Post-classical history

The Gunpowder Plot: History In An Hour

The Gunpowder Plot: History In An Hour

This compelling and engaging account of one of the most famous historical events in English history follows the Catholic protagonists hatching their plan through to their inevitable, gruesome deaths. Learn who the Catholic traitors were, what drove them to such desperate measures, and how the plot was discovered. The Gunpowder Plot in an Hour gives a concise overview of this enduring event and is a must for all history lovers.

Chapter 1. A Country Divided

Chapter 2. The Conspirators

Chapter 3. The Hatching of a Plot

Chapter 4. The Discovery

Chapter 5. An Attempt to Escape

Chapter 6. Torture and Capture

Chapter 7. Trial and Execution

Chapter 8. Repercussions, Traditions and Legacy

Appendix 1: Key Players

Appendix 2: The Gunpowder Plot Timeline