Post-classical history

Alp Arslān ibn Ridwân (d. 1114)

Saljûq ruler of Aleppo (1113-1114), the eldest son of Ridwān (d. 1114).

Alp Arslān succeeded his father at the age of sixteen, with the mamluk (slave soldier) Lu’Lu’ acting as his regent. He immediately had his brothers Malik Shāh ibn Ridwān and Mubārak ibn Ridwānexecuted to eliminate them as potential rivals. He went on to take action against the Ismā‘ili Assassin sect, which had been favored by his father: in concert with Sa‘id ibn Badi‘, the ra’is (head of the city), he arrested all of the Assassins in the city, and had them either executed or expelled. In view of Aleppo’s military weakness, Alp Arslān continued to pay tribute to the Franks of Antioch and also sought the alliance of Tughtakin, the ruler of Damascus. This policy, as well as arrests and dismissals carried out by Alp Arslān, aroused considerable resentment among his own officers. On 4 September 1114 Lu’Lu’ had him murdered and replaced by his younger brother Sultān Shāh.

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