Post-classical history

Geoffrey Le Tor (d. c. 1265)

A member of a knightly family of Outremer first mentioned in sources dating from the 1120s, Geoffrey made his earliest appearance in sources in 1222. He later emerged as a supporter of the Ibelins in their struggle against the Emperor Frederick II, and on two occasions, in 1229 and 1236, they entrusted him with diplomatic missions to the West.

Though born in the kingdom of Jerusalem, Geoffrey came to acquire a substantial fief in Cyprus, where by 1247 he held the office of chamberlain. His chief claim to fame is as the author of two short treatises on the law and custom of the High Court. He would have been well known to Philip of Novara and John of Ibelin, the authors of the two major works on this topic, and his own writings indicate that he was familiar with Philip’s treatise. Internal evidence suggests that he was writing in the 1260s.

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