Post-classical history

§ A Vision of the Prophet Rescues a Prisoner

Another example of the benevolence of God (may He be exalted) was related to me by the chief intendant ‘Abdallah, who said:

I was put in prison in Hayzan,166 chained and treated harshly. While there, with the jailer at the door, I saw the Prophet (God’s blessing and peace be upon him) in a dream. He said, ‘Remove your chains and go forth.’ I then woke up and pulled at my chains, which slipped off my foot, and went to the door to open it, but I found it already open. I then tip-toed past the guard to a small opening in the outer wall, which I couldn’t imagine my hand would go through. But I went through it and fell on top of a dung-hill, in which I left footprints and traces of my fall. I then descended into a valley outside the town walls and went into a cave in the slope of the mountain that was on the side where I happened to be. I said to myself, ‘Now they’ll come out, see my footprints and get me again.’ But God (may He be exalted) sent a snowfall that covered up those prints. They came out and looked around for me all day long while I watched them. When evening came and I felt safe from being caught, I left that cave and went to a secure place I knew.

This man was the chief intendant over the kitchens of al-Yaghisiyani (may God have mercy upon him).

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