Post-classical history

Metellus of Tegernsee

Author of the Expeditio Ierosolimitana, a Latin epic poem on the First Crusade (1096-1099), and of the Quirinalia, a collection of poems relating to St. Quirinus, patron of the Bavarian monastery of Tegernsee where Metellus was a monk.

The Expeditio (transmitted in MS Admont, Stiftsbiblio- thek, 267) was composed between 1146 and 1165, and consists of4,845 lines in six books. It dealt with the course of the crusade from the Council of Clermont (1095) to the battle of Ascalon (1099), drawing primarily on the account of the crusade given in the Historia Iherosolimitana of Robert of Rheims, but it also made use of letters [Heinrich Hagen- meyer, Die Kreuzzugsbriefe aus den Jahren 1088-1100 (Innsbruck: Wagner, 1901), nos. 1, 21] as well as popular traditions, particularly in connection with the exploits of Godfrey of Bouillon and the German knight Wicher.

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