Post-classical history

§ The Varieties of Creation: A Soldier Dies from a Trifling Wound

God, the Mighty and Majestic, made His creatures of various sorts,184 differing in temperament and nature: the white and the black, the beautiful and the ugly, the tall and the short, the strong and the weak, the valorous and the craven – all in accordance with His wisdom and the universality of His power.

I saw a son of one of the Turkoman amirs who was in the service of the atabeg Zangi (may God have mercy upon him) when an arrow struck him, though it did not penetrate his skin deeper than a grain of barley. He went all loose, his limbs buckled, his ability to speak left him and he lost consciousness. And yet he was a man like a lion, as massive of body as ever a man could be. They brought the physician and the surgeon over to him. The physician said, ‘Don’t worry about him for now. But if he gets wounded again, he’ll die.’ So the man calmed down and began riding and conducting himself just as he used to. But after a short time another arrow struck him, even feebler and less harmful than the first, and he died.

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