Post-classical history

Hoeneke (Honeke), Bartolomaus

A German from Osnabrück who was chaplain to three Livonian Masters of the Teutonic Order. He wrote a rhymed chronicle, which is usually called the Jüngere Livlandische Reimchronik.

Hoeneke’s chronicle was written in the 1340s and covers the period 1315-1348. The original text, probably in Middle Low German, is now lost, but the sixteenth-century chronicler Johannes Renner recounted its contents in prose in his Livlandische Historien. Hoeneke’s chronicle covers the wars of the Livonian branch of the Teutonic Order against Russians, Lithuanians, and the townspeople of Riga, as well as the Estonian uprising of 1343. Although the author’s sympathies are with the Teutonic Knights, he portrays the subject Estonians’ hatred of their conquerors very realistically, and his chronicle is considered an important historical source based on now lost documents and oral traditions. It was utilized by Wigand von Marburg and Hermann von Wartberge as a source for their chronicles.

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