Post-classical history

§ Motives for Fighting: Two Muslim Martyrs during the Second Crusade

Among men there are those that go to battle just as the Companions of the Prophet167 (may God be pleased with them) used to go to battle: to obtain entrance to Paradise, and not to pursue some selfish desire or to gain a reputation. Here is an example:

The Frankish king of the Germans (may God curse him), when he arrived in Syria, [95] assembled all the Franks that were in Syria to his side and marched on Damascus.168 So the army of Damascus and its populace came out to do battle with the Franks. Among them were the jurist al-Findalawi and the sheikh and ascetic Abd al-Rahman al-Halhuli (may God have mercy upon them both). The two of them were among the most virtuous of all Muslims.169

As they approached the enemy, the jurist said to ‘Abd al-Rahman, ‘Aren’t these the Romans?’

‘Yes, indeed,’ he replied.

‘Then how long are we going to stand here?’ the jurist asked.

‘Go, in the name of God – may He be exalted!’ replied ‘Abd al-Rahman.

And so the two men advanced and did battle until they were killed in the same place. May God have mercy upon them both.

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