Post-classical history

§ One Man Captures a Fort by Treachery

A similar occurrence took place at Hisn al-Khurayba.133 This used to belong to al-Yaghisiyani (may God have mercy upon him); his chamberlain ‘Isa was stationed there to govern it. It is an impregnable fortress built on a rock, steep on all sides. One climbed to it by means of a wooden ladder, then the ladder would be pulled up and there would be no other way to get to it. There was no one with the governor in the fort except his son, his servant and the gatekeeper. This last man had a companion called Ibn al-Marji who used to come up to see him from time to time on business. This companion had been talking with the Isma’ilis and he hatched [79] a plot with them, in which he was assured a satisfactory amount of money and a fief in return for handing over to them Hisn al-Khurayba. So he went to the fort and, asking permission to enter, climbed up. He began with the gatekeeper, killing him. The servant then confronted him, so he killed him too. Then he went in to the governor and killed him. He then returned to the governor’s son and killed him, and handed the fort over to the Isma’ilis, who stood by their part of the bargain with him.

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