Post-classical history


§ Usama Arrives in Cairo

[6] My arrival in Egypt fell on Thursday, 2 Jumada al-Akhira of the year 539 (30 November 1144). The moment I arrived, the caliph al-Hafiz17 took me into his service. He invested me with a robe of honour in his presence, and gave me a wardrobe full of clothes along with one hundred dinars.18 He also granted me the right to use his baths. He settled me in one of the residences of al-Afdal ibn Amir al-Juyush19 – an extremely fine one too, complete with carpets, furnishings, a large reception-room and utensils all of brass – all of this with the understanding that I would never be asked to return any of it. I remained there for a period of residence, the recipient of honour, respect, uninterrupted favours, and a fief, the revenues of which were easy to collect.

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