Post-classical history

Peter II of Cyprus (d. 1382)

King of Cyprus and titular king of Jerusalem (1369-1382).

Peter followed his father, Peter I, on the throne of Cyprus.

In 1372 a riot at his coronation as king of Jerusalem left a number of Genoese merchants dead, whereupon the republic of Genoa organized a fleet to exact reparations. Fighting began in 1373. The Genoese captured Famagusta (mod. Ammochostos) and overran most of the island. The war ended the following year with the Genoese imposing a heavy tribute and retaining the port of Famagusta, which they were to hold until 1464. Many Cypriot nobles, including Peter’s uncle and successor, the future James I (1382-1398), were taken prisoner to Genoa. During the remainder of his reign Peter ignored the financial demands and tried unsuccessfully to dislodge the Genoese from Famagusta.

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