

AO Oiler or Fuel Tanker

AP Transport operated by the Navy

APA Transport, Attack

APD Transport, High Speed

ARD Auxiliary Repair Dock (Floating Drydock)

ARG Repair Ship, Internal Combustion Engine

ARL Repair Ship—Landing Craft

ARS Salvage Vessel

ATB Amphibious Training Base

ATR Ocean Tug—Rescue

BB Battleship

Betty Allied code name for the Japanese Mitsubishi G4M1 Navy Type 1 Attack Bomber

BLT Battalion Landing Team

Bum Boat Slang term for small native boats that approached Navy ships looking to sell or trade various items.

BuShips Bureau of Ships

CA Heavy Cruiser

CAP Combat Air Patrol

CAPT Captain

Captain’s Mast A form of non-judicial punishment in which the Commanding Officer of a ship studies and disposes of an infraction of the rules in his command.

CL Light Cruiser

Col Colonel

Comdg Commanding

ComdGen Commanding General

ComdgOf or CO Commanding Officer

Comdr Commander

ComO Communications Officer

Como Commodore

CTF Commander Task Force

CTG Commander Task Group

CTU Commander Task Unit

CV Aircraft Carrier

CVB Aircraft Carrier—Large

CVE Aircraft Carrier—Escort

CVL Aircraft Carrier—Light

DD Destroyer

DE Destroyer Escort

DM Light Minelayer

DMS High Speed Minesweeper

DUKW Heavy Amphibious Tank

Ens Ensign

(F) This designation after a ship’s number indicates that it is the Flagship for the unit

(FF) This designation after a ship’s number indicates that it is the Flotilla Flagship with the Flotilla Commander on board. This was a special LCI(L) set up with extra communications equipment. It did not carry troops for landings.

FS Army Freight and Supply Ship

(GF) This designation after a ship’s number indicates that it is the Group Flagship.

Hamp Allied code name for the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M3, Navy Type 0 Carrier Fighter Model 32. This was a variation of the Zeke.

Handy Billy A water pump designed for a variety of uses on board ships, including fire fighting and pumping out water in the hold

Higgins Boatsee LCP(L)

Jill Allied code name for the Japanese Nakajima B6N, Navy Carrier Attack Bomber


Judy Allied code name for the Japanese Yokosuka D4Y, Navy Carrier Bomber

Kate Allied code name for the Japanese Nakajima B5N, Navy Type 97 Carrier Attack Bomber

Kawa or Gawa Japanese term for river, ex. Bisha Gawa is Bisha River

LCC Landing Craft Control

LC(F) Landing Craft (Flak)

LC(FF) Landing Craft (Flotilla Flagship)

LCG Landing Craft Guns

LCG(L) Landing Craft Guns (Large)

LCG(M) Landing Craft Guns (Medium)

LCI(A) Landing Craft Infantry (Ammunition); ammunition carrier

LCI(D) Landing Craft Infantry (Demolition); carried UDT units

LCI(G) Landing Craft Infantry (Guns)

LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry (Large)

LCI(M) Landing Craft Infantry (Mortars)

LCI(R) Landing Craft Infantry (Rockets)

LCI(RCM) Landing Craft Infantry (RadarCounter Measures)

LCM Landing Craft Mechanized, also (G) and (R) versions—Guns and Rockets

LCP(L) Landing Craft Personnel (Large)

LCP(R) Landing Craft, Personnel (Ramp)

LCS(L) Landing Craft Support (Large); also LCS(L)(3) Landing Craft Support Large Mark 3

LCS(M) Landing Craft Support (Medium)

LCS(S) Landing Craft Support (Small)

LCT Landing Craft Tank

LCT(R) Landing Craft Tank (Rockets)

LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle and Personnel

Lily Allied code name for the Kawasaki Ki-48, Army Type 99 twin-engine Light Bomber

LSIL Landing Ship Infantry Large; redesignation for LCI(L) after 1949

LSM Landing Ship Medium

LSM(R) Landing Ship Medium (Rockets)

LSSL Landing Ship Support Large; redesignation for LCS(L) after 1949

LST Landing Ship Tank

Lt Lieutenant

LtCol Lieutenant Colonel

LtCom or LtComdr Lieutenant Commander

LtGen Lieutenant General

Lt (jg) Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

LV Landing Vehicle

LVT Landing Vehicle Tracked

Maj Major

MajGen Major General

Mighty Midget Nickname for the LCS(L), also “Pall Bearers,” “Small Boys,” “Spit Kits”

Misaki Japanese term for Cape

MTB Motor Torpedo Boat; see also PT

Myrt Allied code name for the Japanese Nakajima C6N, Navy Carrier Reconnaissance Plane

Nate Allied code name for the Japanese Nakajima Ki-27, Army Type 97 Fighter

Nick Allied code name for the Japanese Kawasaki Ki-45, Army Type 2 Two-seat Fighter

Oscar Allied code name for the Japanese Nakajima Ki-43, Army Type 1 Fighter

PBR Patrol Boat River

PC Submarine Chaser; see also SC

PCE Patrol Craft Escort

PCS Patrol Craft Sweeper

PGM Motor Gunboat

Plank Owner A member of the crew who joined the ship when it was commissioned.

Point Bolo Cape north of Hagushi beaches; see Zampa Misaki

PT Motor Torpedo Boat

RADM Rear Admiral

RCT Regimental Combat Team

RP Radar Picket Station

Rufe Allied code name for the Japanese Nakajima A6M2-N, Navy Type 2 Fighter Seaplane

Sally Allied code name for the Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-21, Army Type 97 Heavy Bomber

SC Sub-Chaser

Shima Japanese word for island; see also Jima

SOPA Senior Officer Present Afloat

TF Task Force

TG Task Group

Tony Allied code name for the Japanese Kawasaki Ki-61, Army Type 3 Fighter

TU Task Unit

UDT Underwater Demolition Team

VADM Vice Admiral

Val Allied code name for the Japanese Aichi D3A, Navy Type 99 Carrier Bomber

Wan Japanese for Bay

Willow Allied code name for the Japanese Yokosuka K5Y, Navy Type 95 Intermediate Trainer

Woofus Landing craft such as an LSM fitted with rockets

YMS Motor Minesweeper

YOG Gasoline Barge

Zampa Misaki Cape north of the Hagushi beaches, also referred to as Point Bolo

Zeke Allied code name for the Japanese Mitsubishi A6-M fighter, also known as the Zero

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