Military history

What They Do Today

Following is a list of all those who out of their firsthand recollections contributed information to “A Bridge Too Far.” First, the men of the Allied armies; then the Dutch who lived in the area during the battle; and finally the German military who fought there. Occupations may have changed since this book went to press, and where an asterisk follows a name it indicates that the contributor has died since these lists were compiled. All ranks given are as of September, 1944.


Eisenhower, Dwight David,* Gen., Supreme Comdr. [SHAEF]. Gen. of the Army, Comdr. in Chief, President of the United States.

Bradley, Omar Nelson, Gen. [12th Army Group]. Gen. of the Army; Company director, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Abel, Leonard Edw., 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Attorney, Bay Harbor Islands, Fla.

Addison, William A. B., Major [82nd Airborne]. V.-P. and trust officer, South Carolina National Bank, Columbia, S.C.

Albritton, Earl M., Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Rural mail carrier, Winnsboro, La.

Alexander, Mark J., Lt. Col. [82nd Airborne]. Real-estate broker, Campbell, Calif.

Alhart, John Lamar, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Dentist, Rochester, N.Y.

Allardyce, James R., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Engineer, Frankenmuth, Mich.

Allen, James Mann, Lt. [101st Airborne]. President, Allen Paint Supply Co., Denver, Colo.

Allen, John Henry, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Upholsterer, Levittown, N.Y.

Allen, Ray Carroll, Lt. Col. [101st Airborne] Black Angus cattle rancher, Marshall, Tex.

Altomare, John G., Cpl. [101st Airborne]. X-ray worker for Westinghouse, Baltimore, Md.

Anderson, Fred, Jr., Capt. [101st Airborne]. V.-P. (Sales), International Corporation, Charlotte, N.C.

Ankenbrandt, Louis E., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Ammunition plant mechanic, Bara-boo, Wis.

Antonion, Anthony J., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Shoe corrections, Long Island City, N.Y.

Appleby, Sam, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Attorney, Ozark, Mo.

Arnold, George Wm., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. District manager, Detroit News, Birmingham, Mich.

Asay, Charles Verne, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Linotype operator, Sacramento, Calif.

Atkins, Lynn Cecil, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Asst. principal, Roosevelt Elementary School, El Paso, Tex.

Badeaux, Nelson John, T/5 [82nd Airborne]. Pipeline maintenance man, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., New Iberia, La.

Bailey, Edward N., Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Claims counselor, veterans service, College Park, Ga.

Bailey, Sam H., Jr., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Executive, Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., Miami, Fla.

Baldinger, Irving M., T/5 [101st Airborne]. President, Legion-Olmer Bakery Co., New Haven, Conn.

Baldino, Fred James, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Postman, Burbank, Calif.

Ballard, Robert Aye, Lt. Col. [101st Airborne]. Grove owner and operator and Postmaster, Goulds, Fla.

Barickman, John Hamilton, Sec. Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Steelworker, Streator, III.

Baugh, James Emory, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Medical doctor, Milledgeville, Ga.

Baxley, George C., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Special representative, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., Hewitt, Tex.

Beach, Maurice M., Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Brig. Gen. (Retired), U.S. Air Force; consulting engineer, Garden Grove, Calif.

Beaudin, Briand N., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Pediatrician, West Warwick, R.I.

Beaver, Neal W., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Factory manager, Ottawa Rubber Company of Bradner, O., Wayne, O.

Bedell, Edwin Allen, Major [82nd Airborne]. Col. (Retired), U.S. Army; superintendent, Scientists’ Cliffs Service Co., Inc., Port Republic, Md.

Bennett, William A., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Printer, Columbia, Pa.

Bernardoni, August, P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Golf professional, Deerfield, III.

Best, William Grew, Capt .[101st Airborne]. Pathologist, Glen Mills, Pa.

Besterbreurtje, Arie D., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Clergyman, Charlottesville, Va.

Biekes, Tillman Edward, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Packinghouse worker, Indianapolis, Ind.

Bills, Lloyd Elvin, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Maintenance man, Capital City Telephone Company, Holts Summit, Mo.

Birtwistle, Owen G., Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Col. (Retired), U.S. Air Force; Commandant, Extension Course Institute, Air University, Gunter A.F.B., Ala.

Blackmon, Sumpter, Lt. [101st Airborne]. Principal, Rigdon Road School, Columbus, Ga.

Blanchard, Ernest Riley, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Machinist, Bristol, Conn.

Blank, William Leonard, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Management analyst, Veterans Administration Hospital, Richmond, Va.

Blatt, A. Ebner, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Physician, Indianapolis, Ind.

Blau, Vincent Francis, Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Electric-meter mechanic, Northern States Power Co., Minneapolis, Minn.

Blue, James R., Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Retired, Dunn, N.C.

Boling, Earl W., Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Security policeman, Security Dept., Veterans Administration Hospital, Akron, O.

Bommer, Jack Louis, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Salesman, Columbus Sign Co., Columbus, O.

Borrelli, Anthony N., 2nd Lt. [101st Airborne]. Customer service man, Peoples Natural Gas Co., Glassport, Pa.

Bowman, Bernard George, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Coal miner, Van, W. Va.

Boyce, Robert Ignatius, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Postal clerk, Springfield, Mass.

Brakken, Joyce Pershing, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Carpenter, Minneapolis, Minn.

Brandt, John Rudolph, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Warehouse foreman, Colma, Calif.

Brennan, George F., 2nd Lt. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Director of Civilian Personnel, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Alexandria, Va.

Brierre, Eugene Donnaud, Lt. [101st Airborne]. Attorney, New Orleans, La.

Brilla, Michael A., Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Parts manager, Grabski Ford, Inc., Gar-field Hts., O.

Brockley, Harold Raymond, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Postal clerk, Connersville, Ind.

Brown, Earl J., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. High-school principal, Wilburton, Okla.

Brownlee, Richard Harold, 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Druggist, Yuma, Colo.

Brunson, Ernest Merkle, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Screen-room-department operator, Union Camp Paper Corp., Savannah, Ga.

Bryant, Nelson, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Outdoors writer, New York Times, Marthas Vineyard, Mass.

Buck, Rex Douglas, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Sales and service man, Jamestown Container Corp., Jamestown, N.Y.

Buffone, Harry Joseph, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Carpenter, Jacksonville, Fla.

Burns, Robert G., Lt. [101st Airborne]. College football coach, University of So. Dakota, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Burriss, Thomas Moffatt, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. General contractor, Columbia, S.C.

Busson, Ralph Joseph, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Farmer, Doylestown, O.

Cadden, James Joseph, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Detective Lieutenant, Homicide, Baltimore City Police Dept., Cockeysville, Md.

Campana, Victor Woodrow, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Schoolteacher, Lexington, Mass.

Campbell, Richard Angel, Lt. [101st Airborne]. Real-estate broker, Palo Alto, Calif.

Cannon, Harold Felton, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Schoolteacher, Lakeside Junior High School, Anderson, S.C.

Cannon, Howard W., Lt. Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. U.S. Senator from Nevada, Washington, D.C.

Carmichael, Virgil F., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Circuit judge, Cleveland, Tenn.

Carp, Samuel M., Lt. [101st Airborne]. Salesman, Rockford Standard Furniture Co., Rockford, III

Carpenter, Frank J., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Pharmaceutical representative, Upland, Calif.

Carpenter, Lowell Keith, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Sales manager, Bend, Ore.

Carroll, Jack Paul, 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Appraiser, Riverside County Assessors Office, Riverside, Calif.

Carter, Winston Owen, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Farmer, Helena, Ark.

Cartwright, Marvin D., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Rural mail carrier, Elk Mound, Wis.

Cartwright, Robert Stanley, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Maintenance Dept., Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Detroit, Mich.

Castiglione, Frank B., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Hobbyshop owner, Orange, Conn.

Cavanagh, Eugene, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Brakeman, Penn Central R.R., Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.

Chappell, Julian M., Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Retired, Americus, Ga.

Chase, Charles Henry, Lt. Col. [101st Airborne]. Maj. Gen., U.S. Army, Chief of Staff, Heidelberg, Germany.

Cholmondeley, Jack A.,* M/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Secretary, Kenwood Savings & Loan Assn., Cincinnati, O.

Cipolla, John J., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Finishing superintendent, Sargent & Greenleaf Inc. Rochester, N.Y.

Clark, Harold L., Brig. Gen. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Brig. Gen. (Retired), U.S. Air Force; company director, Daedalian Foundation, San Antonio, Tex.

Clarke, Richard Robert, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Deputy Information Officer, Office of the Information Officer, Hq., U.S. Air Force Southern Command, Curundu Heights, C.Z.

Clemons, George W., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. School principal, Fresno, Calif.

Cockrell, James Knox, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Research engineer, Falls Church, Va.

Colombi, Gerald, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Real-estate broker and developer, Belmont, Calif.

Connelly, John J., Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Construction electrician, East Islip, N.Y.

Connelly, John W., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. County extension agent, Richmond, Ind.

Cook, Edgar L., 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Copy editor, Northfield, Conn.

Cook, Julian A., Maj. [82nd Airborne]. Col., U.S. Army, Columbia, S.C.

Copas, Marshall, T/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Sgt. Major, U.S. Army, A.P.O., San Francisco, Calif.

Corcoran, James S., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Sales representative and group consultant, Hospital Service Corp., Chicago, III.

Cox, X. B., Jr., Lt. Col. [101st Airborne]. Rancher, San Angelo, Tex.

Coyle, James J., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Accountant, American Tobacco Co., Hicksville, N.Y.

Crabtree, Bernard Gilbert, T/5 [82nd Airborne]. Teacher, Kissimmee, Fla.

Craig, William H., Lt. [101st Airborne]. Sales representative, Sentry Insurance, Pasadena, Tex.

Cready, Raymond D., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Masonry contractor, North Miami, Fla.

Cronkite, Walter, News Correspondent. CBS commentator, New York, N.Y.

Damianov, George John, T/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Plasterer, King of Prussia, Pa.

Dahlin, John F., Capt. [101st Airborne]. Aircraft engineer, North Hollywood, Calif.

Davidson, Lawrence H., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Owner, Davidson Meat Market, Franklin, Ky.

Davis, Andrew James, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Heavy equipment operator, Sun Valley, Calif.

Davis, Robert, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Assistant sales manager, Westport, Conn.

Dawson, Buck, 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. International Swimming Hall of Fame, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

De Paul, Leo J., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Salesman, Cleveland, O.

Defer, Raymond Pierre, T/5 [101st Airborne]. Owner, home appliance sales & service store, Warrenville, III.

Demetras, A. D., Wire Chief [82nd Airborne]. Attorney at law, Reno, Nev.

De Vasto, Francis Alphonse, P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Contracts Administration, U.S. Government, Burlington, Mass.

Dickson, Robert S., III, Lt. [101st Airborne]. Col, U.S. Army, Defense Attache, Teheran, Iran.

Dietrich, Frank Leslie, T/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Lt. Col, U.S. Army, Silver Springs, Md.

Dispenza, Peter, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Police officer, N.Y.C.P.D., Woodside, N.Y.

Dix, Shirley H., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Dentist, Miami, Fla.

Dobberstein, Hugo Paul, P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Laboratory technician, Kimberly-Clark Corp., Appleton, Wis.

Dodd, Edgar Frank, Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Minister, Crockett, Tex.

Dohun, Charles J., S/Sgt [101st Airborne]. Manager of resort motel, Topsail Beach, N.C.

Donalson, John M., Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. President, Tennessee Forging Steel Corp., Rockwood, Tenn.

Donnewirth, George Adam, T/5 [101st Airborne]. Carpenter, Clyde, O.

Doxzen, George D., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Installation supervisor, Western Electric Co., Baltimore, Md.

Druback, William A., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Elevator constructor, Otis Elevator Co., Bayonne, N.J.

Druener, Hanz Karl, 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Lt. Col, U.S. Army, Carlisle Barracks, Pa.

Duke, James Edward, Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. V.-P., Electro-Medics Devices Co., Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Duncan, John Richard, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Schoolteacher, Quincy, III.

Duva, August John, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Capt., Jersey City Fire Dept., Jersey City, N.J.

Dwyer, Francis Patrick Thomas, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Program director, Island Trees, N.Y.

Dwyer, Robert Joseph, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Associate professor of sociology, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, Missoula, Mont.

Eason, Bert C., Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. House painter, Phenix City, Ala.

Eatman, Harold Lee, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Customer Services, Eastern Air Lines, Charlotte, N.C.

Eisner, Julius, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Civil Service, U.S. Government, Miami, Fla.

Elliott, Chester Harding, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Timber worker, Thomasville, Mo.

Eubanks, Henry Edward, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Employee, Blue Bell Packing Co., DuQuoin, III.

Felt, Robert H., T/4 [101st Airborne], Asst. train dispatcher, N.Y.C. Transit Authority, West Hempstead, N.Y.

Fergie, Charles, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Retired, Kearney, N.J.

Ferguson, Arthur William, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Senior public health engineer, Warner Robins, Ga.

Fielder, Robert Abbott, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Lt. Col. (Retired), U.S. Army, San Pedro, Calif.

Finkbeiner, Theodore, Jr., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Capt., Fire Dept, Monroe, La.

Fischer, Russell W., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Senior instrumentation tech., Shell Development Corp., Lafayette, Calif.

Fitzgerald, John E., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Data-processing supervisor, Staten Island Community College, Staten Island, N.Y.

Foley, John Paul, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Owner, picture-frame studio, Durham, N.C.

Fosburgh, James Whitney, 2nd Lt. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Painter, New York, N.Y.

Fox, James D., 2nd Lt. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Ass’t. to V.-P., Pan American World Airways, Darien, Conn.

Franco, Robert, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Surgeon, Richland, Wash.

Franks, Darrell James, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Construction engineer, Asheville, N.C.

Fransosi, Arthur Arnold, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Postal employee, Cranston, R.I.

French, Donald J., Lt. Col. [82nd Airborne]. Col. (Retired), U.S. Air Force; trucking and storage manager, Allied Van Lines, Vacaville, Calif.

Fuller, Clark H., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Cook, Jamaica, N.Y.

Furey, Thomas Patrick, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Col., U.S. Army, Ryukyu Islands, A.P.O., San Francisco, Calif.

Galvin, Wayne William, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Journeyman painter, Fairview, Ore.

Garber, Dean Landis, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Manager, Personnel & Labor Relations, Jeffrey Mfg. Co., Canal Winchester, O.

Gariano, Vincent Paul, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Bus driver, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

Garofano, Frank P., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Investigator, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Alcoholic Beverages Control Comm., Medford, Mass.

Garzia, John, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Owner, TV- and air-conditioning-service business, Hialeah, Fla.

Gatlin, Hershel L., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Farmer, Colfax, La.

Gavin, James M., Gen. [82nd Airborne]. Lt. Gen. (Retired), U.S. Army, Cambridge, Mass.

Gelber, Aaron, Sgt. [82nd Airborne], Sgt. Major (Retired), U.S. Army insurance agent, Fayetteville, N.C.

Gensemer, Harold Lester, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Sgt. Major, U.S. Army, Fort Hood, Tex.

Gilbertson, Elmer, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Salesman, Wausau, Wis.

Gilliam, Frederick Keene, Flt. Off. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. C.P.A., Burlington, N.C.

Goethe, James H., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Dentist, St. George, S.C.

Gore, Tommy B., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Retired, U.S. Army, Tahoe Vista, Calif.

Gougler, Frederick W., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Railroad conductor, Reading Rail-road Freight Service, Clifton Heights, Pa.

Grace, Jack, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. High-school art teacher, Bartlesville, Okla.

Graham, Thomas W., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Farmer, Bluffton, Ind.

Gray, William Joseph, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Bus operator, Vincentown, N.J.

Grey, Thomas Charles, Jr., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Rural mail carrier, Macon, Ga.

Hall, Raymond S., Capt. [101st Airborne]. Retired minister, Falmouth, Me.

Haller, Joseph, Jr., Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Lithographing pressman, Detroit, Mich.

Handelsman, Oliver, Major [101st Airborne]. Physician, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Hanlon, John Douglas, Major [101st Airborne]. Newspaper columnist, Providence Evening Bulletin, Rumford, R.I.

Hanna, Roy M., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Salesman, Berkeley Heights, N.J.

Hannah, Harold W., Lt. Col. [101st Airborne]. Law teacher, writer and researcher, Texico, III

Harmon, George E., T/5 [82nd Airborne]. Shipping clerk, Wrightsville, Pa.

Harrell, John Daniel, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Druggist, Pensacola, Fla.

Hart, Augustin S., Major [82nd Airborne]. Exec. V.-P., Quaker Oats Company, Lake Forest, III.

Hart, Leo Michael, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Manufacturer’s representative, North Miami, Fla.

Hauptfleisch, Louis A., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. V.-P., Halsey, Stuart, and Co., Summit, N.J.

Heath, Stanley H., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Secretary, Masonic bodies, Fargo, N.D.

Helton, Roy Francis, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. President, J. D. Helton Roofing Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.

Hennessey, Joseph S., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Millwright, Farrell Corp., Beacon Falls, Conn.

Herkness, Frank G., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Supervisor, electrical installations, Railway Division, Budd Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

Hogenmiller, Joseph James, Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Glassworker, Crystal City, Mo.

Holabird, John Augur, Jr., 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Architect, Chicago, III.

Hopkins, James Bernard, Flt. Off. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Ass’t Director, County Health Dept., St. Petersburg, Fla.

Horne, Thomas A., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Pipe fitter, Newport, Division of Ten-neco Chemicals, Inc., Oakdale, La.

Howell, James K., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. F.B.I., Woodbridge, Va.

Huebschen, Herbert E., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Accountant, assistant office manager, Beatrice Foods Co., Wright & Wagner Dairy Division, Beloit, Wis.

Hughart, Robert Ralph, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Steelworker, Kaiser Steel Mill, Fontana, Calif.

Hull, Logan Ben, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Obstetrician and gynecologist, Altoona, Pa.

Hunt, Harold Lawrence, S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. U.S. Civil Service, household-goods inspector, Petaluma, Calif.

Hurtack George J., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Painting contractor, Plainfield, N.J.

Igoe, Charles M., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Prop man, U.S. Army film production, Long Branch, N.J.

Ihlenfeld, Edward W., T/4 [101st Airborne]. Lieutenant, Milwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee, Wis.

Ingalls, Wilbur Royce, Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Signalman, Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, Wellsville, N.Y.

Ireland, Alfred Warfield, Jr., Major [82nd Airborne]. Sales executive, Woodland Hills, Calif.

Irvin, James Morris, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. District manager, Pendleton Tool Ind., Inc., Greensboro, N.C.

Isaacs, Jack Roger, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Druggist, Coffeyville, Kan.

Isenekev, Melvin Wm., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Rural mail carrier, Boonville, N.Y.

Jackson, Schuyler W., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Trucker, Bethesda, Md.

Jacobs, Herbert, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Physician, Glendora, Calif.

Jakeway, Donald I., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Manager, Export Orders, Ebco Mfg. Co., Johnstown, O.

James, Lawrence F., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Motorman, N.Y.C. Transit Authority, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Jedrziewski, Anthony A., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Electrical engineer, Belle Vernon, Pa.

Johnson, Harry F., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Farmer, Arbuckle, Calif.

Johnson, Joseph Bernard, Jr., Capt. [101st Airborne]. Lawyer, Duluth, Minn.

Johnson, LeGrand K., Capt. [101st Airborne]. Regional manager, Central Region, Ryder Truck Lines, Atlanta, Ga.

Johnson, Paul B., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. V.-P., insurance company, Ridgefield, Conn.

Johnson, Wilton Harold, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Mail carrier, Palo Alto, Calif.

Jones, Alvin, Major [101st Airborne]. Executive, Jones Motor Co., Inc., Allentown, Pa.

Jones, Delbert Francis, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Mushroom grower, Avondale, Pa.

Jones, Desmond D., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Inspector, Sun Oil Co., Brookhaven, Pa.

Jones, Glynne M., Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Brig. Gen. (Retired), U.S. Air Force; Director of Aviation, airport manager, New Orleans, La.

Jones, James Elmo, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. President, Industrial Plastics, Inc., and Industrial Fabricators, Inc., Greensboro, N.C.

Jones, Robert Ellis, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Col, U.S. Army, Bad Toelz, Germany.

Jones, William I., Lt. [101st Airborne]. Physician, Charlotte, N.C.

Joyner, Jonathan S., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Civil-service employee, Lawton, Okla.

Kaiser, James L., Major [82nd Airborne]. Col, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C.

Kane, Maurice T., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Police officer, Buffalo, N.Y.

Kantala, Matthew W., Jr., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Quarry owner, Elberton, Ga.

Kappel, Carl Wm., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Col, U.S. Army, Springfield, Va.

Kartus, Charles Leroy, S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Merchant, Rock Hill, S.C.

Keefe, Jack Edward III, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Physician, Miami Shores, Fla.

Keenan, James E., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Ass’t V.-F., Chemical Bank, Hicksville, N.Y.

Keep, Henry, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Hospital administrator, Villanova, Pa.

Keith, Herbert Paul, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Tavern owner, Newcomerstown, O.

Keith, John Marvin, T/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Repairman and installer, Mountain States Tel & Tel Co., Stevensville, Mont.

Keller, John William, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Toolmaker, Sea Cliff, N.Y.

Kinnard, Harry William Osburn, Lt. Col. [101st Airborne]. Lt. Gen., U.S. Army, Ft. Belvoir, Va.

Kirkwood, Robert S., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Lt. Col, U.S. Army (Retired); senior auditor, N.Y. Telephone Co., New York, N.Y.

Kissane, Joseph M., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Public accountant, Greenlawn, N.Y.

Kjell, Clifford George, Capt. [101st Airborne]: Letter carrier, Rockford, III.

Klein, Richard Lionel, Cpl. [101st Airborne]. High-school teacher, Huron, O.

Knox, Clyde F., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Sgt. Major, U.S. Army, Fayetteville, N.C.

Koch, Stuart H., T/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. General agent, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., Appleton, Wis.

Kogut, Michael J., 1st Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. V.-P., International Molders and Allied Workers Union, AFL-CIO-CLC, Ludlow, Mass.

Komosa, Adam A, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Lt. Col. (Retired), U.S. Army; professor, North Michigan Univ., Jeffersonville, Ind.

Kos, Rudolph, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Antique dealer, Deerfield, III

Kotary, William E., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Agency Dept. Philadelphia Life Insurance Co., Wayne, Pa.

Kough, Frank L., Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Correctional officer, Western Penitentiary, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Krantz, Eugene A., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Works supervisor, Chicago, III

Krebs, Frank X., Lt. Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Legislative ass’t to Senator Cannon, Falls Church, Va.

Kremer, Jean Harry, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Salesman, Westbury, N.Y.

Kroener, Walter B., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Battalion chief, Huntington Park Fire Dept. and Asst. Civil Defense Director, Huntington Park, Calif.

Kuehl, Delbert A., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Executive Asst. Director, Foreign Missions, Elmhurst, III.

Kumler, Lyle Kay, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Insurance business, Gibson City, III.

Lachkovic, John Paul, P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Truck driver, Hagerstown, Md.

La Magdeleine, Leslie Leo, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Die setter, Mundelein, III.

Lange, William A., Sgt. [101st Aïrborne]. Tenant farmer, Pleasant Plains, III.

Langston, Ledford M., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Industrial employee, Red Banks, Miss.

Lappegaard, Ray Lenard, Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Director of organization and personnel, Toro Manufacturing Corp., St. Paul, Minn.

La Riviere, Richard G., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Construction superintendent, Chicopee Falls, Mass.

Larkin, Bernard L., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Beer distributor, Levittown, Pa.

Lassen, Donald Douglas, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Plant mgr., Henderson Portion Pak., Miami, Fla.

Lazenby, Harvill W., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. V.A. Hospital staff, Nashville, Tenn.

Lee, John C. H., Jr., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Director, Office of Appalachian Studies, Cincinnati, O.

Leebrick, Frank Lee, Jr., Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Letter carrier, Silver Spring, Md.

Lewis, Mike, T/4 [101st Airborne]. Services machine tools for the Bendix Corp., North Hollywood, Calif.

Lillyman, Frank Lewis, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Deputy Operations Officer, U.S. Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Ga.

Lindberg, John Albert, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Sales representative, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Looney, Frank J., T/4 [101st Airborne]. Tavern owner, Albany, N.Y.

Loveland, Glenn E., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Employee, Board of Education, Shelby, O.

Luiz, Charles, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Engineering technician, Federal Aviation Administration, Manchester, N.H.

Macchia, Rocco L., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Real estate, Ozone Park, N.Y.

Machol, Robert Leonard, T/5 [82nd Airborne]. Electrical foreman for Mafco Electric Co., of West Hartford, Simsbury, Conn.

Mackey, Leonard Snow, Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Runs mineral and lapidary shop, Cotton, N.Y.

MacLeod, Tom, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Postmaster, Columbia, S.C.

MacNees, Frank J., Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Col. (Retired), U.S. Air Force; rancher, Travelers Rest, S.C.

Maltese, Edward Vincent, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Col, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C.

Mansolillo, Nicholas W., Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Works employee, Providence, R.I.

Marohn, Robert E., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Detective Lieutenant, Tonawanda Police Dept., Tonawanda, N.Y.

Martin, J. Roy, Jr., Capt. [101st Airborne]. Roofing contractor, Anderson, S.C.

Martin, Orville S., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Laborer, Methyl Ware Corp., Two Rivers, Wis.

Mason, Charles W., M/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Airborne Historian, Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, N.C.

Massei, Ernest Lawrence, Jr., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. President, Cape Fear Car Service Co., Fayetteville, N.C.

Mastrangelo, William, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Tavern owner, Philadelphia, Pa.

McCarthy, John T., M/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Employee of photoengraving plant, purchasing, estimating and billing, Chicago, III.

McClain, Allen French, III, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. City fireman, Coral Gables, Fla.

McDavid, James Earl, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Construction superintendent, Hayward, Calif.

McElfresh, John F., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Clerk of Circuit Court, Deeds, Knox County, Edina, Mo.

McFadden, Frank J., Lt. [101st Airborne]. Lt. Col. (Retired), U.S. Army; Deputy Director, Tattnall County Civil Defense Unit, Reidsville, Ga.

McGilvra, LaVerne Russell, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Beekeeper, Baraboo, Wis.

McGinnis, Arthur J., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Probation officer and real-estate broker, Elkridge, Md.

Mcllvoy, Daniel B., Major [82nd Airborne]. Medical doctor, pediatrician, Bowling Green, Ky.

Mclntosh, Ben Charles, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Utility man for Board of Education, Bartlesville, Okla.

McKeage, Donald Wm., Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Construction superintendent, Hemlock, Mich.

McKearney, Bernard J., Lt. [101st Airborne]. Ass’t. Supt. of Schools, Hingham, Mass.

McMandon, William T., Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Branch manager, Singer Company, Miami, Fla.

McNiece, Jake, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Post office clerk, Ponca City, Okla.

Meddaugh, William J., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Personnel specialist, I.BM. Corp., Hyde Park, N.Y.

Megellas, James, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. D.S.C., Director, U.S. A.l.D. mission to Panama, Balboa, C.Z.

Merlano, Louis P., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. District sales manager, Hermes Business Machines Paillard Inc., Levittown, Pa.

Meyer, Ralph F., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Union official and salesman, San Francisco, Calif.

Meyers, James Joseph, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Col, U.S. Army, Columbia, S.C.

Miller, Michael G., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Mailman, Edison, N.J.

Miller, Walter Leroy, Jr., Capt. [101st Airborne]. National Secretary-Treasurer, 101st Airborne Div. Ass’n., Greenville, Tex.

Millsaps, Woodrow Wilson, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Lt. Col. (Retired), U.S. Army; civil service, Columbus, Ga.

Mitchell, Charles A., S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Insurance consultant, sales director, Talladega, Ala.

Mitchell, Edward J., Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Air-mail dispatcher, Oshkosh, Wis.

Moe, Glenn Allen, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Sheet-metal mechanic, Toppenish, Wash.

Morrison, Thomas J., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Advertising-specialty business operator, Ambler, Pa.

Mulloy, Patrick J., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Employment counselor, Gary, Ind.

Mulvey, Thomas Paris, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Real-estate broker, stocks and bonds, Clarksville, Tenn.

Murphy, Ernest P., 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Law-enforcement officer, Kissimmee, Fla.

Murphy, James J., Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Salesman, Indianapolis, Ind.

Nadler, Philip H., Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Supervisor, Reichbold Chemicals, Inc., Westwood, N.J.

Neill, Robert W., 2nd Lt. [101st Airborne]. Retail-furniture dealer, Pullman, Wash.

Nichols, Mickey, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Insurance agent, Philadelphia, Pa.

Nickrent, Roy Walter, S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Town marshal and waterworks Supt. for village, Saybrook, III.

Nicoll, Kenneth S., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Ironworker, Montgomery, Tex.

Norris, James Sherley, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Welder, Roanoke, Va.

Nunan, Paul D., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Sgt. Major, U.S. Army, Syracuse, N.Y.

Oakley, Herbert L., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Dry cleaner, Columbus, O.

Oatman, William John, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Truck driver, Lancaster, Pa.

O’Connell, Robert Philip, 2nd Lt. [101st Airborne]. National accounts manager, Group Hospitalization, Inc., Bowie, Md.

O’Hagan, Patrick J., Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Civil service, N.Y.C. Transit Authority, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Oldfather, Earl Shively, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Banking officer, Toledo Trust Company, Toledo, O.

Olsen, William S., Lt. [101st Airborne]. Asst. to the President, Florida Mobile Home Assoc, Madeira Beach, Fla.

Olson, Charles Ray, S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Asst. superintendent of the composing room of the Jamestown (N.Y.) Post-Journal, Lakewood, N.Y.

Olson, Hugo, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Attorney, Moorehead, Minn.

O’Neal, Russell Roy, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Restaurant owner, San Anselmo, Calif.

Osborne, Ernest William, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Material expediter, Union Carbide, Charleston, W. Va.

Parker, Arthur, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Retired fire fighter; television technician, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Paterson, Charles, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Safety supervisor, Armour Agricultural Chemical Co., Winter Haven, Fla.

Patton, Donald Vickrey, Acting Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Architect, Allen, Patton & Associates, Rockford, III.

Pearson, Donald T., S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Supervisory Plant Quarantine Inspector, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, Bayside, N.Y.

Peterson, Theodore L., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Manufacturers’ representative, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Phillips, Robert Hamilton, Capt. [101st Airborne]. V.-P., Trust Company of Georgia, Atlanta, Ga.

Pickens, Oren Clinton, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Postal employee, Homestead, Fla.

Piper, Robert M., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Col., U.S. Army, A.P.O., San Francisco, Calif.

Prescott, William L., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Artist, San Miguel de Allende, G.T.O., Mexico.

Pritikin, Marvin E., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. President, Illinois Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Chicago, III.

Prow, Robert F., T/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Manager of a Pennsylvania state liquor store, Ambler, Pa.

Purcell, Warren Carver, P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Farmer; Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, Petersburg, Va.

Quirici, Oreste, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Manager, Physical Testing Laboratory, Kaiser Steel, Rutherford, Calif.

Ragland, Robert Eugene, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Western regional sales manager, Baldwin, Ehret, Hill Inc., Los Angeles, Calif.

Randall, Charles H., Jr., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Highway engineering technician, Los Altos, Calif.

Rankin, William J., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Carpenter, Kingman, Ariz.

Richards, Theodore S., Lt. [101st Airborne]. Sgt. Major, USARSO, Canal Zone, Ft. Amador, C.Z.

Richardson, William King, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Employee, Veterans Administration, Columbia, S.C

Richmond, William K., Fit. Off. [9th Troop Carrier Command], Building-maintenance employee, Hicksville, N.Y.

Ridgeway, Matthew B., Maj. Gen. [XVIII Corps]. General (Retired), U.S. Army, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Rippel, John Kenneth, P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Director, Electronics Mfg., Baltimore, Md.

Roberts, James J., Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Col. (Retired), U.S. Air Force, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Rocca, Francis A., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Machine operator, Pittsfield, Mass.

Rohr, Willis F., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Carpenter, Hinsdale, III.

Rosemond, St. Julien P., Capt. [101st Airborne]. First Asst. County Attorney, Miami, Fla.

Rosenthal, Hillel Z., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Salesman, St. Louis, Mo.

Rosinski, Harry F., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Auto mechanic, Garfield Heights, O.

Ruppe, Frank, Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Dental laboratory technician, Maspeth, N.Y.

Ryals, Robert Wilson, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Sgt. Major, U.S. Army, Trenton, N.J.

Sampson, Francis Leon, Capt. (Chaplain) [101st Airborne]. Brig. Gen., Deputy Chief of Chaplains, U.S. Army, Arlington, Va.

Sampson, Otis Little, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Water company employee, Palm Springs, Calif.

Sanders, Gus L., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Retired postmaster, Springdale, Ark.

Santarsiero, Charles J., Lt. [101st Airborne]. Pennsylvania Power & Light Co., Scranton, Pa.

Scanlon, Wilbur J., 1st Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Customer-service manager. General Electric Supply Co., Baton Rouge, La.

Scheaffer, John E., 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Dairy sales manager, Camp Hill, Pa.

Schmalz, Charles Edward, T/5 [82nd Airborne]. Laborer, Wheeling Steel, Steubenville, O.

Schmidt, Nicholas, T/4 [101st Airborne]. Teacher of English and journalism, Twinsburg, O.

Schneider, Frank, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Machine operator, Downers Grove, 111.

Schrader, Clifford W., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Construction foreman, Hoffman Esstates, III.

Schultz, Arthur B., Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Counselor-therapist, San Diego, Calif.

Schwaber, Sanford, P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. President, S. & M. Quality Foods, and Tasty Mix Products, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Schwartz, John J., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Fireman, Rochester, N.Y.

Schweiter, Leo Henry, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Brig. Gen., C.O., 173rd Airborne, A.P.O., San Francisco, Calif.

Schwerin, William Fred, Jr., T/5 [101st Airborne]. Medical doctor, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Searrin, William D., Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Bell Flower, Calif.

Sefakis, Manuel John, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Worcester, Mass.

Sessions, Myron Guy, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. College instructor, Spokane, Wash.

Shapiro, Hyman D., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Ear, nose and throat specialist, East Lansing, Mich.

Shennum, Merlin J., Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Farmer, Brockway, Mont.

Shepard, Robert B., Capt. [101st Airborne]. Honda motorcycles, Memphis, Tenn.

Shoemaker, Charles Harry, Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Maintenance section of National Park Service, Boulder City, Nev.

Shutt, Harry G., Jr., M/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Construction superintendent, Shreveport, La.

Siegmann, George A., 1st Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. District sales manager, Temple Terrace, Fla.

Simmons, Cecil Lee, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Traffic engineer for City of Grand Rapids and Commanding General of Michigan National Guard, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Smith, Ralph R., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Post-office clerk, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Smith, Raymond, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Owner and president of Smith-Elkhorn Coal Co., Thorntotn, Ky.

Smith, William F., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Gas & Electric Utilities, New Castle, Del.

Soper, Erwin J., Jr., P.F.C. [307th Engineers]. Erection superintendent, Haarmann Steel Co., Feeding Hills, Mass.

Speck, Roger Donald, Pvt. [82nd Airborne]. Southern Bell Telephone Co. and V.-P. of Local 3204, Communication Workers of America, Atlanta, Ga.

Stach, Stanfield August, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Retired, disability, Houston, Tex.

Stallbories, Robert Henry, Chief Warrant Officer [82nd Airborne]. Life insurance agent, Equitable Life Assurance Society, Tulsa, Okla.

Steed, James Thomas, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Marketing manager, Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Steele, John M.,* S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Retired, Wilmington, N.C.

Stein, Lester, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Eye surgeon, Steubenville, O.

Steinfield, Manfred, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Furniture manufacturer, Skokie, III.

Strayer, Robert L., Lt. Col. [101st Airborne]. Insurance executive, Springfield, Delaware County, Pa.

Strieter, William L., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Real-estate broker, Arlington, Va.

Strunk, Willard M., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Carpet-store owner, Wheatridge, Colo.

Sult, Vernon Ralph, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Liquor salesman, Granada Hills, Calif.

Swanson, James A., Flt. Off. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Material-control manager, Industrial Corporation, Park Forest, III.

Swanson, Wallace Albert, Capt. [101st Airborne] Geologist; general foreman & supervisor with W. S. Dickey Clay Mfg. Co., Fairfield, Ala.

Sweeney, Neil J., Capt. [101st Airborne]. Civil service, Villa Park, III.

Sweeney, Patrick J., S/4 [101st Airborne]. Public-relations coordinator, Wappinger Falls, N.Y.

Taft, Chester Weldon, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Millwright-machinist, Seneca Army Depot, Clyde, N.Y.

Tallerday, Jack, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Col, U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Tallon, Robert M., Sr., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Department-store owner-manager, Dillon, S.C.

Tarbell, Albert A., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Ironworks employee, Nedrow, N.Y.

Taylor, Frank Curtis, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Retired, Albuquerque, N.M.

Taylor, John H., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Paint and floor-covering contractor and retail-store owner, Lufkin, Tex.

Taylor, Maxwell D., Maj. Gen. [CO., 101st Airborne]. General, Chief of Staff (Retired), U.S. Army.

Taylor, Ray Edward, S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Plasterer, Ashtabula, O.

Thain, Carl Ernest, Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Contractor, McAlester, Okla.

Tisdale, Paul Arthur, Lt. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Col., U.S. Army, Arlington, Va.

Tomardy, Bernard Joseph, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Washington Gas & Light Co., Vienna, Va.

Travers, Thomas R., 2nd Lt. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Operator van and storage company, Berkeley, Calif.

Tremble, Leonard G., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Staff assistant, petroleum company, Fort Worth, Tex.

Tribe, Robert Wayne, Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Specialist, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Sacramento, Calif.

Truax, Kenneth W., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Agency manager, rural insurance companies, Wisconsin Farm Bureau affiliate, Ettrick, Wis.

Tucker, Reuben H.,* Col. [82nd Airborne]. Administrative department of The Citadel, Charleston, S.C.

Tucker, William Humphrey, Jr., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Attorney; formerly Chairman, U.S Interstate Commerce Commission, Washington, D.C.

Tyler, John Norman, Major [101st Airborne]. (Retired) Cleveland, Tenn.

Vandervoort, Benjamin Hays, Lt. Col. [82nd Airborne]. Col. (Retired), U.S. Army, Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Van Duzer, Franklin Kenneth, S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Owner of Ris-Van Realty Co., V.-F., Community National Bank; director, Guardsman Life Insurance Co., Clear Lake, Iowa.

Van Ort, Richard M., Cpl. [82nd Airborne]. Truck driver, Summit, III

Vanpoyck, Walter S., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Administrative officer, Eastern Air Lines, Miami, Fla.

Vantrease, Glen Wilson, Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. C.P.A., Gary, lnd.

Veach, Donald, P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Farmer, Manila, Ark.

Vest, Hansford C, Sr., Cpl. [101st Airborne]. Machinist, Boeing Co., Renton, Wash.

Vuletich, Michael, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Steelworker, South Holland, III.

Wade, James Melvin, 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Wagner, Richard Paul, S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Electric welder, Baraboo, Wis.

Waldt, Anthony M., P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Clerk, Aberdeen, S.D.

Webster, Leonard J., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne], Heating & air-conditioning engineer, Milwaukee, Wis.

Weil, Bernard L., Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Manager, furniture store, Norfolk, Va.

Weinberg, Stanley, 2nd Lt. [82nd Airborne]. Haberdasher, Jersey City, N.J.

Wellems, Edward N., Major [82nd Airborne]. Col., U.S. Army, Ft. Lewis, Wash.

Welshons, Don R., Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Minister, Sunland, Los Angeles, Calif.

Wetsig, Chester J., S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Micro-electronic engineering at General Electric Co., Marcy, N.Y.

Whitacre, William B., Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command], Retired V.-P., American Airlines, Hot Springs, Ark.

White, Myron A., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Farmer, Grinnell, Iowa

Wienecke, Robert H., Lt. Col. [82nd Airborne]. Major Gen. (Retired), U.S. Army; consultant and director of insurance company, Ventura, Calif.

Wierzbowski, Edmund L., Lt. [101st Airborne]. Special representative, insurance sales, Chicago, III. (NOTE: Uses name Edmund L. Weir for business.)

Wilder, Thomas Patten, Capt. [101st Airborne]. Yacht consultant, Balboa, Calif.

Williams, Adriel N., Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Brig. Gen., U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.

Williams, John Henry, Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Instructor in R.O.T.C. program at Central High School, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Williams, Warren R., Jr., Lt. Col. [82nd Airborne]. Director, U.S. Army Board for Aviation Accident Research, Fort Rucker, Ala.

Winton, Walter Farrell, Jr., Lt. Col. [82nd Airborne]. Brig. Gen., U.S. Army, An-nandale, Va.

Woll, Shepherd, P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. Owner, Wholesale Drug Sundries, Rockville Centre, N.Y.

Womack, Waymon W., Pvt. [101st Airborne]. Dow Chemical, Freeport, Tex.

Wood, Rev. George B., D.D., Capt. [82nd Airborne]. Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Wood, Leslie Earl, 1st Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Laboratory technician, Wunda Weve Carpet Co., Travelers Rest, S.C.

Wurst, Spencer F., Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Laboratory technician, General Electric Co., and Lt. Col., National Guard, Erie, Pa.

Wyngaert, Julius A., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. U.S. Army, 3D Special Forces, Fayetteville, N.C.

Yates, Gorden Wyatt, S/Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Assistant produce manager in a supermarket. Attends college nights, Phoenix, Ariz.

Yedenock, William, Jr., S/Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Insurance broker, Berwyn, Pa.

Yeiter, Robert D., P.F.C. [82nd Airborne]. Restaurateur, Traverse City, Mich.

Young, Charles H., Lt. Col. [9th Troop Carrier Command]. Commercial airlines captain, Grapevine, Tex.

Zagol, Walter Frank, P.F.C. [101st Airborne]. State instructor, savings-bank life insurance, Taunton, Mass.

Zakby, Abdallah K., Major [82nd Airborne]. Middle-East representative, tractor company, A.P.O., New York 09694.

Zapalski, Daniel J., 1st Sgt. [101st Airborne]. Retired Army officer; field representative for Prudential Savings b- Loan Association, Rosemead, Calif.

Ziegler, Roland C, 1st Sgt. [82nd Airborne]. Electrician, Baraboo, Wis.


Montgomery, Sir Bernard Law, Field Marshal [21st Army Group]. Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.G., retired, Hampshire.

Adair, Allan, Maj. Gen. [Guards Armoured]. C.V.O., C.B., D.S.O., M.C., General, British Army, retired, London.

Allsop, D., Capt. [1st Airborne]. Transport & dairy manager, Pontesbury, nr. Shrewsbury.

Anson, Geoffrey F., Capt. [Guards Armoured]. M.C., Area manager, Ford Motor Credit Co., Ltd., London.

Ashington, George, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Tool setter operator, Birmingham.

Ashley, Neville L., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Teacher, Cheshire.

Ashworth, Walton, S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Watchmaker, Essex.

Atwell, Douglas, S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Valuer, Somersetshire.

Austin, John Edward, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Civil servant, Surrey.

Axford, James Alfred, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Postman, Kent.

Back, Harold E., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Post-office clerk, London.

Bagguley, Reginald, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Snack-bar proprietor, Staffordshire.

Ball, Donald, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Ambulance driver, Yorkshire.

Barclay, W. J. J., Pvt. [Pathfinder, 1st Airborne]. M.M., Major, Ndola, Zambia.

Barnes, Frank, Sgt. [Guards Armoured]. Hospital clerk, Belfast.

Barnett, J. Patrick, Lt. [1st Airborne]. Golf club secretary, Kent.

Barry, Peter, Lt. [1st Airborne]. Medical doctor, Somerset.

Basnett, Edward F., Sgt. Pilot [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Housemaster, Home Office Boys School, Salop.

Baylis, George Sidney, S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Cargo superintendent, Kent.

Beckett, Sir Martyn, Capt. [Welsh Guards]. Architect, London.

Bedford, Ronald G., F/Sgt. [R.A.F.]. Salesman, Torquay, Devonshire.

Beech, James W. A., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Agricultural store manager, Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Bennett, Clifford J., Guardsman [Guards Armoured]. Grocery manager, Rugby.

Bennett, Frederick C, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Stock audit, Redditch, Worcestershire.

Bennett, Henry, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Stockbrokers messenger, London.

Bentley, Thomas C, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Warrant Officer, British Army Recruiting, Nottingham.

Binick, Norman, Sgt. [Pathfinder, 1st Airborne]. Entertainer, London, S.W. 14.

Blunt, John Graham, Lt. [1st Airborne]. Major, Zambia Regiment, Ndola, Zambia.

Blyton, Henry, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Plant operator, Lancashire.

Boldock, Walter, J. P., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Rodent operator, Lincolnshire.

Boulding, George H. W., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Printing-machine minder, Kent.

Bowden, T. D. L., Trooper Signalman [1st Airborne]. Manager, the National Kenya Sweepstake, Nairobi, Kenya.

Bowers, Reverend Raymond E., Chaplain [1st Airborne]. Parish priest, Richmond Place, Bath.

Bowles, Dennis A., Signaller [1st Airborne]. Analytical chemist, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

Brace, Terry, Cpl./Medic [1st Airborne]. Storekeeper, Kent.

Breese, C. F. O., Major [1st Airborne], Brigadier, retired; Company director, Yorkshire.

Breitmeyer, Alan N., Lt. [Grenadier Guards]. Colonel, commander, Grenadier Guards, London, S.W. 1.

Bridgewater, William George, Sgt. Major [Glider Pilot Rest.]. Petworth, Sussex.

Briggs, Bernard W., Capt. [1st Airborne]. Lt. Col, British Army (Retired), Dortmund Station, B.F.P.O. 20.

Brook, Henry, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Bank messenger, nr. Manchester.

Brown, Francis Edward, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Porter, British Railways, Yorkshire.

Bruce, David, Capt. [Guards Armoured]. Stock jobber, London, S.W. 10.

Bruce, Joseph Morrison, Sgt. [Irish Guards]. Retired, Belfast 13.

Bryant, Reginald, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Printing engineer, Bristol 5.

Buchanan-Jardine, Rupert, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. M.C., Farmer, Dumfriesshire.

Burton, Arthur Edwin, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Assistant superannuation officer, Leicestershire.

Butcher, John M., W/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Works manager, Manchester.

Cain, Robert,* Major C.O. [1st Airborne]. V. C, Retired, Oxted, Surrey.

Callaghan, Harry, Sgt. Major [1st Airborne]. O. B. L., Civil servant, Aldershot, Hampshire.

Campbell, Alexander Wm., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Patrolman, County Durham.

Campbell, Gordon, S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Order clerk, Workington, Cumberland.

Campbell, P., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Motor parts manager, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Cannon, Brian Frank, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Engineering foreman, Luton, Bedfordshire.

Carr, B. D., Lt. [1st Airborne]. Supervisor, trust company, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Cassie, James, Signalman [1st Airborne]. Bookbinder, Edinburgh 11, Scotland.

Cawrey, Victor F., Pvt. [Pathfinder, 1st Airborne]. Haulage contractor, Leicestershire.

Chandler, William F., Trooper [1st Airborne]. Instrument maker, London, S.E., 24.

Chapman, Harry A., W/S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Electrical contracts manager, Cyncoed, Cardiff, Wales.

Chatterton, George S., Col. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Retired brigadier, London, N.W. 8.

Chennell, William, Cpl. [Guards Armoured]. Carpenter, London, S.E. 4.

Christie, Gordon, Sapper [1st Airborne]. Bricklayer, nr. Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Christie, Robert K., Gunner [1st Airborne]. Life-insurance agency superintendent, Surrey.

Christie, Valentine Brock, Flying Officer [Royal Canadian Air Force]. Grain farmer, Alberta, Canada.

Clark, R. J., Capt. [1st Airborne]. Bank economic adviser, Hertfordshire.

Clegg, Benjamin B., Capt. [1st Airborne]. Managing director, Sheffield.

Clegg, Eric, Gunner [1st Airborne]. Universal miller, engineering workshop, Lancashire.

Cleminson, James A. S., Lt. [1st Airborne]. Company director, Norfolk.

Cockrill, James D., Signalman [1st Airborne]. Police sergeant, Norfolk.

Cole, C. V., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Carpenter, North Queensland, Australia.

Coles, C. J., Cpl. [Guards Armoured]. Major, Royal Guards, Windsor, Berkshire.

Consett, William L., Major [Guards Armoured]. Retired, London.

Conway, James J., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Driver, Ministry of Aviation, Camberley, Surrey.

Cook, Ralph, Gunner [1st Airborne]. Chemical operator, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Cooper, Derek G. D., Capt. Major [Guards Armoured]. County Donegal, Ireland.

Cooper, Frederick S., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Driver, Hornsy Rise, London N. 19.

Copley, Stanley G., Signalman [1st Airborne]. Public-relations executive, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire.

Corrie, Michael T., Capt. [R.A.F. Glider Pilot]. Produce broker, London, S.W. 1.

Cosadinos, George, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Barber, Stockport, Cheshire.

Cosgrove, David Thomas, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Trimmer, motor works, Luton, Bedfordshire.

Cox, Alan Harvey, Lt. [1st Airborne]. Lt. Col., British Army, Warrington, Lancashire.

Cox, David, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Machine-shop inspector, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Cox, Ronald Charles Percy, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. G.P.O. engineer, Hemel Hemp-stead, Hertfordshire.

Crawley, Douglas E., Major [1st Airborne]. Lt. Col, NATO, Kolsas, Norway.

Creswell, J. N., Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Lloyd’s underwriter, nr. Polegate, Sussex.

Cronk, Frederick J., W/O Pilot [R.A.F.]. Coach works director, Nottinghamshire.

Crook, John W., L/Bombardier [1st Airborne]. Police sergeant, Shipley, Yorkshire.

Dakin, John Leslie, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Telephone engineer, Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Dalton, Austin D., F/Sgt. [R.A.F.]. Compositor, Linotype operator, Belfast.

Daniells, Frederick T., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Engineer, Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

Dauncey, Michael D. K., Lt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Lt. Col, British Army, Latimer, Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

Davey, Harold Leonard, C.Q.M.S. [1st Airborne]. Shopkeeper, nr. Selby, Yorkshire.

Davis, George E., S/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Marketing (sales promotion) N.S.W., Australia.

Dawson, Alan, Pvt. [Pathfinders, 1st Airborne]. Company director, Wrington, nr. Bristol.

Dawson, John Harold, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Tool setter, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.

Dent, Ralph, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Police sergeant, Scarborough, Yorkshire.

Demetriadi, Springet, Capt. [Phantom Net]. Member, London Stock Exchange, London, E.C. 2.

Deane-Drummond, Anthony, Major [1st Airborne]. D.S.O., M.C., Maj. Gen., Commander, 3rd Infantry Division, Tidworth, Hampshire.

Dixon, George, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Production engineer, Crawley, Sussex.

Doggart, James, L/Cpl. [Guards Armoured]. R.Q.M.S. of Irish Guards, Birdcage Walk, London, S.W. 1.

Downing, Robert W., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. High-voltage cable jointer, Northampton.

Drew, James R., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Engineer, Stafford, Staffordshire.

Driver, John, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Catering officer, Ashton-under-Lyne.

Dullforce, Alfred J., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Stockroom manager, London.

Dunn, Pat., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Coal merchant, Leicestershire.

Eagger, Dr. A. Austin, A.D.M.S. [1st Airborne]. Retired medical doctor, Exeter, Devonshire.

Edwards, Jimmy, F.O. [R.A.F.]. Entertainer, Uckfield, Sussex.

Edwards, Robert C. S., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Heavy-goods driver, nr. Coventry.

Edwards, Roy Norris, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Electricians mate, Barry, Glamorganshire, Wales.

Egan, Rev. Fr. Bernard M., Chaplain [1st Airborne]. Headmaster, Wimbledon College Preparatory School, London.

Ellwood, Richard A., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Gas board staff officer, Hammersmith, London.

Emery, Ronald T., Sapper [1st Airborne]. Decorator, London.

Essame, Hubert, Brigadier [43rd Infantry Div.]. C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C., Retired Major General, N. Chichester.

Fairclough, Thomas, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Civil servant, Lancashire.

Falconer, Edward, Guardsman [Guards Armoured]. Laborer, Montrose, Angus, Scotland.

Faulkner, Maurice A., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Gear cutter, Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Fenge, William J., Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Builder, London, S.W. 17.

Fieldhouse, Stanley, Gunner [1st Airborne]. Tailors cutter, Leeds 16, Yorkshire.

Firkins, Harold J., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Director, insurance brokers, Kings Heath, Birmingham 14.

FitzGerald, Desmond R. S., Major [Guards Armoured]. Merchant banker, London.

Fitzpatrick, Francis “Pat,” Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Office manager, Coulsdon, Surrey.

Formoy, Leonard, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Depot manager for sports manufacturer, London, S.E. 11.

Foster, Raymond H., Sapper [1st Airborne]. Shoe repairman, Farnham, Surrey.

Frater, Les J., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Civil servant, Weston-super-Mare, Somersetshire.

Freemantle, Albert, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Superintendent, British South Africa Police, Rhodesia.

Frost, John D., Lt. Col. [1st Airborne]. Retired Major General, Oxshott, Surrey.

Gammon, Peter John F., Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Chartered surveyor, Woking, Surrey.

Garfield, Frank, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Transport driver, Birmingham.

Gatland, George, Sgt. Major [1st Airborne]. Technical assistant, London Street Lighting, Wembley, Middlesex.

Gay, Robert D., Sgt. Major [1st Airborne]. Construction manager, Burgh Heath, Surrey.

George, J. H., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Metal engineer, Australia.

Gibbons, Eric R., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Off-license manager, London, N. 7.

Gibbons, Leslie N., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Sales representative, B.E.A. Airways, Warwickshire.

Gibbons, Harry A., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Stock controller, Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Gillie, Thomas, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Building foreman, Darlington, County Durham.

Glover, J. W., Lt/QM [1st Airborne]. Retired Lt. Col, British Army Administration, York, Yorkshire.

Glover, Richard, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Company representative, Driffield, Yorkshire.

Goldthorpe, Lawrence, Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Government service, Surrey.

Gordon-Watson, Michael, Major [Guards Armoured]. O.B.E., M.C., Stud manager, farmer, Dorsetshire.

Gorman, John, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. C.V.O., M.B.E., M.C., personnel director, B.O.A.C., Sussex.

Gough, C. F. H., Major [1st Airborne]. Insurance broker and company director, Lodsworth, Sussex.

Goulburn, Edward H., Lt. Col. [Guards Armoured]. Retired Major General, Surrey.

Grafton, James, Major [43rd Division]. TV script writer, company director, Strut-ton Ground, London.

Grainger, Robert E., Co. Sgt. Major [1st Airborne]. M.B.E., Racing manager, Greyhound Stadium, nr. Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Gray, Donald James, Signalman [1st Airborne]. Builder, Cleethorpes, Lancashire.

Green, P. J., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Slatter, Moray shire, Scotland.

Green, Thomas C, S/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Head remedial gymnast, Marston Green, Birmingham.

Grieve, Duncan G., Signalman [1st Airborne]. Rotary-press assistant, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Griffiths, Frederick F., L/Sgt. [Guards Armoured]. Miner, New Tupton, Chesterfield.

Growe, Michael G., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Inspector of motor components, Sheldon, Birmingham.

Hackett, John, Brigadier [1st Airborne]. D.S.O., M.B.E., M.C., Retired Commander in Chief, British Army of the Rhine.

Hall, Eric, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Sales manager, Schweppes, London.

Hall, J. A., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Clerk, British Embassy, Louvain, Belgium.

Halliwell, Stanley, L/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Builder, Cheshire.

Hands, Lewis, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Company director, Nottingham.

Hardman, Donald A., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Fireman, Northants.

Harker, M., Capt. [Phantom Net]. Director, wine & spirits merchants, London.

Harris, Thomas H., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Grinder, Warwickshire.

Harrison, Charles A., Capt. [1st Airborne]. Stockbroker, London.

Harvey, Bernard H., Warrant Off. [R.A.F.]. D.F.C., Civil servant, Guildford, Surrey.

Harvey-Kelly, C. William, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Colonel, British Army, London.

Hatch, Roy Ernest, Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Motorcycle dealer, Caterham, Surrey.

Hawkings, Angela [Red Cross]. Buyer, New York, N.Y.

Hay, Neville, Lt. [Phantom Net]. General manager to a security organization, London.

Haysom, James N., Signalman [1st Airborne]. Engineer, Cardiff, Wales.

Haywood, Bernard, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Legal executive, Cheshire.

Haywood, Leslie N., F/Sgt. [R.A.F.]. Retired police sergeant, E. Yorkshire.

Hendy, Arthur S., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Bus driver, London Transportation, Kent.

Hennon, Wilfred, Warrant Off. II [1st Airborne]. C.S.M., Civil servant, Farn-borough, Hampshire.

Herman, Jack, Flying Officer [R.A.F.]. Investment consultant, London.

Hewitt, Jack, Signalman [1st Airborne]. Assistant head postmaster, Yorkshire.

Heyes, Stanley, Signalman [1st Airborne]. Sub officer, fire brigade, Cheshire.

Heywood, A. G., Capt. [Guards Armoured]. C.B.E., M.E., Colonel, British Army, Wiltshire.

Hicks, Philip H. W., Brigadier [1st Airborne]. Retired Major General, Hampshire.

Hicks, Thomas, Sapper [1st Airborne]. Locomotive driver, British Railways, Yorkshire.

Hill, Joseph J., W/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Personnel officer, Staffordshire.

Hogan, Patrick, Guardsman [Guards Armoured]. Postman, Middlesex.

Holburn, A. R., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Lt. Col, Zambia Army, Lusaka, Zambia.

Hollis, Frank, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Oil company driver, Essex.

Hollobone, Bernard, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Shopowner, Leicester.

Holloway, John J., Signalman [1st Airborne]. Engineer, Kennington, Oxfordshire.

Holt, B. R., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Engineering planning manager, Leeds 16, Yorkshire.

Holt, Ronald C, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Managing director, flooring contractor, Salt-ney, Cheshire.

Homfray, Frank R., Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Farmer, Newbury, Berkshire.

Hopkins, George, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Joiner, Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Hopkinson, H. S., Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Colonel, commanding Household Cavalry, East Hagbourne, Berkshire.

Horsefield, James, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Planer, Whickham, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Hoskins, James, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Police constable, Manchester.

Houghton, H. R., W/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Plasterer, Liverpool 7.

Houston, Francis Wesley, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Clerk, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 3.

Howson, Victor, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Heat and frost insulator, London, E. 17.

Hudson, Frank, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Lodgeman, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Humphries, Alan Peter, Lt. [1st Airborne]. Partner in accounting firm, Esher, Surrey.

Hunt, Stanley J., Flight Lt. [R.A.F.]. Education officer, R.A.F. Squadron Leader, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Hurst, William, W/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Foreman, nr. Bolton, Lancashire.

Huth, William J., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Manager of jewelry shop, Morden, Surrey.

Inglis, Walter, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Hall porter, St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

Isherwood, Reginald, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Managing director, Brentwood, Essex.

Isitt, Bernard C., Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Insurance adjuster, Paris, France.

Jeavons, Sidney T., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Machinist, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Jenkins, Walter, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Nurse, Derbyshire.

Jennings, Robert, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Diesel-plant fitter, Farnborough, Hampshire.

Johnson, Ronald O., Lt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. General manager, Hoover Co., Wien 19, Austria.

Jones, Alfred, Pvt. [Pathfinder, 1st Airborne]. Civil servant, British Army, Germany.

Jones, A. G. C, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Lt. Col, British Army, London W. 8.

Jones, C. P., Lt. Col. [Guards Armoured]. G.C.B., C.B.E., M.C. Retired Army General, Rye, Sussex.

Jones, Eric, Signalman [1st Airborne]. Paper converter, Widnes, Lancashire.

Jones, James F., L/Bombadier [1st Airborne]. Detective inspector of police, Wit-ney, Oxfordshire.

Jones, James Henry, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Bus driver, Speke, Liverpool.

Jones, Robert H., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Managing director, Transport & General Contractors, Kitwe, Zambia.

Jones, William, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Electrician, Dudley, Worcestershire.

Jordan, Ronald G., Arm/Cfn. [1st Airborne]. Sales-office manager, nr. Birmingham.

Jukes, G. W., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Telephone installer, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kane, John P., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Works foreman, Yorkshire.

Keenan, James M., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Engineer, New Parks, Leicestershire.

Kelly, Donald, L/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Hospital canteen manager, Bishopton, Renfrewshire.

Kent, Ronald, Sgt. [Pathfinder, 1st Airborne]. Solicitor, Cape Province, South Africa.

Kibble, William H., Reg. Sgt. Major [1st Airborne]. Caretaker, Twerton, Bath.

Killick, J. E., Capt. [1st Airborne]. Counselor in H. M. Foreign Service, Washington, D.C.

King, Charles D., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Tannery foreman, Little Borough, Lancashire.

King, Frank D., Capt. [1st Airborne]. Major General, M.B.E., Whitehall, London, S.W. 1.

King, Henry A., Flying Officer/Navigator [R.A.F.]. Queens Messenger Escort, London, N. 12.

King, Leonard, S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Police sergeant, Barnet, Hertfordshire.

Kitchener, Joseph H., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Postal and telegraph officer, Lewes, Sussex.

Knee, Frank, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Linotype operator, Coventry.

Langford, Thomas, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Industrial buyer, Blaydon-on-Tyne, County Durham.

Langton, Roland S., Capt. [Irish Guards]. M.V.O., M.C., Colonel, British Army, Oxfordshire.

Lankstead, William A., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Motor mechanic, Northwich, Cheshire.

Lathbury, Gerald, Brig, [1st Airborne]. G.C.B., D.S.O., M.B.E., Gerald, Sir, Governor and Commander in Chief of Gibralter.

Lewis, Edward, Cpl. [Guards Armoured]. Tool setter, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Lewis, Richard P. C., Major [1st Airborne]. Corn merchant, Alton, Hampshire.

Lindley, Francis William, Major [1st Airborne]. Sub postmaster, Retford, Nottinghamshire.

Line, Cyril, S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Surveyor, Wedmore, Somersetshire.

Lister, Eric C., Sgt. [Guards Armoured]. Fish merchant, Strood, Kent.

Little, Kenneth E., Signalman [1st Airborne]. Works employee, Bristol 4.

Loney, Patrick A., Trooper [1st Airborne]. Lorry driver, London, E. 6.

Long, Michael W., Lt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Manager, Technical Publications, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire.

Long, Richard C., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Technical representative, Romford, Essex.

Longland, Cedric James, Major [1st Airborne]. Surgeon, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.

Lonsdale, Richard, Major [1st Airborne]. Private means, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Lord, John C.,* Reg. Sgt. Major [1st Airborne]. M.V.O., M.B.E.

Love, Donald, Flight Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Insurance agency superintendent, Eastbourne, Sussex.

Luckhurst, Frederick A., Sapper [1st Airborne]. Aircraft worker, Wooten Bassett, Wiltshire.

Lumb, D., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Toolmaker, Rochdale, Lancashire.

Lumb, Vernon, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Sales manager, Rotherham, Sheffield.

Mackay, Eric M., Capt. [1st Airborne]. M.B.E., D.S.C., British Army Colonel, The Maultway, Camerley, Surrey.

Mackenzie, Charles B., Lt. Col. [1st Airborne]. Secretary, T. & A.F.A., Glasgow, Scotland.

Mahaffey, Rupert, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Bank director, London S.W. 3.

Major, Sidney Francis, L/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Sales representative, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Malley, Joe, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. British Army, Hull, Yorkshire.

Marples, Graham, Signalman [1st Airborne]. Land investigator, Penistone, Yorkshire.

Mason, Valery E. C, Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Official, Zambia government, Ndola, Zambia.

Mayne, William Victor, Guardsman [Guards Armoured]. Lorry driver, Newtonab-bey, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

McBain, Ronald C, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Fish merchant, Whitehaven, Cumberland.

McCardie, W. D. H., Lt. Col. [1st Airborne]. Company director, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

McClory, Owen D., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Records clerk, Billingham-on-Tees, County Durham.

McGuinness, Hugh, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Docker, Whitehaven, Cumberland.

McMahon, Thomas, Pvt. [Pathfinder, 1st Airborne]. Turf accountant, Twickenham, Middlesex.

McNeill, David W., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Company director, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Milbourne, Andrew, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Civil servant, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Miller, Claire [Civilian]. M.B.E., B.E.M. Company director, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

Miller, Victor D., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Technical representative, Waling-ham, Surrey.

Mills, John C., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Auto association patrol, Scarborough, Yorkshire.

Mitchell, Edward, Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Maintenance dept., Ford Motor Co., Liverpool 19.

Mitchell, Gordon L., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Process engineer, Heanor, Nottinghamshire.

Moberly, Richard J., Col. [1st Airborne]. Retired Major General, British Army, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Mole, Joseph D., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Plasterer, Stepney, London, E. 1.

Moncur, Francis W., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Educational adviser, publishing firm, Wellington, New Zealand.

Montgomery, Hector, Capt. [1st Airborne]. Sales manager, Woking, Surrey.

Moore, Rodney, Lt. Col. [Guards Armoured]. G.C.V.G., K.C.R., C.B.E., D.S.O., Gen. Sir. (Retired), Ascot, Berkshire.

Moorwood, S. James D., Lt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Solicitor, Shamley Green, Surrey.

Morgans, Daniel T., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Storeman, Rhondda, Glamorganshire, Wales.

Morris, Dave, R.Q.M.S. [1st Airborne]. Security officer, Luton, Bedfordshire.

Munford, Dennis, Major [1st Airborne]. Retired Colonial Service official, South-wold, Suffolk.

Murray, Iain, Lt. Col. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Retired, London.

Nattrass, George, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Hotel manager, nr. Middlesbrough, Yorkshire.

Nayler, Anthony E., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Lorry driver, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

Newbury, Edwin, Capt. [1st Airborne]. Chief officer of Licensing Dept., London.

Noble, Jeffrey F., Lt. [1st Airborne]. Personnel director, Sussex.

Nunn, Sydney R. G., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Photographer, Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Oakes, William, Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Civil servant, High Barnet, Hertfordshire.

O’Brien, William A., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Salesman, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire.

O’Leary, Peter, L/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Sales-office manager, Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire.

Overton, Leonard M., Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Police inspector, West Derby, Liverpool.

Pare, G. A., Chaplain [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Vicar, St. James Church, Warrington, Lancashire.

Paris, Edward P., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Painter, decorator, Blackheath.

Parkes, Percy, L/Bombardier [1st Airborne]. Police superintendent, Derbyshire.

Partridge, Felix F., Sapper [1st Airborne]. Carpenter, Sudbury, Suffolk.

Paterson, William, Signalman [1st Airborne]. Managing director, Southport, Lancashire.

Pavey, Charles, Gunner [1st Airborne]. Painter and decorator, Crawley, Sussex.

Pawsey, Jack, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Printer, London.

Pearce, Kenneth J., Signalman [1st Airborne]. Head of Science Dept., Longford School, Twickenham, Middlesex.

Pearce, Thomas W., Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Driver, delivery man, Croydon, Surrey.

Pearson, Dudley R., S/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Auctioneer and estate agent, Weston Favel, Northampton.

Peatling, Robert, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Compositor, London.

Phillips, Bernard, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Sales manager, Manchester.

Phillips, Edward L., C.F. [1st Airborne]. Vicar, Lewes, Sussex.

Potter, George H., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Decorating contractor, Wednesfield, Staffordshire.

Powell, George S., Major [1st Airborne]. Civil servant, London.

Preston, Henry G. C., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Works employee, Syston, Leicestershire.

Pritchard, Thomas, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Prison officer, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Prosser, John E., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Security officer, Reading, Berkshire.

Pyne, Gordon, Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Company secretary/accountant, Clophill, Bedfordshire.

Quinan, B. P., Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Oil company official, Baghdad, Iraq.

Ralph, Edward E. S., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Planning engineer, Eastleigh, Hampshire.

Rate, John, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Coach driver/courier, Wigston Fields, Leicester.

Rathband, Harry, Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Oil company service engineer, Oxford.

Read, Victor H., Signalman [1st Airborne]. Electrical contractor, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Reynolds, Alfred S., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Works foreman, nr. Dartford, Kent.

Richards, John T., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Representative, Wilford, Nottinghamshire.

Rigby-Jones, Guy, Major [1st Airborne]. M.C., T.D., Orthopedic surgeon, London.

Robb, Richard, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Lecturer in surveying, Nottingham.

Robinson, Peter T., Sgt. [Guards Armoured]. Excavator driver, Southend, Essex.

Robinson, Wilfred H., Capt. [1st Airborne]. Schoolmaster, Kenilworth Cape, South Africa.

Rose, John William, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Postman, South Harrow, Middlesex.

Roullier, Alfred W., W/Bombardier [1st Airborne]. Restaurant manager, Egham, Surrey.

Russell, Cyril, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Solicitor, London.

St. Aubyn, Piers, Lt. [1st Airborne]. M.C., Stockbroker, Ringmer, Sussex.

Salt, Wilfred D., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Postman, Willenhall, Staffordshire.

Savage, Gordon, Gunner [1st Airborne]. Bus driver, Arrowthwaite, Whitehaven, Cumberland.

Schofield, Allan, Warrant Off. [R.A.F.]. Nurse, Dawlish, Devonshire.

Scott-Barrett, David, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. M.B.E., M.C., Colonel, British Army, British Forces Post Office 15.

Seaford, Raymond G., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Executive director, Luton, Bedfordshire.

Seccombe, Ernest, Capt. [1st Airborne]. Senior tutor, Hospital Administrative Staff College, London.

Seeckts, James, Co. Sgt. Major [1st Airborne]. Machine operator, Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

Shackelton, Ralph, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Wool broker, Shipley, Yorkshire.

Shearwood, Arthur, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Docker, London.

Sheath, Alfred H., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Fishmonger, Kent.

Sheriff, Gordon, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Telephonist, Gloucester.

Short, Edward R., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Government housing employee, Westoning, Bedfordshire.

Simpson, Walter T., Sgt. [R.A.F.]. Engineering inspector, Cheylesmore, Coventry.

Sims, James W., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Radio clerk, Brighton 6, Sussex.

Small, Albert E., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Vehicle mechanic, Normanton, Yorkshire.

Smart, Roy J., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Racehorse trainer, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Smith, Arthur J., Sgt. [Guards Armoured]. Charge Hand, Birmingham 31.

Smith, Eric, Guardsman [Guards Armoured]. Police officer, Coventry.

Smith, Frederick J., Guardsman [Guards Armoured]. Detective inspector, Bradford 2, Yorkshire.

Smith, Frederick P., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Casualty orderly, London.

Smith, Henry, Lt. Col. [Guards Armoured]. K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., D.S.O., Retired, Windsor, Berkshire.

Smith, John S., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Communications engineer, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.

Smith, Thomas, Guardsman [Guards Armoured]. Building foreman, Coventry.

Southall, William J., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Recreational supervisor, Coventry.

Spelman, Dennis G., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Sales manager, Bromley, Kent.

Spencer, Harold W., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Baker, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Spicer, Gordon F., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Machine-tool worker, Portslade, Sussex.

Spivey, Horace, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Textile executive, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

Stainforth, Peter, Lt. [1st Airborne]. Chemical engineer, Knebworth, Hertfordshire.

Standish, Harold, C/Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Sgt. Major in S.A.S. Regt., Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.

Stanley-Clarke, J. Q., Capt. [Guards Armoured]. Draper’s assistant, Shepton- Mallet, Somerset.

Stanners, Geoffrey, Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Company director, Great Kingshill, nr. Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Steele, Robert R., Capt. [Guards Armoured]. M.B.E., Company director, Beaulieu, Hampshire.

Stewart, Richard, Major [1st Airborne]. M.C., Solicitor, Scotby, Carlisle.

Storey, Charles, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Captain, Quartermaster, British Army, Bahrein Garrison, B.F.P.O. 63.

Stretton, Arthur H., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Stamford jointer, Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Sturges, Sidney A., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. TV representative, Erdington, Birmingham.

Sullivan, Thomas Stanley, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Managing director, Stockport, Derbyshire.

Sunley, Ralph (“Joe”), Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Head gardener, Farnham, Surrey.

Swift, Norman, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Police sergeant, Maidstone, Kent.

Swinfield, William A., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Butcher, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Taylor, Arthur Reginald, Sgt. [Guards Armoured]. M.M., Police inspector, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Taylor, George, Lt. Col. [43rd Wessex]. C.B.E., D.S.O., Brigadier (Retired), British Army, Tilford, Surrey.

Taylor, W. A., T/Capt. [1st Airborne]. Lt. Col, British Army, Bournemouth, Hampshire.

Tedman, Francis R., Sgt. [1st Airborne]. D.S.M., M.M., Panel beater, Tadworth, Surrey.

Thomas, D., Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Foreman, TV cabinet firm, Croydon, Surrey.

Thomas, Sir G. Ivor, Maj. Gen. [43rd Wessex]. G.C.B., K.B.E., D.S.O., M.C., General (Retired), British Army, Salisbury, Rhodesia.

Thomas, Thomas, C.Q.M.S. [1st Airborne]. M.B.E., Major, British Army, Dering-lines, Brecon, Wales.

Thompson, William F. K., Lt. Col. [1st Airborne]. Brigadier (Retired), British Army; jniiitary editor, Daily Telegraph, London.

Thompson, William Peter, Sgt. Pilot [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Company director, Gates-head, County Durham.

Thorley, John Henry, Signalman [1st Airborne]. Businessman, Barnstaple, Devonshire.

Tilly, Gerald, Lt. Col. [XXX Corps]. D.S.O., T.D., Board chairman, Coulsdon, Surrey.

Tims, Eric Lawson, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Constable, Eccles, Lancashire.

Toler, Thomas Ian Jodrell, Major [Glider Pilot Regt.]. General manager, chemical company, Alvanley, Cheshire.

Tomblin, Bryan Alan, Sgt. Pit. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Police superintendent, Duston, Northamptonshire.

Tomlin, Edw. Geo., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. B.E.M., Security officer, Acton, London, W.3.

Tompson, William Claude, F/Sgt. [R.A.F.]. Shopkeeper, London.

Travis-Davison, Kenneth, Sgt. Pit. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Company director, Leeds.

Turnau, Godfrey Joseph, F/Lt. [R.A.F.]. D.F.C., M.S.C., Civil servant, Salisbury, Rhodesia.

Turner, Arthur J. B., L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Chauffeur, Oxford.

Turner, Desmond N. S., Lt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Probation officer, nr. Bury, Lancashire.

Turner, John, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Social-security administrator, Coventry.

Tyler, E. G., Major [Guards Armoured]. M.C., Bar, Company director, Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire.

Udal, E. R., Capt. [Guards Armoured]. Legal adviser, banking group, Hong Kong.

Umpleby, Kenneth, Guardsman [Guards Armoured]. Textile foreman, Keighley, Yorkshire.

Urquhart, Brian, Major [1st Airborne]. United Nations, New York.

Urquhart, Robert Elliott (Roy), Maj. Gen. [1st Airborne]. C.B., D.S.O., Company director, Glasgow, Scotland.

Vandeleur, Giles A. M., Lt. Col. [Guards Armoured]. D.S.O., Privately employed, London.

Vandeleur, J. O. E., Lt. Col. [Guards Armoured]. Brigadier (Retired), British Army, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Van Zoelen, F. W. E. Groeninx, 1st Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Investment consultant, Madrid, Spain.

Vincent, Raymond, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Aeronautical worker, Little Stoke, Bristol.

Vlasto, Robert A., Lt. [1st Airborne]. Stockbroker, Worplesdon, Surrey.

Waddy, John L., Major [1st Airborne]. O.B.E., Colonel, British Army, Chelsea.

Walch, A. G., Brig. Gen. [1st Airborne]. O.B.E., Brigadier (Retired), British Army, Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Walchli, Robin O., Capt. [R.A.F.]. Chartered quantity surveyor, Sarratt, Hertfordshire.

Walton, James, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Clerk, Bootle, Lancashire.

Ward, George William, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Postman, Reading, Berkshire.

Ware, Denis J., S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Headmaster, Huntingfield School, Mitcham, Surrey.

Warnock, Geoffrey James, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Fellow of Magdalen College; tutor in philosophy, Oxford.

Warrack, Graeme, Col. [1st Airborne]. Dentist, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Warrender, Alfred George, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Polishing ship inspector, Wolver-hampton, Staffordshire.

Watson, Arthur A., Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Printer, London.

Watson, Arthur E., L/Cpl. [Guards Armoured]. Lorry driver, Sussex.

Weallens, Arthur Edward, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Post-office employee, Northumberland.

Wellard, Leonard Edward, Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Bank manager, London.

Wells, William James, S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Administrator, London Electrical Board, London.

Welsby, Cyril, Pvt. [Guards Armoured]. Glazier, Manchester.

Westbury, James Ernest, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Postman, Nottingham.

Wheeler, Jack, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Retail grocer, Warwick.

White, George, W.O.I, [1st Airborne]. Verger and parish clerk, Bridlington, Yorkshire.

Whitehead, James, S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Relay adjuster, Warwick.

Wickham, John Thomas, Sapper [1st Airborne]. Clerk, Leicester.

Widdowson, G., Major [1st Airborne]. C.B.E., T.D., Colonel (Retired), British Army; bank manager, Birmingham.

Wilcox, Geoffrey, Sgt. [Guards Armoured]. D.C.M., Works manager, Berkshire.

Wilcox, Ivor, Sgt. [Guards Armoured]. Welder, Bedfordshire.

Williams, Cyril, Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Headmaster, School for Handicapped, Bristol.

Williams, Gwyn, Sgt. [1st Airborne]. Innkeeper, Cheshire.

Williams, John James, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Steelworks mason, Tredegar, Monmouthshire.

Willoughby, Michael, Capt. [Guards Armoured]. Landowner, Yorkshire.

Wilson, Norman Edward, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Works employee, Staffordshire.

Winterbottom, Lord Ian, 2nd Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Parliamentary secretary, Public Buildings & Works Ministry, Northamptonshire.

Wood, Jack, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Laboratory assistant, Staffordshire.

Wordsworth, Ferrers Robin, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Company secretary, Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

Wright, Harry, Pvt. [1st Airborne]. Structural-design draftsman, Transvaal, South Africa.

Wright, Leonard, S/Sgt. [Glider Pilot Regt.]. D.F.M., Schoolteacher, White-haven, Cumberland.

Wright, William Charles, Sgt. Pilot [Glider Pilot Regt.]. Sales representative, Bristol.

Wrottesley, Lord Richard John, Capt. [Guards Armoured]. Private means, Salisbury, Rhodesia.

Wyllie, George, L/Cpl. [1st Airborne]. Greengrocer, Warwickshire.

Yerburgh, J. M. A., Lt. [Guards Armoured]. Company director, Kirkcudbrightshire.

York, Harold, L/Sgt. [Guards Armoured]. M.M., Postman, London.

Young, Arthur Vincent, Lt. [Guards Armoured]. M.C., Company director, nr. Stourbridge, Worcestershire.


Bernhard, The Prince of the Netherlands.

Aa, Rudolph van der [Ede]. Photographer, Ede.

Aeyelts, Lauren Daniel [Helmond]. Staff employee, Royal Zwanenburg factories, Oss.

Agt, Antonius L.G.M. van [Gemert, Eindhoven]. Archivist, Eindhoven.

Aken, Pieter van [Wolfheze]. Dermatologist, Ede.

Alsche-deKat, Hermina Jacoba [Elst]. Housewife, Elst.

Andriesse, Maurits [Dinther]. Retired, Veghel.

Ariëns, Theodorus Antonius [Arnhem]. Retired cleric, Arnhem.

Aspert-Doornakkers, Anna Maria van [Zeelst]. Housewife, Zeelst.

Assendelft, Leendert van [Huissen]. Chemical engineer, Arnhem.

Baak, Norbertus H. J. [Son]. State policeman, St. Oedenrode.

Backus, Johannes H.H.E. [Arnhem]. Personnel manager, Nijmegen.

Baltussen, Arnoldus J. A. [Driel]. Burgomaster, Groesbeek.

Baltussen, Cora [Driel]. Teacher, Driel.

Baltussen, Josephus Frans [Driel]. Company director, Driel.

Bartels, Willem F. H. [Nijmegen]. Public prosecutor, St. Odilienberg.

Barten, Johannes A. [Grave]. Tailor, Grave.

Bech, Niels [Wolfheze]. Works inspector, Oss.

Beek, Dirk van [Oosterbeek]. Bakery salesman, Oosterbeek.

Beek, Marius van der [Wolfheze]. Psychiatrist, Bergen op Zoom.

Beekmeyer, Adriaan J. P., Cpl. [British 1st Airborne, England/Arnhem]. Veterinary- pharmaceutical firm employee, Amsterdam.

Beermann, Victor Antonius M. [Nijmegen]. U.N. Representative, Australia.

Bemen, Bob W. van [Lent]. Construction mason, Miami, Fla., U.S.A.

Bergh-Braam, Anna H. M. van den [Gent]. Housewife, Nijmegen.

Bergh, Johannes G. van den, Commando [U.S. 82nd Airborne, England]. Director, Students Housing Foundation, ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Bernebeek, Franciscus J. H. van [Groesbeek]. Printer, Groesbeek.

Beyerbergen van Heneqouwen, Augustinus N. G. [Oosterbeek]. Teacher, Amers-foort.

Bijlsma-Lusschen, Maria [Oosterbeek]. Oosterbeek.

Bisterbosch, Heimrich [Arnhem]. Alderman, Arnhem.

Bitters, Jacob Johan [Nijmegen]. Mechanic, Nijmegen.

Bitters, Janna [Nijmegen]. Housewife, Nijmegen.

Blaauw-Baghuis, Fie [Eindhoven]. Housewife, Arnhem.

Blokland, Jan Jacob G. B. van Brig. Major [Princess Irene Brigade]. Colonel (Retired), Dutch Cavalry, Oosterbeek.

Bode, Nicolaas T. de [Arnhem]. Supervisor, Netherlands Radio Union, Hilversum.

Boekraad-Otto, Maria O. [Nijmegen]. Housewife, Nijmegen.

Bolderman, Cornells [Arnhem]. Sgt. Major, Netherlands Defense Forces, Arnhem.

Bolle-deWijk, Jutta [Renkum]. Housewife, Munich.

Bossert, Gijsbert [Veghel]. Translator and bank official, Amsterdam.

Boyens, Jan Peter [Eindhoven]. Teacher, Eindhoven.

Brachten, Everardus [Driel]. Retired, Driel.

Bremen, Bertha [Oosterbeek]. Housewife, Oosterbeek.

Brevet, William Karel [Arnhem]. Radiologist, Arnhem.

Broekkamp, Elias Henricus [Nijmegen]. Wine importer, Nijmegen.

Brom, Johannes Hendricus [Valkenswaard]. Caretaker, Town Hall, Valkenswaard.

Brouwer, Jacobus G. [Nijmegen]. Major, Royal Land Forces, Deventer.

Brouwer, Jacobus, G. L. [Oosterbeek]. Retired, The Hague.

Brummelkamp-van Maanen, Anje [Oosterbeek]. Housewife, Middelburg.

Bruschetto, Peter John [Nijmegen]. Security police officer, Ontario, Canada.

Busch, Johannus J. T. [Driel]. Hotel manager, Driel.

Bÿen-van de Weerd, Jennie [Bennekom]. Housewife, Richmond, Calif., U.S.A.

Claassen, A. [Bladel]. Teacher, Waalwijk.

Clous-Veen, Ida Egbertina [Oosterbeek]. Housewife, Oosterbeek.

Companjen, Albert G. [Berg en Dal]. Bookkeeper, Groesbeek.

Coninx, Guillaume [Lommel, Belgium]. Superintendent of Police, Lommel, Belgium.

Deinum, Martijn Louis [Nijmegen]. Director, Orpheus Theater, Apeldoorn.

Derksen, Antoon [Arnhem]. Retired, Arnhem.

Derksen, Theodorus F. R. [Nijmegen]. Headwaiter, Amsterdam.

Deure, Jacob van der [Bennekom]. Attorney, Ede.

Deuss, Albertus J. P. [Arnhem]. Liaison officer, A.K.U. (International), Arnhem.

Dijk, Sister Christine M. van [Arnhem]. Retired, Arnhem.

Dijk, Frans van [Waalre]. Company director, Waalre.

Dijker, Reinold F. [Oosterbeek]. Catholic priest, Sintang Kalbar, Indonesia.

Does, Jacob van der [Arnhem]. Retired surgeon, Arnhem.

Donderwinkel, Jan Willem [Oosterbeek]. Retired, Oosterbeek.

Doorne, Herman van [Wolfheze]. Retired, Wolfheze.

Driessen, Jan, interpreter [30th Infantry Div.]. Factory director, Veghel.

Drost, Johannes C. [Arnhem]. Physician, Arnhem.

Edwards, Eric Stuart [Eindhoven]. Painter, Eidnhoven.

Eerd, Johannes W. A. van [Veghel]. Photographer, Veghel.

Eijkelhoff, Jan Adriaan [Oosterbeek]. Bank clerk, Oosterbeek.

Eijnden, Lambertus H. van der [Eindhoven]. Wage administrator, N. V. Philips, Eindhoven.

Einthoven, Louis [Utrecht]. Archivist, Lunteren.

Elst, Evert Jan van den [Nijmegen]. Retired, Nijmegen.

Fabius, Kaeso [Doetinchem]. Burgomaster, Bilthoven.

Feenstra, Robijn [Kesteren]. Fruit grower, Kesteren.

Fischer, Wilhelmus Antonius [Berg en Dal]. Company director, Bloemendaal.

Fleskens, Leonardus Johannes J. [Aalst]. Bank director, Geldrop.

Gall-van der Heijden, Ida [Acht]. Housewife, Eindhoven.

Gelderblom, Jan [Oosterbeek]. Head surveyor, Oosterbeek Gas Works, Oosterbeek.

Gent, Jacob van [Nijmegen]. Company director, Amsterdam.

Giebing-van Kolfschoten, Geertruida W. [Oosterbeek]. Housewife, Heelsum.

Giebing, Willem H. [Oosterbeek]. Cafe owner, Doorwerth.

Gier, Dr. Johannes de [Eindhoven]. Retired physicist, Eindhoven.

Goossens, Adrianus [Bladel]. Teacher at University, Bladel, Den Bosch.

Goyaerts, Marinus Petrus J. [Veghel]. Contractor firm employee, Rosmalen.

Graaf, Kas de, Maj. [Netherlands Forces]. Managing director, Netherland Shipping Council, Den Haag.

Graaff, Pieter de [Arnhem]. Surgeon, Arnhem.

Gras, Jan Dirk [Princess Irene Brigade, Belgium]. Captain, Artillery, Breda.

Groot, Johannes A. de [Uden]. Farmer, Uden.

Groot, Johannes T. de [Uden]. Retired, Rotterdam.

Gysbers, Gerhardus Wilhelmus [Arnhem]. Rare-book dealer, Arnhem.

Haas, Henri Leonard de [Arnhem]. Oculist, Arnhem.

Hagens, Herman G. [Wageningen]. Telephone company employee, Arnhem.

Hak, Henri Johan [Arnhem]. Retired minister, Dutch Reformed Church, Arnhem.

Ham, Gijsbertus J. [Arnhem]. Arnhem.

Hapert-Lathouwers, Johanna Theodora M. van [Eindhoven]. Housewife, Eindhoven.

Harmsen-Gerritsen, Agnita G. M. [Ellecom]. Housewife, Ellecom.

Harmsen, Gerrit-Jan [Ellecom]. Company director, Ellecom.

Have, Frans van der [Wageningen]. School headmaster, Wageningen.

Heckman, Jacobus A. [Rotterdam]. Medical doctor, Hilversum.

Heestermans-Hendriks, Cornelia [Bergeijk]. Housewife, Valkenswaard.

Heijden, Jan van der [Netersel]. Agricultural worker, Netersel.

Heijden, Johannes A. van der, Sgt. [Netherlands Jendarmerie, Lent]. Retired, Lent.

Heijden-Otto, Magtilda J. M. van der [Nijmegen]. Housewife, Nijmegen.

Hendriks, Paulus Hendricus [Nijmegen]. Director-owner, ironworks, Nijmegen.

Henneman, Dr. Adrianus J. [Groesbeek]. Retired medical doctor, Groesbeek.

Henriette, Sister [Schijndel]. Principal, St. Lidwina Hospital, Schijndel.

Herbrink, Antonius M., 1st Lt. [Princess Irene Brigade]. Colonel, Dutch Army, Eindhoven.

Hezemans, Johannes W. [Aalst]. Broker, Aalst.

Hiddink, Dirk Jan F. [Arnhem]. Photo-typist, Arnhem.

Hielkema, Hielkem Johannus F., Sgt. [Princess Irene Brigade]. Captain, Royal Army, The Hague.

Hoefnagels, Hendrik W. [Arnhem]. Medical doctor, Arnhem.

Hoek, Herman Lodewijk M. [Groesbeek]. Retired Roman Catholic priest, Groes-beek.

Hoefsloot, Piet [Arnhem]. Furniture-store owner, Arnhem.

Hoof, Maria Cornelia van [Hoogeloon]. Teacher, Hoogeloon. Hooff, Antoon Jacques J. M. van [Arnhem]. Director of Zoo, Arnhem.

Hooff, Johannes Antonius R.A.M. van [Arnhem]. Scientific official, Utrecht State University, Bilthoven.

Hooff, Johannes G. J. van [Veghel]. Executive chef, Yonkers, N.Y., U.S.A.

Horst, Jan ter [Oosterbeek]. Lawyer, Oosterbeek.

Horst, Kate ter [Oosterbeek]. Housewife, Oosterbeek.

Horstman, Albert Jan Carolinus [Arnhem]. Architect, Amsterdam.

Houtsma, Johannus H. [Achterhoek]. Tax adviser, Haarlem.

Hudd-van Bork, Hendrika [Heelsum]. Velp.

Huisson, Abraham [Arnhem]. Captain (Retired), Royal Army, Utrecht.

Hulleman, Coenraad [Arnhem]. Bank director, Rotterdam.

Hulsen, Johannes M. [St. Oedenrode]. Bricklayer, St. Oedenrode.

Hurkx, Joannes Aloisius [St. Oedenrode]. Retired, St. Oedenrode.

Hustinx, Charles [Beek en Donk]. Retired, former Mayor of Nijmegen, Nijmegen.

Huygen, Frans Josef Aloisius [Lent]. Medical doctor, Lent.

Italisander, Arie M. T., Cpl. [British 1st Airborne]. Engineer, Bilthoven.

Jans, Leonard [Venlo]. Provincial commander, civil defense, Bunde.

Jansen, Benjamin [Driel]. Florist, Driel.

Jonkers-Krimpenfort, Therese [Arnhem]. Housewife, Eindhoven.

Jonkers, Gerardus [Eindhoven]. Office clerk, Eindhoven.

Kaathoven, Franciscus van [St. Oedenrode]. Retired, St. Oedenrode.

Karel, Hendrik [Arnhem]. Streetcar driver, Arnhem.

Kelderman, Aart C. [Wolfheze]. Mechanic, Wolfheze.

Kerssemakers-Asselbergs, Johanna P. M. [Veghel]. Housewife, Vught.

Kersten, Jan Henri J. [‘s Hertogenbosch]. Foundation director, Naarden.

Kip, Louis F. C. van Erp Taalman [Arnhem]. Neurologist, Arnhem.

Kippersluijs, Johan [Groesbeek]. Medical doctor, Groesbeek.

Kirchner, Gerardina Alexandrina [Arnhem]. Bookseller, Arnhem.

Knap, Henri A. A. R. [Arnhem]. Newspaper columnist, Amsteveleen.

Knopper-van Dijk, Maria Anna E. [Eindhoven]. Housewife, Eindhoven.

Knottenbelt, Maarten Jan [Arnhem]. Writer, Australia.

Knuvelder, Gerardus [Eindhoven]. College president, Eindhoven.

Kooijk, Johannes van [Eindhoven]. Merchant, Eindhoven.

Kooten, Bartholomeus J. C. van [Heerlen]. Company director, Bussum.

Kortie, Frans [Eindhoven]. Municipal Information Dept., Eindhoven.

Kraats, Wouter van de [Oosterbeek]. Radio-TV shop owner, Oosterbeek.

Krap, Charles Douw van der [Oosterbeek]. Captain (Retired), Dutch Navy, The Hague.

Kuijk, Joannes van [Arnhem]. Squadron Sgt. Major, Govt. Police Staff Territorial Inspection, Arnhem, Velpe.

Kuijpers, Theodorus Albertus [Veghel]. Parish priest, Vught.

Kuyper, Anthonius [Veghel]. Cycle dealer, Veghel.

Labouchère, Charles B. [Velp-Arnhem]. Retired, Wassenaar.

Lamberts, Jeanne W. P. C. [Arnhem]. Arnhem.

Lamers, Gerardus Johannes [Gennep]. Archivist, Veldhoven.

Laterveer, Anton Marie [Arnhem]. Medical doctor, anesthesiologist, Arnhem.

Lathouwers, Allegonda L. J. [Eindhoven]. Teacher, nurse, Enshede.

Ledoux, Lambert [Heelsum]. Instrument engineer, South Africa.

Leegsma, Agardus Marinus [Nijmegen]. Bookkeeper, Arnhem.

Leemans, Johannus A. J. [Lith]. Dentist, Heesch.

Leeuwen, Johannes C. van [Eindhoven]. Company director, Sassenheim.

Legius, Gerardus Laurentius [Eindhoven]. Town Hall clerk, Eindhoven.

Lenssen, Jan [Son]. Miller, Son en Breugel.

Los, Cornells Bastiaan [Aalst]. Engineer, Aalst.

Luijben, Thomas Arnold J. [Oosteind]. Municipal Tax Collector, Groesbeek.

Luiten, Cornelis Hendrikus [Eindhoven]. Company director, Nijmegen.

Maanen, Hanno Paul van [Oosterbeek]. Medical doctor, Heinkenszand.

Maat, Franciscus van der [St. Oedenrode]. Factory worker, St. Michielsgestel

Maria Veronica, Sister [Schijndel]. Mother Superior, Schijndel.

Marinus, Adrianus L. [Eerde]. Asst. company director, Middlebeers.

Marinus, Albertus A. J. [Eerde]. Blacksmith, Veghel.

Martens, Antonius Hendrik [Nijmegen]. Retired, Nijmegen.

Mason-Bremen, Johanna Dina [Nijmegan]. Housewife, Fayetteville, N.C., U.S.A.

Mast, Willem van der [Groningen]. Medical doctor, Haren.

Meddens, Joseph Ignatius M. [Nijmegen]. Town Clerk, Nijmegen.

Meer, Frits Gerben Louis van der [Lent]. Roman Catholic priest; college professor, Lent.

Memelink, Garrit [Arnhem]. Chief Inspector, Royal Netherlands Heath Society, Arnhem.

Meyjes, Lucretia [Velp]. Velp.

Mijnhart, Jan [Arnhem]. Mortician, Oosterbeek.

Minderhoud, Christiaan [Arnhem]. Central Library chief, Eindhoven.

Montfroy, Harry [Arnhem]. Member, Arnhem City Council, Arnhem.

Mortanges, Charles Ferdinand P. de, Lt. Col. [Princess Irene Brigade, Grave]. General (Retired), Netherlands Defense Forces, Scheveningen.

Muselaars, Joop [Eindhoven]. Insurance company employee, ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Nefkins, Petrus Antonius [Grave]. Retired, Grave.

Niesen-Otto, Elisabeth J. M. [Nijmegen]. Housewife, Maastricht.

Nijhoff-van der Meer, Dieuwke [Ede]. Housewife, Ede.

Nijhoff, Gerrit Jan [Ede]. Labor cooperator, Ede.

Nijhplt, Gerrit [Oosterbeek]. Painter, Oosterbeek.

Nooy, Menno Antonie de [Ede]. Paint manufacturer, Ede.

Nooy, Cornelia de [Ede]. Retired, Ede.

Nooy, Willemina de* [Ede]. Housewife, Ede.

Noordermeer, Tiburtius Carolus [Oss]. Rector, Oyen, N.B.

Numan, Gijsbert Jan [Arnhem]. Burgomaster, Harderwijk.

Olivier, Agathes Willem [Eindhoven]. Official (Retired), Netherlands Railways, Groenekan.

Ommen, Gerrit Hendrik van [Delden]. Warehouseman, Delden.

Onck, Willem [Arnhem]. Plumber, Arnhem.

Onstein, Maria Josef F. L. van Grotenhuis van [Grosebeek]. Retired, Nijmegen.

Oorschot, Matheas C. van [Schijndel]. Mineworker, Brunssum.

Osterom-Janssen, Johanna C. van [Nijmegen]. Housewife, Nijmegen.

Otten, Antoinette [Erp]. School principal, Erp.

Otten, Gerardus [Erp]. Soest.

Otten, Harry [Erp]. Erp.

Oteen, Theodore [Erp]. Heesch.

Ouweneel-Coppens, Wilhelmina Bartholomea C. [St. Oedenrode]. Housewife, Eindhoven.

Oxener, Cornelis Gerard [Oosterbeek]. P.T.T. official, Terborg.

Passier, Johannes M. [Son]. Retired teacher, Son.

Peassens, Anne, Maj. [Princess Irene Brigade]. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague.

Peelen, Jan [Renkum]. Chief of expedition, Krommenie.

Peijnenburg, Henri Joan M. [Nijmegen]. State Secretary of Defense, Royal Army, Wassenaar.

Pennings, Jan [Renkum]. Farmer, Renkum.

Penseel, Johannes [Arnhem]. Retired, Arnhem.

Peterse, Wilhelmus Jozephus [Nijmegen]. Curate, Rossum.

Pieper, Jan Willem [Dodewaart]. Headmaster, boarding school, Harderwijk.

Pit, Hugo Frans [Oosterbeek]. Engineer, Sterksel.

Pol, Hendrikus van de [Ede-Bennekom]. Deputy director of company, Ede.

Pol, Leonardus Johannes van de [Son]. Retired medical doctor, Enscnede.

Ponsioen, Jacobus [Nijmegen]. Hospital director, Winschoten.

Post, Hendrikus Jacobus [Arnhem]. Station chief, central station, Rotterdam.

Post, Tjerk, Lt. [Princess Irene Brigade]. Lt. Col (Retired), Royal Army, Diepen-veen.

Postulart, Johan Wilhelmus [Nijmegen]. Garage owner, Nijmegen.

Posthuma, Jan Pieter [The Hague]. Director, telephone company, Leeuwarden.

Praag, Simon van [Nijmegen]. Retired, Nijmegen.

Presser, Samuel [ Arnhem]. Photographer, Amsterdam.

Putten, Theo van der* [Eindhoven]. Municipal official, Eindhoven.

Ravensbergen, Johannes [Arnhem]. Retired, Bennekom.

Remmerde, Dirk [Ittersum]. P.T.T., Rijswijk.

Reneman, Nico [Arnhem]. Oosterbeek.

Rietveld, Jan [Ede]. Surveyor, Bennebroek.

Ridder, Tony de [Oosterbeek]. Housewife, Oosterbeek.

Ringelenstein-van Stuyvenberg, Cornelia Elisabeth van [Arnhem]. Tiel.

Roefs, Martinus [Son en Breugel]. Retired official, Son.

Roelofs, Theodorus [Overasselt]. Office manager, Eindhoven.

Rooijens, Cornelis Joannes [Nijmegen]. Municipal health clerk, Nijmegen.

Roosendall, Rudolf Bartholomeus E. [Randwijk]. Psychologist, Arnhem.

Rooy, Petrus H. van [St. Oedenrode]. School principal, St. Oedenrode.

Sabel, Henricus H. G. [Eindhoven]. School clerk, Eindhoven.

Sanden, Johannes van der [Veghel]. Veghel.

Sanders, Petrus Antonius M. [Ledeacker]. Civil servant, Eindhoven.

Schaap, Lambert [Arnhem]. Retired, Arnhem.

Schalm, Leendert [Arnhem]. Medical doctor, Arnhem.

Schermer, Arjen [Arnhem]. Retired, Arnhem.

Schilfgaarde, Anton B. van [Arnhem]. Retired archivist, Arnhem.

Schmidt, Willem [Kesteren]. Schoolteacher, Arnhem.

Schoenmakers, Anna Maria P. [Groesbeek]. Housewife, Groesbeek.

Schol, Annie J. [Hoenderlo]. Hoenderlo.

Schouten, Antonius C. [Nijmegen]. Retired, Nijmegen.

Schrijvers, Leon [Veghel]. Heart specialist, Eindhoven.

Schulte, Marinus Jacobus [Arnhem]. Doctor (retired), Arnhem.

Schut, Jacoba Adriana [Oosterbeek]. Housewife, Doorwerth.

Schutter, Marinus [Elst]. Retired, Elst.

Schuurs, Wilhelmus Antonius [Tilburg]. Bank manager, Wijchen.

Six, Pieter Jacob [Amsterdam]. Chairman, Combined Military Funds, ‘s Grave-lande.

Slingerland, Johannus C. [Deurne]. Inspector of the P.T.T., Leidschendam.

Smeenk, Bernard Daniel [Renkum]. Protestant minister, Jerusalem.

Smeets, Henricus Johannes J. [Roermond]. Notary, Oss.

Smulders, Robert M. [Utrecht, Nijmegen]. Company director, Soest.

Snoek, Johannes M. [Renkum]. Minister, Israel.

Snoek, Maria [Renkum]. Church social worker, Schiedam.

Soet, Frans de [Oosterbeek]. Chief agricultural engineer, State Forest Administration, Zeist.

Spaander, Jan [Amsterdam]. General Director, Public Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Health, Bilthoven.

Spoormans-van Berendonk, Maria Josepha [Westerhoven]. Housewife, Veldhoven.

Sprangers, Waltherus [Nijmegen]. Retired, Nijmegen.

Steinfort, Johannes Bertus [Arnhem]. Works employee, Den Haag.

Stibbe-van Adelsberg, Elma Sara [Renkum]. Psychiatric social worker, Israel.

Stranzky, Antonia Maria [Arnhem]. Nursing sister, Arnhem.

Striker, Jan [Oosterbeek]. Plumber, Oosterbeek.

Struik Dalm-van der Stad, Maria Christina [Nijmegen]. Housewife, Nijmegen.

Symons, Sister M. Dosithèe [Nijmegen]. Buyer of hospital supplies, Nijmegen.

Tempel, Johannes W. [Nijmegen]. Municipal employee, Town Hall, Nijmegen.

Teunissen, Waandert [Velp]. Coppersmith, plumber, Velp.

Thomas, Carl Paulus Nicolaas [‘s Hertogenbosch]. Enterprise director, Switzerland.

Thuys-Damon, Bernardina [Arnhem]. Retired, Arnhem.

Thyssen, Augustinus A. J. W. [Beuningen]. Company director, Nijmegen.

Tiburtius, Father Bernardus C. N. [Oss]. Rector, St. Joseph Monastery, Oyen.

Tiemans, Willem Hendrik [Arnhem]. Architect, Oosterbeek.

Tiemans, Cornelis Lieu we [Oosterbeek]. Director, Conference Center, St. Michielsgestel.

Tigler Wybrandi, Adrianus, Lt. [U.S. 101st Airborne Div.]. Company director, The Hague.

Top, Gerrit van den [Ede]. Retired, Ede.

Uijen, Albertus Franciscus [Nijmegen]. Municipal employee; head of Dept. of Information and Cultural Affairs, Nijmegen.

Unck, Nicolaas [Arnhem]. Schiedam municipality worker, Schiedam.

Valk, Hendrik [Arnhem]. Artist, Arnhem.

Ven, Henricus Cornelis van de [Dinther]. Company director, Dinther.

Venderbosch, Anna Berendina [Oosterbeek]. Social worker, Oosterbeek.

Verhamme, Gerardus H. A. [Ravestein]. Town official, Berghem.

Verwegen, Wilhelmus J. [Vinkel]. Works employee, Veghel.

Visser, Cornelis Marinus de [Veghel]. Elementary-school teacher, Loosbroek.

Visser, Maria D. de [Veghel]. Export manager, Den Bosch.

Vliet, Leendert R. van, Sgt. [Princess Irene Brigade]. Warrant officer, Netherlands Defense Forces, The Hague.

Vlist, Hendrika van der [Oosterbeek]. English teacher, Oosterbeek.

Voskuil, Bertha [Oosterbeek]. Housewife, Oosterbeek.

Voskuil, Jan [Oosterbeek]. Chemical engineer, Oosterbeek.

Vries, Izak de [Oosterbeek]. Librarian, Israel.

Vromen, Abraham [Arnhem]. Company director, Doetinchem.

Vroemen, Lucianus Paulus J. [Arnhem]. Sales representative, Amsterdam.

Waard, Willem de [Vlaardingen]. Office clerk, Voorburg.

Wachters, Johannes Bernardus H. [Aalst]. Insurance physician, Berg en Dal.

Weerd, Nicolaas van de [Bennekom]. Banking officer, Bennekom.

Wely, Paul Agatho van [Zetten]. Medical doctor, Son.

Werz, Petrus Franciscus A. [Eindhoven]. Entrepreneur, Roosendaal.

Westerveld, Carel Christiaan [Amsterdam]. State official, Rijswijk.

Wiessing, George Efraim J. [Arnhem]. Retired, Arnhem.

Wijburg, Hendrik [Wolfheze]. Retired, Ede.

Wijdeven, Marinus Antonius van de [Mariahout]. Contractor, Mariahout.

Wijgerden, Antonie van [Geldrop]. Information official, N.V. Philips, Eindhoven.

Wijnbergen, Selma [Breugel]. Textile worker, Eindhoven.

Wijnen, Alphonse, 1st Lt. [Princess Irene Brigade]. Lt. Col, commander of infantry, Garrison, Eindhoven.

Wijt, Adriaan [Arnhem]. Retired, Hoenderlo.

Wit, Adrianus de, Sgt. [Princess Irene Brigade]. Warrant officer, Royal Constabulary, Breda.

Wit, Gerardus Johannes de [Zeelst]. Retired, Zeelst.

Wit, Karel de [Oosterbeek]. Druggist, Oosterbeek.

Woensel, Cornelis H. van [Eindhoven]. Controller, Eindhoven.

Woestenburg, Frederik J. [Schijndel]. Roman Catholic priest, Leende.

Woezik, Johanna Maria van [Eindhoven]. Hotelkeeper, Eindhoven.

Wolffensperger-van der Wegen, Helena Elizabeth [Vlokhoven-Woensel]. Housewife, Heusden aan de Maas.

Wolters, Arnoldus, Lt. Comdr. [Royal Netherlands Navy]. Head Commissioner, Rotterdam Municipal Police, Rotterdam.

Zanten, Wilhelmus Johannes van [Arnhem]. Section official, electric company, Arnhem.

Zweden-Ryser, Suze van [Arnhem]. Mathematics teacher, Arnhem.


Sosabowski, Stanislaw,* Maj. Gen. [C.O., 1st Polish Airborne Brigade].

Chwastek, Mieczyslaw, Pvt. [3rd Battalion]. Turner, Manchester, England.

Juhas, Woll W., S/Sgt. [Engineers]. Slinger, Derbyshire, England.

Kaczmarek, Stefan, 1st Lt. [Supplies]. Bank clerk, Sydenham, England.

Kochalski, Alexander, Cpl. [Engineers]. Motor mechanic, Surrey, England. (Now known as Michael Alexander.)

Korob, Wladijslaw, Cpl. [Brigade Hq. Co.]. Car mechanic, Rotterdam, Holland.

Lesniak, Jerzy, Lt. [1st Battalion]. Goldsmith, London, England.

Niebieszczanski, Adam, Cadet [Signal Co.]. Office manager, Westbury, N.Y.

Prochowski, Robert L., 1st Lt. [3rd Battalion]. Senior control buyer, Chicago, III.

Szczygiel, Wieslaw, Lt. [Engineers]. Photographer, Leven, Fife, Scotland. (Now known as George W. Harvey.)

Smaczny, Albert T., Lt. [3rd Battalion]. Foreman, Cambridge, England.

Wojewodka, Boleslaw S., Cpl. [1st Battalion]. Underwriter for insurance company, Island Park, N.Y.


Bittrich, Wilhelm, SS Lt. Gen. [II SS Panzer Corps]. Retired.

Rundstedt, Gerd von,* Field Marshal, Commander in Chief [OB West, Ober-befehlshaber West].

Student, Kurt, Col. Gen., C.O. [1st Parachute Army]. Retired.

Bang, Helmut, Pvt. [Ind. Eng. Battalion]. Locksmith.

Becker, Otto, Pvt. [2nd SS Panzer Antitank Regt.]. Salesman

Berthold, Günter, Cpl. [Luftwaffe Flak Battery 591]. Commercial traveler.

Blumentritt, Gunther,* Maj. Gen. [OB West; Von Rundstedt’s chief of staff].

Borkenhagen, Hans, Lt. [Infantry, Reg. 1036]. Civil servant.

Brandt, Georg, Cpl. [Luftwaffe RR Flak Unit]. Civil servant.

Brandt, Theo, Pvt. [Grenadier Battalion], University purchasing manager.

Burg, Wilhelm von der, Cpl. [Luftwaffe Flak Antiaircraft Unit]. Merchant.

Busch, Karl Martin, Pvt. [Kampfgruppe Knaust]. Operates commercial-inquiry office.

Dessloch, Otto, Col. Gen., C.O. [3rd Luftwaffe Air Fleet]. Retired.

Fiebig, Werner, Pvt. [SS Panzer Grenadiers Depot Battalion 16]. Unknown.

Fromm, Wolgang, Ordinance Officer [59th Infantry Div.]. Horticultural business owner.

Gehrhardt, Erwin, Sgt. [Artillery Regt.]. Civil servant.

Gliicks, Paul, Sgt. [Regiment Jungwirt]. Member of West-German Broadcasting Company.

Haberman, Heinz, Sgt. [Luftnachrichteneinheit]. Civil servant.

Harmel, Heinz, Maj. Gen., C.O. [10th SS Panzer Div.]. Manufacturers’ representative.

Harzer, Walter, Lt. Col., C.O. [9th SS Panzer Div.]. Consulting engineer.

Heck, Erwin, Liaison Officer [SS Training Battalion, Arnhem]. Salesman.

Heydte, Friedrich von der, Lt. Col, C.O. [6th Parachute Regt.]. Professor, international law.

Hilberg, Jiirgen, Cpl. [Luftwaffe Comm. Battalion]. Civil servant.

Hoffman, Heinz-Jiirgen, Gunner [15th Army Artillery Battalion]. Dairy manager.

Huck, Werner, Col. [Flakbrigade 19]. Retired.

Jansen, Georg, Pvt. [Engineers]. Farmer.

Jupe, Horst, Cpl. [9th SS Panzer Div.]. Accountant.

Knaust, Hans Peter, Maj., C.O. [Kampfgruppe Knaust, with 10th SS Panzer Div.]. Retired.

Krafft, Sepp, Major, C.O. [Panzer Grenadiers Training and Reserve Battalion 16]. Police official.

Lange, Hans, Maj. [Flak Unit]. Retired.

Laurenz, Josef, Pvt. [II Para troop Replacement & Training Regt., Hermann Goring Panzer Div.]. Store owner.

Liermann, Werner, Sgt. [10th SS Panzer Div.]. Painter.

Linnenbriigger, Erwin, Pvt. [Infantry Regt. 364]. Publishers’ representative.

Liss, Gerhard, Pvt. [II Paratroop Replacement & Training Regt., Hermann Goring Panzer Div.]. Salesman.

Majewski, Alfred, Maj. [Antiaircraft Unit 591]. Office clerk.

Moll, Jakob, Sgt. [Grenadier Regt. 520]. Police official

Moll, Luise [Civilian]. Housewife.

Miinks, Karl, Pvt. [84th Infantry Div.]. Farmer.

Nedel, Gerhard, 1st Lt. [Supply Battalion 801]. Retired.

Niemann, Charlotte, Red Cross nurse [Apeldoorn]. Medical statistician.

Pemsel, Max, Maj. Gen. [Chief of Staff, Seventh Army]. Lt. Gen. (Retired), German Army.

Petersen, Emil, M/Sgt. [Reich Work Service]. Electrical engineer.

Poppe, Walter, Lt. Gen., C.O. [59th Infantry Div.]. Retired.

Priimen, Josef, Pvt. [Reich Work Service]. Insurance broker.

Reichardt, Hans-Joachim, 1st Lt. [Luftwaffe]. Captain.

Ringsdorf, Alfred, Pvt. [10th SS Panzer Div.]. Sales representative.

Robeus, Hermann, Pvt. [Luftwaffe Paratroop Regt.]. Tax consultant.

Rohrbach, Wilhelm, Cpl. [Self-propelled Gun Brigade 280]. Delicatessen owner.

Rose, Heinz, Sgt. [Kampfgruppe Harskamp]. Construction engineer.

Savelsbergh, Matthias, Pvt. [Engineers]. Retired.

Schepers, Bernhard, Pvt. [5th Co.]. Retired.

Schmidt, Heinz, Cpl. [Luftwaffe Regt. 201]. Telephone engineer.

Sedelhauser, Gustav, 1st Lt. [Model’s Hq., Transportation Chief]. Brewer.

Seesemann, Hans, Sgt. [Military Police]. Printer.

Sick, Josef, Cpl. [9th SS Panzer Div.]. Truck driver.

Skalka, Dr. Egon, Maj. [9th SS Panzer Div.]. Physician.

Stelzenmiiller, Herbert, Cadet [German Naval Hospital, Cleves]. Metallurgist.

Strobel, Walter, Sgt. [Antiaircraft Unit]. Retired.

Tempelhof, Hans von, Col. [Model’s Hq.]. Retired.

Tersteegen, Peter, Pvt. [Infantry Reserves Battalion—Wehrkreis—IV]. Telephone engineer.

Ullmann, Harry, Cpl. [10th SS Panzer Div.]. Plant superintendent.

Weber, Horst, Pvt. [10th SS Panzer Div.]. Manufacturer.

Weber, Max, Cpl. [15th Paratroopers Regt.]. Physician.

Wienand, Wolfgang, Pvt. [Antiaircraft Unit 591]. Salesman.

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