Post-classical history

§ Usama Gratefully Fails to Kill two Foes

On that same day, we encountered the horsemen of Hama in battle while some of them went ahead with the herd onto the island. We fought one another, and among the enemy were the leading cavaliers of the army of Hama: Sarhank, Ghazi al-Talli, Mahmud ibn Baldaji, Hadr al-Tut and the isbasalar [63] Khut-lukh.87 They outnumbered us but we attacked them and routed them. I made directly for one of their horsemen intending to run my spear through him, but who should it turn out to be but Hadr al-Tut, who shouted, ‘Mercy!’ I then turned away from him towards another horseman and speared him, the spear hitting him just below his armpit. If he had just let it be, he would not have fallen, but he pressed his arm on it, trying to take away the spear, while my horse sped up with me. So he flew out of his saddle onto the neck of the horse and fell to the ground. He then stood up, finding himself on the side of the canyon leading down to al-Jalali.88 So he struck his horse and, leading it before him, went down.89 I thanked God (glory be to Him), who let no harm befall him from my spear-thrust: for that horseman was Ghazi al-Talli, and he was (may God have mercy on him) an excellent man.

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