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The Three Edwards (The Plantagenets #3)

The Three Edwards (The Plantagenets #3)

THE THREE EDWARDS, third in Thomas B. Costain's survey of Britain under the Plantagenets, covers the years between 1272 and 1377 when three Edwards ruled England. Edward I brought England out of the Middle Ages. Edward II had a tragic reign but gave his country Edward III, who ruled gloriously, if violently.


Chapter 1. A Proper King Is Crowned

Chapter 2. The English Justinian—and the Queen Who Had Many Handsome Children

Chapter 3. The English and the Welsh

Chapter 4. A Prince Is Born

Chapter 5. The Plantagenets at Home

Chapter 6. The Rebirth of Parliamentary Democracy

Chapter 7. The Death of Queen Eleanor

Chapter 8. A Vacant Throne in Scotland

Chapter 9. The Start of the Scottish Wars

Chapter 10. William Wallace

Chapter 11. The Miracle at Stirling Bridge

Chapter 12. Edward and the Horn-Owl

Chapter 13. The Defeat and Death of Wallace

Chapter 14. Edward Takes a Second Wife

Chapter 15. The Prince of Wales and Brother Perrot

Chapter 16. Last Stages of an Eventful Reign

Chapter 17. Robert the Bruce

Chapter 18. The Death of Edward


Chapter 1. The New King Makes Many Mistakes

Chapter 2. The Marriage of Edward

Chapter 3. The Death of the Favorite

Chapter 4. The Great Scandal of the Middle Ages

Chapter 5. Bannockburn

Chapter 6. After Bannockburn

Chapter 7. The New Favorite

Chapter 8. The King in the Saddle

Chapter 9. The Royal Triangle

Chapter 10. The Fall of the King

Chapter 11. The Deposition and Death of the King


Chapter 1. Hamlet on the Steps of the Throne

Chapter 2. Mother and Son

Chapter 3. The Cloak of Iniquity

Chapter 4. The Royal Hamlet Strikes

Chapter 5. The Chatelaine of Castle Rising

Chapter 6. The Embers Rekindled

Chapter 7. The Great Emergence

Chapter 8. The Merchant Prince

Chapter 9. The Inevitable War

Chapter 10. The Great Victory

Chapter 11. The Aftermath of the Victory

Chapter 12. The Royal Household

Chapter 13. The Black Death

Chapter 14. The Battle of Poictiers and the Peace of Bretigny

Chapter 15. The Black Prince

Chapter 16. These Great Fighters

Chapter 17. Some Incidental Achievements in the Course of a Long Reign

Chapter 18. The Days of Decline

Chapter 19. John Wycliffe

Chapter 20. The Death of the King