Post-classical history

§ A Kurd Takes his Brother’s Head as a Trophy

One of the marvels that occurred during that battle with the Franks was the following. In the army of Hama, there were two Kurdish brothers, one of them named Badr and the other named Annaz. Now, this Annaz had bad eyesight. And when the Franks were defeated and killed, some of the men cut off their heads and hung them off their saddle-straps. So Annaz cut off a head and hung it from his saddle-strap.

A group of men from the army of Hama saw him and said to him, ‘Hey, Annaz, what’s with that head you have with you?’

‘Glory be to God,’ he replied, ‘for what happened between this man and me – I killed him.’

‘Oh, man,’ they told him, ‘that’s the head of your brother Badr!’

So he looked at the head, examining it. Sure enough, it was the head of his brother. And so in his shame before the men, he left Hama. We never knew where he set off for, nor did we ever hear any further news of him. But it was the Franks who killed his brother Badr during that battle, may God the Exalted confound them.

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