Post-classical history

Montpellier, Council of (1195)

A church council of the prelates of the province of Narbonne, summoned by the papal legate Michael, at Montpellier in southern France.

The council reaffirmed many of the canons of the Second and Third Lateran councils and approved matters set before it by the legate. Legate and council condemned heretics, those providing materiel to Saracens, and lawless mercenaries and their supporters. The legate ordered the bishops to force lenders to release borrowers from oaths to pay interest if the borrowers were going to Spain to fight the Muslims. He also reaffirmed restrictions on Jews and Saracens living among Christians and offered protection to non- Christians who converted to Christianity. In view of Christian reverses in the Holy Land and Spain, clergy and laity alike were urged to show moderation in dress as a sign of spiritual reform. For the same reason, the legate urged the clergy to fast.

Legate and council sought mainly to establish order and orthodoxy in the province and to support the struggle against Islam elsewhere.

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