Post-classical history

§ A Soldier from Shayzar Attacks a Frankish Caravan

Another example: there was a man in my service called Numayr al-’Allaruzi, an infantryman, courageous and strong. With a band of infantrymen from Shayzar, he set out for al-Ruj to attack the Franks. While in the region of the town, they stumbled across a Frankish caravan encamped in a cavern. So each one said to the other, ‘Who’s going to go in against them?’ Numayr said, I will,’ and handed his comrades his sword and shield. Drawing forth his dagger, he went in to the enemy. One of them came to confront him, but he struck him with his dagger, threw him down and knelt on him to kill him. Behind him stood another Frank with a sword, and he struck at Numayr, but Numayr was wearing a rucksack on his back with bread in it, and this cushioned the blow. Once he had killed the man that was pinned underneath him, he turned towards the Frank with the sword and made for him. The Frank struck him with his sword on the side of his face, cutting through his brow, eyelid, cheek, nose and upper lip, causing the whole side of his face to hang down onto his chest. So Numayr left the cavern and returned to his comrades, who bound his wounds and returned with him through a cold and rainy night, arriving at Shayzar while he was still in that condition. His face was stitched back up and his wounds were treated, so he recovered and returned to how he had been, except that his eye was gone. He was one of the three men whom the Isma’ilis threw from Shayzar Citadel that we mentioned earlier.131

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