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The Demon's Brood: A History of the Plantagenet Dynasty

The Demon's Brood: A History of the Plantagenet Dynasty

The Plantagenets reigned over England longer than any other family from Henry II to Richard III. Four kings were murdered, two came close to deposition, and another was killed in a battle by rebels. Shakespeare wrote plays about six of them, further entrenching them in the national myth. Based on major contemporary sources and recent research, acclaimed historian Desmond Seward provides the first readable overview of the whole extraordinary dynasty, in one volume."

Family trees

Introduction: The Demon and Her Heirs


Part I - The First Plantagenets

Chapter 1. The First Plantagenets

Chapter 2. The Eagle – Henry II

Chapter 3. The Lionheart – Richard I

Chapter 4. The Madman – John

Chapter 5. The Aesthete – Henry III

Part II - Plantagenet Britain?

Chapter 6. The Hammer – Edward I

Chapter 7. The Changeling – Edward II

Part III - Plantagenet France?

Chapter 8. The Paladin – Edward III

Chapter 9. The Absolutist – Richard II

Chapter 10. The Usurper – Henry IV

Chapter 11. The ‘Gleaming King’ – Henry V

Part IV - Lancaster and York

Chapter 12. The Holy Fool – Henry VI

Chapter 13. The Self-Made King – Edward IV

Chapter 14. The Suicide – Richard III

Chapter 15. Postscript – The Kings in the National Myth