Post-classical history

§ A Dog Attacks a Lion

Here is another example of something marvellous about lions. A lion appeared in our territory of Shayzar, so we went out against it. We were accompanied by some infantrymen from the troops of Shayzar, among them an attendant of the senile old fool192 to whom the mountain folk give allegiance and practically worship. The attendant had a dog of his with him. The lion rushed out at the horses, which moved off from it, startled. The lion then fell upon the infantrymen. It grabbed that attendant and crouched on top of him. So the dog pounced on the back of the lion, which bolted away from the man and turned back to the thicket. The man then came up before my father (may God have mercy upon him) laughing, and assured him, ‘By your life, my lord, it didn’t injure me or cause me any harm.’

So they killed the lion. As for the man, he went back to his home and died that very night, not from any wound he received, but from his heart having stopped.

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