Post-classical history

Jaffa, Battle of (1102)

A defeat of the great Egyptian invasion of 1102 by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem.

A Fātimid army had advanced from Ascalon (mod. Tel Ashqelon, Israel) to Ramla, and on 17 May defeated Baldwin’s hastily thrown together relieving forces, consisting of his own knights and many of the crusaders of 1101. The king was able to escape to Arsuf with a few companions, where he waited for reinforcements to arrive from Tiberias and Jerusalem. On 27 May the Franks encountered the Egyptian army, which was in the process of besieging Jaffa (mod. Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel).

The course of the subsequent battle is unclear, but it is evident that although heavily outnumbered, the Franks were well disciplined and fortified by the presence of the relic of the True Cross, and were able to rout their opponents, taking large amounts of booty.

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