Post-classical history

§ An Encounter with a ‘Tiger’

[112] I have heard, though I have not seen it, that there is a variety of wild beast called a tiger. I didn’t really believe in them, but the sheikh and imam Hujjat al-Din Abu Hashim Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Zafar199 (may God have mercy upon him) told me:

I once went to the Maghrib accompanied by an elderly attendant who used to belong to my father and who had travelled and experienced things. Our supply of water ran out and we were struck with thirst. There was no third person with us, just the two of us, him and me, riding two well-bred camels. We made directly for a well on our route, but we found that there was a tiger by it, sleeping, so we withdrew. My companion dismounted from his camel, handed me its reins and took up his sword and shield and a water-skin we had. He said to me, ‘Hold tight to the head of the camel,’ and he walked towards the well. When the tiger saw him it stood up and jumped, facing him so that it could pass by him. Then it let out a growl and some cubs rushed out at full speed to join it. It neither blocked our way nor caused us any harm. So we drank, replenished our water supply and then went on our way.

This is what he told me (may God have mercy upon him), and he was one of the most religious and learned Muslims.

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