Post-classical history

Amalric of Nesle (d. 1180)

Latin patriarch of Jerusalem (1157-1180). Amalric came to Outremer from France, but nothing is known of his early career except that he became prior of the Holy Sepulchre in 1151. Queen Melisende, her sister Yveta, and her cousin Sibyl of Flanders seem to have engineered Amalric’s election as patriarch in 1157 without involvement from King Baldwin III. But it was the king, rather than the patriarch, who ordered the Latin Church’s official stance of neutrality in the disputed papal election of 1159.

Patriarch Amalric took more of a leading role in 1163, when he and the magnates of Outremer insisted that King Amalric divorce Agnes of Courtenay before assuming the throne. Only the patriarch could have ruled on the legitimacy of this marriage, and his decision barred him from royal favor. King Amalric took the initiative in creating new dioceses that cut into patriarchal revenues. The patriarch became even more of a nonentity after the king’s death in 1174, since Agnes of Courtenay dominated Baldwin IV’s court.

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