Post-classical history

Henry of Grosmont (d. 1361)

Duke of Lancaster and earl of Derby, born around 1300. Henry of Grosmont was one of the leading nobles of England, who took part in two crusading expeditions: to Spain in 1343, and to Prussia in 1352. He also played an important role in the wars with France.

Henry fought alongside King Alfonso XI of Castile in the siege of Algeciras, which was controlled by the Muslim Marīnids, as well as taking part in a Castilian naval engagement with the Marīnid fleet off Ceuta. At the same time, Henry pursued negotiations for a marriage between Alfonso’s son and heir, Peter “the Cruel,” and a daughter of Edward III of England. Henry probably saw no fighting during his expedition to Prussia in 1352, as a truce was in force between the Teutonic Knights and the Lithuanians. A claim that Otto V, duke of Brunswick, had plotted to kidnap him on his return journey through Germany led to a duel between the two men in Paris that December, which was settled by the mediation of King John II of France.

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