Post-classical history

§ Lions Induce Fear in other Beasts

[108] I used to marvel at the intrepid spirit of that dog attacking the lion, for every animal shies away from lions and avoids them. I have seen the head of a lion carried to one of our houses, at which cats were seen fleeing from the house in question and throwing themselves from the rooftops, without ever having seen a lion before. And when we skinned lions, we used to throw the body from the citadel down to the foot of the barbican and no dog or any kind of bird would come near it. And if ravens saw the carcass they would descend upon it, but as they got nearer they would caw and fly off. The fear that the lion induces in other animals is very similar to the fear that the eagle induces in other birds. For an eagle, if a chicken that has never seen an eagle before should catch sight of it, will cause the chicken to scream and flee. Such is the fear that God (may He be exalted) visits upon the hearts of animals for these two creatures.

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