Post-classical history

Thaddeus of Naples

Author of a contemporary account of the fall of the city of Acre (mod. ‘Akko, Israel) to the Mamlūks (April-May 1291).

Magister (Master) Thaddeus wrote his Hystoria de deso- lacione civitatis Acconensis in Messina in Italy in December 1291. He was not present at the siege of Acre, but he used eyewitness accounts. He claimed to have lived in Outremer, and his account was critical of merchants operating there who, he said, collaborated with the Christians’ enemies. His style is highly rhetorical, but conveys the drama of events and some scraps of topographical detail. Like the anonymous Excidium Acconis, Thaddeus’s Hystoria has been little used by historians. The edition by Comte Riant (1873) has been superseded by one edited by Huygens based on all the extant manuscripts (five complete and one fragmentary), of which the best is MS London, British Library, Add.22800.

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