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The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn

The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn

"An engrossing, thoughtfully researched, and tautly written account of a critical chapter in American history." -Los Angeles Times

With a fantastic body of work that includes In the Heart of the Sea and Pulitzer Prize finalist Mayflower, Nathaniel Philbrick has emerged as a historian with a unique ability to bring history to life. The Last Stand is Philbrick's monumental reappraisal of the epochal clash at the Little Bighorn in 1876 that gave birth to the legend of Custer's Last Stand. Bringing a wealth of new information to his subject, as well as his characteristic literary flair, Philbrick details the collision between two American icons- George Armstrong Custer and Sitting Bull-that both parties wished to avoid, and brilliantly explains how the battle that ensued has been shaped and reshaped by national myth.

PREFACE: Custer’s Smile

Chapter 1. At the Flood

Chapter 2. The Dream

Chapter 3. Hard Ass

Chapter 4. The Dance

Chapter 5. The Scout

Chapter 6. The Blue Pencil Line

Chapter 7. The Approach

Chapter 8. The Crow’s Nest

Chapter 9. Into the Valley

Chapter 10. Reno’s Charge

Chapter 11. To the Hill

Chapter 12. Still Point

Chapter 13. The Forsaken

Chapter 14. Grazing His Horses

Chapter 15. The Last Stand

Chapter 16. The River of Nightmares

EPILOGUE: Libbie’s House

APPENDIX A - The Seventh Cavalry on the Afternoon of June 25, 1876

APPENDIX B - Sitting Bull’s Village on June 25, 1876




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