Post-classical history

Thibaud Gaudin (d. 1292)

Master of the Templars (1291-1292).

Thibaud belonged to a family from the Ile-de-France that supplied several members of the order in the thirteenth century. Thibaud’s early career is unknown. In 1260 he and several other Templars (including the future Master William of Beaujeu, who probably supported his career) were captured by the Muslims during an ill-planned raid in northern Galilee and released upon payment of ransom. Thibaud served as the Templars’ commander of Acre (mod. ‘Akko, Israel) from 1270 to 1271/1273 and probably as their tur-copolier (1277) before he was sent to France (1279). After his return to Acre, he became commander of Outremer (1283-1291), and after the death of William of Beaujeu, during the siege of Acre by the Mamlūks (1291), he was elected master of the order. He fled from Acre via Sidon to Cyprus, allegedly having managed to rescue the order’s treasure and relics. He traveled to Armenia in 1292 but died on 16 April of that year. He was succeeded by James of Molay. His name is repeatedly mentioned in depositions made during the trial of the Templars.

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