Post-classical history

Odo of Pins (d. 1296)

Master of the Hospitallers (1293/1294-1296).

Although little is known about Odo’s early career, it is on record that in 1273 he functioned as draper in the Hospitallers’ central convent in Acre (mod. ‘Akko, Israel). After the death of Master John of Villier (1293/1294), Odo was the first master to be elected in the order’s new headquarters in Limassol (Cyprus). Odo’s mastership was overshadowed by accusations levied against him at the papal Curia. In 1295 William of Villaret, Hospitaller prior of Saint-Gilles, and Boniface of Calamandrana, grand preceptor of the West, presented Pope Boniface VIII with complaints concerning Odo’s conduct in office and submitted reform proposals concerning the order’s leadership structures. The pope communicated the allegations to Odo and admonished him. The true reason for the opposition against Odo was probably jealousy. His two accusers had not participated in the magisterial election of 1293/1294 because they had been tied up by the order’s affairs in the West; their careers had been considerably more illustrious than Odo’s and they had every reason to expect that they would be considered for the order’s highest post. Odo died before he was able to defend himself (1296) and was succeeded by William of Villaret.

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