Post-classical history

§ A Soldier Killed by a Chisel-Headed Arrow

In the battle that occurred at the end of this particular period,36I witnessed the following:

We had with us in the army a man called Rafi’ al-Kilabi, a famous horseman. We and the Banu Qaraja had met to fight one another. The enemy had assembled and mustered a host of Turkomans and others against us, so we went and rolled out the red carpet for them37 at an open plain outside of town. But it became clear that they were too numerous for us, so we retreated, with some of us holding back to defend the others. This soldier Rafi’ was among the ones who defended the rearguard. He was wearing akazaghandand, on his head, a helmet without an aventail.38 But he turned around to see if he might have a chance to attack the enemy, and a chisel-headed arrow39struck him in his throat, slaughtering him. He fell on the spot, dead.

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