Post-classical history

Libellus de expugnatione Terrae Sanctae per Saladinum expeditione

A short but detailed Latin account of events in Outremer in the years 1186-1190, written by an anonymous, possibly English, author, probably in the early thirteenth century. The Libellus deals with the conquest of the Holy Land by Saladin in 1187. It includes considerable detail on the invasion of Galilee by Saladin’s forces and the battle at the springs of Cresson (1 May 1187), as well as the subsequent campaign, which culminated in the great Muslim victory at the battle of Hattin (4 July 1187). Also treated are Saladin’s capture of Nazareth, Jaffa, Nablus, Acre, Ascalon, and Jerusalem, and his siege of Tyre. The account ends with the inception of the siege of Acre (mod. ‘Akko, Israel) by the Christians and the arrival in Outremer of the armies of Richard I of England and Philip II of France.

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