Post-classical history

Ekkehard of Aura

Benedictine monk; author of a chronicle that describes the First Crusade (1096-1099) and the Crusade of 1101, as well as other contemporary events.

Born around 1050, Ekkehard became a monk at the monastery of St. Michael in Bamberg. He participated in the Crusade of 1101, probably returning to Rome by April 1102, and subsequently became abbot of the monastery of Aura (Bavaria). Ekkehard’s Chronicon Universale was written between 1103 and 1125 in three stages. The earliest version (1103-1106) was based upon the universal chronicle of Fru- tolf, a priest of St. Michael at Bamberg. Ekkehard subsequently revised Frutolf’s chronicle and then made two substantial additions, the first being a continuation for the years 1106-1116 and the second taking the chronicle up to the death of Emperor Henry V in 1125. Ekkehard died sometime after 1125.

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