Post-classical history

Geoffroy de Charny (d. 1356)

A crusader and author of a treatise on chivalry.

Geoffroy de Charny was a nobleman from Burgundy, with links to Champagne. He may have accompanied his father Jean and his brother Dreux to the Morea with Louis of Burgundy in 1315. He became well known as a soldier at the beginning of the Hundred Years’ War. During a period of truce between France and England, he took part in the crusade of Humbert of Viennois, which left Marseilles in September 1345, but was back in France as early as July 1346. Perhaps he already owned (and certainly his homonymous son did) the Holy Shroud, which was kept in the collegiate church of Lirey he founded in 1349. He was killed while fighting against the English at the battle of Poitiers on 19 September 1356.

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