Post-classical history

Historia Nicaena vel Antiochena

A Latin prose chronicle composed around 1146, commissioned by King Baldwin III of Jerusalem. Its anonymous author, who wrote in Outremer, used the account of the First Crusade (1096-1099) given by Robert of Rheims, then drew on Fulcher of Chartres for the early history of the kingdom of Jerusalem up to 1123.

The work opens with a verse prologue describing all the rulers of Jerusalem up to Baldwin III. The narrative commences just prior to the Council of Clermont (chapters 1-3), traces the course of the First Crusade (chapters 4-60), and briefly covers events in Outremer up to the capture of Baldwin II by the Turks in 1123 (chapters 61-80). The author relies heavily on his sources, repeating them almost verbatim, but instead of embellishing, omits all rhetorical flourishes. The prologue reveals the author’s attitudes: he greatly admired the prowess of Godfrey of Bouillon and Baldwin I, but had little to say about their successors.

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