Post-classical history

Garin of Montaigu (d. 1227/1228)

Master of the Hospitallers (1207-1227/1228).

A member of a family that originated in Auvergne, Garin occupied a high rank in the Hospitallers’ central convent during the turbulent mastership of Alfonso of Portugal, who resigned in 1206. He served as preceptor (1204-1206) and marshal (1206-1207), and he was elected master after the death of Master Geoffrey Le Rat (1207). Garin attended the coronation of John of Brienne as king of Jerusalem (1210), played an active role during the crusade of Andrew II of Hungary (1217), and participated in the Fifth Crusade (1217-1221).

As a member of a prominent delegation from Outremer, he traveled to the West (1222) and witnessed the deliberations between Emperor Frederick II and Pope Honorius III concerning a new crusade (1223). Garin subsequently visited England, France, and Sicily, returning to Outremer in 1225; he was the only master of the Hospitallers between 1191 and 1291 who traveled from Outremer to the West. Garin died in 1227/1228 during the rebuilding of the fortifications of Sidon and was succeeded by Bertrand of Thessy.

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