Post-classical history

§ Observations on the Behaviour of Lions

As I was saying: I have fought with lions on countless occasions. I killed a number of them without anyone accompanying me, just as I killed a number accompanied by other people, until I became an experienced lion-hunter and came to know things about fighting lions that others don’t know. For example, I know that the lion, like all wild beasts, fears humans and flees from them. The lion is stupid and witless, as long as it is not wounded. But when it is wounded, it becomes a real lion; at that time, one should be very afraid. Whenever it sets out from a forest or thicket to attack horses, it is sure to return to the thicket it came out of, even if there are fires in its path. I came to know this through direct experience, and so whenever a lion would come out to attack the horses, I would position myself on the route of its return before it got wounded. And so, as it returned, I would leave it alone until it passed by me; only then would I thrust my spear at it and kill it.

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