Post-classical history


1337 Edward III claims the throne of France

1340 French navy defeated at Sluys

1346 The English defeat the French at Crécy

1347 Calais falls to the English

1350 Death of Philip VI of France and succession of John II

1356 The Black Prince defeats and captures John II at Poitiers

1360 The Treaty of Brétigny—Aquitaine surrendered to the English

1364 Death of John II of France and succession of Charles V

1369 Charles V ‘confiscates’ Aquitaine—hostilities recommence

1372 Poitiers and La Rochelle admit French troops

1373 John of Gaunt leads his great chevauchée from Calais to Bordeaux

1376 Death of the Black Prince

1377 Death of Edward III and succession of Richard II

1380 Death of Charles V of France and succession of Charles VI

1381 Peasants’ Revolt in England

1383 Expedition of the Bishop of Norwich to Flanders

1386 The French prepare to invade England but then abandon the plan

1389 Truce of Leulinghen between French and English

1399 Deposition of Richard II and succession of Henry IV

1407 Murder of the Duke of Orleans by agents of John, Duke of Burgundy

1412 The Duke of Clarence leads a chevauchée from Normandy to Bordeaux

1413 Death of Henry IV and succession of Henry V

1415 Henry V invades France, captures Harfleur and wins the battle of Agincourt

1417 Henry V begins the conquest of Normandy

1419 Rouen falls to the English. John, Duke of Burgundy is murdered by Armagnacs. Alliance between Burgundians and English

1420 Treaty of Troyes ; Charles VI recognizes Henry V as heir to the French throne and Regent of France. The English occupy Paris

1421 Duke of Clarence defeated and killed by the Armagnacs at Baugé

1422 Deaths of Henry V and Charles VI. Henry VI of England recognized as King of France north of the Loire while only France south of the Loire recognizes Charles VII

1423 The Earl of Salisbury defeats the Dauphinists at Cravant

1424 The Regent Bedford defeats the French at Verneuil

1428 The Earl of Salisbury begins the siege of Orleans

1429 Sir John Fastolf defeats the Dauphinists at the ‘Battle of the Herrings’. Joan of Arc relieves Orleans and defeats Fastolf and Lord Talbot at Patay. Charles VII crowned at Rheims, but Joan fails to recapture Paris

1430 Capture of Joan of Arc

1431 Burning of Joan of Arc. Coronation of Henry VI at Paris

1435 Death of the Regent Bedford. Treaty of Arras between Charles VII and the Burgundians who abandon the English alliance

1436 Charles VII recaptures Paris

1441 Fall of Pontoise to the French—the last English stronghold in the Ile de France

1444 Truce of Tours between French and English

1448 The English surrender Maine to the French

1449 Charles VII invades Normandy and takes Rouen

1450 English defeated at Formigny. All Normandy falls to the French

1451 Charles VII conquers Guyenne

1452 At the invitation of the Guyennois, Lord Talbot reoccupies Bordeaux

1453 English defeated at Castillon and finally lose Bordeaux

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