Post-classical history

Excidium Acconis

A contemporary Latin account of the fall of the city of Acre (mod. ‘Akko, Israel) to the Mamlûks in April-May 1291.

The anonymous author, who was not present at the siege, used eyewitness reports to write his description around the end of 1291. In matter-of-fact style, he conveys the dramatic impact of the loss of the Franks’ last territorial possession in Outremer and conveys much useful information. The Excid- ium may be used with Thaddeus of Naples and the Templar of Tyre to reconstruct the events of the siege. The Excidium was translated into Old French relatively early in two independent versions, neither of which is available in a modern edition or translation. Four manuscripts of the Latin Excidium are extant, dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the best of which is MS Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, lat.14379.

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