Post-classical history

Hugh of Fauquembergues (d. 1106)

A participant in the First Crusade (1096-1099) and later lord of Tiberias (1101-1106).

From Fauquembergues near Saint-Omer in the diocese of Thérouanne, Hugh was installed by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem in March 1101 as lord of Tiberias (mod. Teverya, Israel), a position that had been vacated by the Norman Tan- cred. Hugh secured the defense of the frontier lordship through the construction of castles at Saphet (mod. Zefat, Israel), dominating central Galilee, and Toron, to control communications between Muslim Tyre (mod. Soûr, Lebanon) and the interior, and attempted to extend Frankish control into the Terre de Suète.

In 1105 Hugh began construction of a castle at Qasr Bar- dawil, east of Lake Tiberias, which, however, was destroyed before completion by Tughtigin, atabeg of Damascus, but he was later able to establish a forward position further east at the cave fortress of Cave de Suète (Habis Jaldak). It was while returning from a successful raid in this region that Hugh was killed in an ambush by Tughtigin’s troops (September 1106).

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