Post-classical history

Ibn Wasil (1208-1298)

Jamāl al-Dīn Muhammad ibn Wasil was a Syrian qādi (judge) and historian.

After completing his education, he served a number of Ayyûbid rulers, including the sultan al-Mu‘azzam Tūrān Shāh. In 1261 he was sent as an ambassador to Manfred, king of Sicily, by the Mamlûksultan Baybars I. About three years later he became chief qādī of his native city of Hamah in Syria, where he remained until his death.

Ibn Wāsil wrote several works, the most valuable of which is his history of the Ayyûbids, Mufarrij al-Kurūb fi Akhbār Barii Ayyûb (The Remover of Worries about Reports of the Scions of Ayyûb).

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