Post-classical history

T'oros I, Rupenid (d. 1129)

Armenian prince, of the Rupenid family, foremost chieftain in northern Cilicia (Lesser Armenia).

In 1100 T‘oros succeeded his father Constantine to territories in the Taurus Mountains, centered on the castle of Vahga (mod. Feke Kalesi, Turkey). T‘oros tried not to get involved in the conflict between the Byzantines and the Franks of Antioch over control of the Cilician plain, but he was able to extend his rule by capturing the city of Anazarba. He based himself there, refortifying it and building a church. Despite the occupation of Anazarba, and his revenge-killing of some Greek castellans at Herakleia (mod. Eregli, Turkey), he maintained good relations with the Byzantines. He sought to do the same with the Franks, who were dispossessing other Armenian barons: he contributed troops to assist Roger of Antioch’s successful siege of Azaz in 1118. He was able to consolidate control of his lands and was succeeded by his brother Leon.

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