Modern history

List of Victims

Total Number Lost, 2,209

This list, dated July 31, 1890, is the one printed in the Johnstown Tribune fourteen months after the Flood.


[Buried in private lots in Grand View.]

Alexander, Arailia K., Broad street.

Andrews, John, Sr., 57, John street.

Arther, Mrs. Alice, 29, Water street.

Bantley, William G., 36, Third Ward.

Bantley, Mrs. Ella, 30, Third Ward.

Bantley, George L., 6 months, Third Ward.

Barbour, Mrs. Mary, 25, Woodvale.

Barbour, Florence, 4, Woodvale.

Barley, Mrs. Barbara, 56, Woodvale.

Barley, Nancy, 29, Woodvale.

Barley, Viola, 9, Woodvale.

Beam, Dr. Lemon T., 55, Market street.

Beam, Charles C., 4, Market street.

Beam, Dr. W. C., 35, Locust street.

Beam, Mrs. Clara, 32, Locust street.

Beckley, E. E., 23, Main street.

Bending, Mrs. Elizabeth, 48, Locust street.

Bending, Jessie, 24, Locust street.

Bending, Katie, 15, Locust street.

Beneigh, John C., 65, Cambria.

Benford, Mrs. E. E., 63, Hulbert House.

Benford, Maria, 34, Hulbert House.

Benford, May, 26, Hulbert House.

Benford, Louis, 30, Hulbert House.

Benshoff, J. Q. A., 62, Somerset street.

Benshoff, Arthur, 27, Somerset street.

Bowman, Nellie, 9, Haynes street.

Bowman, Charles H., 7, Haynes street.

Bowman, Frank P., 33, Woodvale.

Bowman, Emma, 28, Woodvale.

Brinkey, Dr. J. C., 28, Franklin street.

Brinkey, Elmer, 26, Hulbert House.

Buchanan, John S., 69, Locust street.

Buchanan, Mrs. Kate J., 63, Locust street.

Buchanan, Robert L., 20, Locust street.

Connelly, Maud, 6, Franklin.

Constable, Philip E., 60, Broad street.

Cope, Mrs. Margaret, 65, Conemaugh.

Cope, Ella B., 28, Conemaugh.

Cooney, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Davis, Mary Ann, 40, Woodvale.

Davis, Thomas S., 59, Locust street.

Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Davis, Mrs. Susan, 27, Millville.

Davis, Clara, 8, Millville.

Davis, Willie, 3, Millville.

Davis, Eliza M.

Davis, Margaret, E.

Davis, Mrs. Cora B., 25, Water street.

Davis William L.

Davis, Willard G.

Davis, Mary G.

Delaney, Mrs. Jessie, 29, Vine street.

Delaney, Mrs. Ella A.

Dibert, John, 56, Main street.

Dibert, Blanche, 9, Main street.

Dixon, David, 40, Millville.

Diller, Rev. Alonzo P., Locust street.

Diller, Mrs. Marion, Locust street.

Diller, Isaac, Locust street.

Dinant, Lola, Locust street.

Dorris, August.

Drew, Mrs. Mark, 62, Millville.

Drew, Mollie, 8, Conemaugh street.

Duncan, Mrs. Sarah A., 23, Woodvale.

Dyer, Mrs. Nathan, 64, Somerset street.

Eck, Mary Ellen.

Edwards, Mrs. Annie R.

Eldridge, Samuel B., Apple Alley.

Eldridge, Abram S., 34, Merchants’ Hotel.

Etchison, John, 44, Napoleon street.

Evans, Mrs. William F., 63, Union street.

Evans, Maggie, 11, Lewis Alley.

Evans, Kate, 5, Lewis Alley.

Evans, Mrs. Josiah, 36, Vine street.

Evans, Maggie, 16, Vine street.

Evans, Lake, 6, Vine street.

Evans, Ira, 6 months, Vine street.

Evans, Mrs. Maggie, 37, Vine street.

Evans, Mrs. Ann.

Evans, Sadie, 8, Vine street.

Evans, Herbert, 3, Vine street.

Evans, Pearl, 1, Vine street.

Evans, Lizzie.

Fails, Francis.

Fenn, John, 35, Locust street.

Fenn, Genevieve, 9, Locust street.

Fenn Bismarck S., 3, Locust street.

Findlay, Lulu, 16. Woodvale.

Fisher, John H., 55, Main street.

Fisher Mary J., 46, Main street.

Fisher, Emma K., 23, Main street.

Fisher, Ida, 19, Main street.

Fisher, Madge, 10, Main street.

Fisher Minnie, 21, Main street.

Fisher, George 12, Main street.

Fisher, Frank, 9 months.

Fleck, Leroy Webster.

Fox, Martin 51, Conemaugh.

Frank, John, Sr., 58, Washington street.

Frank, Mrs. Eliza, 44, Washington street.

Frank, Katie, 19, Washington street.

Frank, Emma, 17, Washington street.

Frank, Laura, 12, Washington street.

Fredericks, Mrs. A. G., 45, Millville.

Fredericks, Mrs. Sarah A.

Frederick, Edmon.

Fritz, Maggie, 26, Conemaugh.

Fritz, Kate, 22, Conemaugh.

Fronheiser, Mrs. Kate, 33, Main street.

Fronheiser, Bessie, 8, Main street.

Fronheiser, Catherine, 3 months, Main street.

Gageby, Mrs. Rebecca, 74, Jackson street.

Gageby, Sadie, 27, Jackson street.

Gallagher, Prof. C. F., 34, Main street.

Gallagher, Lizzie, 29, Main street.

Gard, Andrew, Jr., 25, Main street.

Geddes, George, 47, Woodvale.

Geddes, Marion, 17, Woodvale.

Geddes, Paul, 15, Woodvale.

Gilmore, Mrs. Margaret, 40, Union street.

Gilmore, Anthony, 8, Union street.

Gilmore, Llewelyn, 6, Union street.

Gilmore, Willy, 4, Union street.

Gilmore, Clara, 2, Union street.

Golde, Mrs. Henry, 32, Walnut street.

Griffin, Mary, 47, Walnut street

Hager, Mary E., 33, Washington street.

Hager, Mrs. Emma.

Hamilton, Jacob, 70, Bedford street.

Hamilton, Jessie, 30, Bedford street.

Hamilton, Laura, 24, Bedford street.

Hamilton, Alex, Jr., 35, Locust street.

Hamilton, Mrs. Alex, 30, Locust street.

Hamilton, Marion, Locust street.

Hamilton, Louther J.

Hammer, George K., 19, Moxham.

Harris, Mrs. William T.

Harris, John, 3, Market street.

Harris, Margaret, 47, Market street.

Harris, Wm. L., 23, Market street.

Harris, Winnie, 21, Market street.

Harris, Maggie A., 19, Market street.

Harris, Sarah, 16, Market street.

Harris, Frank, 12, Market street.

Haynes, Walter B., 22, Horner street.

Haynes, Laura C., 20, Horner street.

Hennekamp, Rebecca, 24, Franklin street.

Hennekamp, Oscar E., 2, Franklin street.

Hennekamp, S. E., 27, Lincoln street.

Heidenthal, Harry R.

Heiser, George, 50, Washington street.

Heiser, Mrs. George, 48, Washington street.

Helsel, George, 16, Johns street.

Hite, Mrs. Ella, 37, Somerset street.

Hochstein, Henry, 30, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Benjamin F., 56, Market street.

Hoffman, Mrs. Mary, 43, Market street.

Hoffman, Bertha, 19, Market street.

Hoffman, Minnie, 16, Market street.

Hoffman, Marion, 14, Market street.

Hoffman Florence, 10, Market street.

Hoffman, Joseph, 8, Market street.

Hoffman, Helen, 4, Market street.

Hoffman, Freda, 1, Market street.

Hoffman, Mrs. Mary, 41, Washington street.

Hohnes, Mrs. Ann, 24, Conemaugh.

Hohnes, Mrs. Elizabeth, 80, Lincoln street.

Hohnes, Julia, 18, Conemaugh.

Hollen, Charles.

Howe, Thomas J., Bedford street.

Howells, William, 59, Union street.

Howells, Maggie, 23, Union street.

Howells, Mrs. Ann.

Hughes, Maggie, 22, Sugar Alley.

Hughes, Evan, 57, Sugar Alley.

Humm, Geo. C, Merchants’ Hotel

Humphreys, William, 18, Levergood street.

Jacobs, Lewis, 41, Cambria City.

James, Mrs. Ellen M., 42, Main street.

James, Mollie, 13, Market street.

Jones, Mary J.

Jones, Reuben, 1, Main street.

Jones, James, 32, Conemaugh.

Jones, Ann, 9 Conemaugh.

Jones, Mrs. W. W.

Jones, Edgar R.

Jones, Mrs. Mary A., 52, Pearl street.

Jones, Eliza, 15, Pearl street.

Karns, Joseph, 50, Locust street.

Keedy, Harry C., 30, Millville.

Keedy, Mrs. Mary, 32, Millville.

Kegg, William E., 17, Locust street.

Keiper, Essie J., 24, Franklin.

Keiper, Ralph, 5 months, Franklin.

Kennedy, H.D., 32, Stonycreek street.

Keyser, Mrs. John.

Keyser, Ralph.

Keighly, Mary L., 52, Main street.

Kidd, Joshua, 65, Walnut street.

Kidd, Mrs. Sarah, 60, Walnut street.

Kirkbride, Mahlo’n, 33, Hager Block.

Kirkbride, Mrs. Ida, 30, Hager Block.

Kirkbride, Luida, 8, Hager Block.

Kirlin, Thomas, 40, Conemaugh street.

Kirlin, Eddie, 12, Conemaugh street.

Kirlin Frank, 5, Conemaugh street.

Knorr, Mrs. Mary, 45, Jackson street.

Knorr, Emma, 16, Jackson street.

Knorr, Bertha, 14, Jackson street.

Knox, Mrs. Thomas, 45, Somerset street.

Koenstyl, Samuel.

Kratzer, Mrs. Mary, Market street.

Kuntz, Wade, 21, Morris street

Lambreski, Mrs. Barbara, 35, Cambria.

Lambreski, Mary, 6, Cambria.

Lambreski, John, 4, Cambria.

Layton, Mrs. Elvira.

Layton, William, 58, Broad street.

Layton, Mrs. William, 53, Broad street.

Layton, May, 22, Broad street.

Layton, David, Broad street.

Layton, Ella, Broad street.

Lee, Dr. J. K., 48, Main street.

Leitenberger, Mrs. Leah, 68, Vine street.

Leitenberger, Nancy, 48, Vine street.

Leitenberger, Ella, 35, Vine street.

Leitenberger, Eliza, 46, Vine street.

Lenhart, Samuel, 58, Clinton street.

Lenhart, Mrs. Mary, 56, Clinton street.

Lenhart, Annie E., 20, Clinton Street.

Lenhart, Emma J., 17, Clinton street.

Lenhart, Katie M., 13, Clinton street.

Lewis, Mrs. Ann.

Lewis, Ananias, 41, Millville.

Levergood, Mrs. Jane, 75, Bedford street.

Levergood, Lucy, 45, Bedford street.

Lewis, Orrie P., 6, Millville.

Lewis James.

Linton, Minnie, 20, Lincoln street.

Litz, Mrs. John, 74, Morris street.

Llewellyn, Mrs. Margaret, 37, Walnut street.

Llewellyn, Annie, 5, Wainut street

Llewellyn, Sadie, 8, Walnut street

Llewellyn, Herbert, 3, Walnut street.

Liewellyn, Pearl, 1, Walnut street.

Luckhart, Louis, 69, Main street.

Luckhart, Mrs. Adolph, 26, Main street.

Ludwig, Charles.

Ludwig, Henry G., 34, Bedford street.

Ludwig, Mrs. Kate, 35, Bedford street.

Mangus, Martha.

Marbourg, Dr. H. W., 56, Market street.

McDowell, Geo., 29, Pearl street.

McDowell, Mrs. Agnes, 33, Pearl street.

McDowell, Lilly, 3, Pearl street.

McDowell, Georgia.

McClelland, Mrs. Jennie, 34, Sherman street.

McConaghy, Mrs. Kate, 68.

McConaughy, James P., 72, Walnut street.

McConaughy, Mrs. Caroline M., 65, Walnut street.

McConaughy, Wallace, 25, Walnut street.

McConaghy, Robert W.

McKee, John, 21, Bedford street.

McKinstry, Mrs. Mary C., 45, Hager Block.

McKinstry, Annie R., 14, Hager Block.

McVay, Lizzie, 20, Locust street

Merle, Elmer E.

Moore, Mrs. Charlotte L.

Meyers, Mrs. Elizabeth, 55, Washington street.

Meyers, Mary, 24, Washington street.

Meyers, Mrs Catherine, 31 Millville.

Meyers, John, 3, Millville.

Miller, Jessie B., 16, Somerset street.

Morgan, Mrs. Charlotte, 49, Millville.

Morgan, Martha, 13, Millville.

Morgan, Minnie, 4, Milliville.

Murr, Charles, 41, Washington street.

Murr, Maggie, 14, Washington street.

Musser, Charles, 23, Main street.

Nixon, Mrs. Elizabeth, 39, Woodvale.

Nixon, Emma R., 16, Woodvale.

Nixon, Eddie, 8, Woodvale.

Noro, Kate.

Owens, Gladies, 5 months, Conemaugh street.

Owens, Thomas, 10, Conemaugh street.

Owens, William, 65, Market street.

Owens, Annie.

Owens, Mrs. Mary Ann, 31, Conemaugh street.

Owens, Mary, 8, Conemaugh street.

Oyler, Mrs. Mary R., 27, Woodvale.

Oyler, John R., 6, Woodvale.

Parke, Mrs. Agnes J., 56, Bedford street.

Parke, William E., Bedford street.

Parsons, Mrs. Eva M., 23, Locust street.

Penrod, William H., 59, Conemaugh.

Peyton, John W., 65, Clinton street.

Peyton, George A., 19, Clinton street.

Peyton, Marcellus K., 16, Clinton street.

Peyton, Julia F., 13, Clinton street.

Phillips, Mrs. Jane M., 68, Market street.

Pike, William W., 50, Haynes street.

Pike, William W., 15, Haynes street.

Pike, S. Bowen, 10, Haynes street.

Poland, Walter, 5, Market street.

Poland, Frederik, 3, Market street.

Potter, Joseph R., 63, Woodvale.

Potter, Mrs. Sarah, 59, Woodvale.

Potter, Nora G., 17, Woodvale.

Potts, Miss Jane E., 47, Walnut street.

Powell, Richard, 4 weeks, Vine street.

Powell, George, 11/2, Vine street.

Pritchard, Henry, 62, Market street.

Prosser, Fannie, 22, Market street.

Prosser, Bessie, 19, Market street.

Prosser, Maria.

Purse, Mary L., Market street.

Raab, George, 44, Clinton street.

Rabb, Mrs. George, 88, Clinton street.

Rabb, Norma, 16, Clinton street.

Raab, Lizzie, 24, Washington street.

Raab, Emilia, 20, Washington street.

Raab, John C.

Raab, Ella.

Rainey, Mrs. Lizzie L., 25, Bedford street.

Rainey, Parke, 11/2, Bedford street.

Randolph, George F., 26, Beaver Falls.

Reibert, Julius, Washington street.

Reese, Sarah, 10, Conemaugh street.

Reese, John, 2, Conemaugh street.

Reese, Mrs. J. W.

Reese, Samuel.

Reese, Idris, 3, Vine street.

Reese, Gertie.

Reese, Mrs. Mary D., 74, Market street.

Repp, Mrs. Catherine, 26, Sherman street.

Rhodes, Link, 26, Somerset street.

Rhodes, Ellen, 20, Somerset street.

Rhodes, Clarence, 10 months, Somerset street.

Ripple, Jackson, 34, Apple alley.

Roberts, Howard J., 59, Walnut street.

Roberts, Mrs. Howard J., 50, Walnut street.

Roberts, Otis, 23, Walnut street.

Roberts, Mrs. Lucinda H., 81, Main street.

Robinson, Thomas, 60, Woodvale.

Rodgers, Mrs. D. L.

Rodgers, Mrs. Rose, 48, Millville.

Roland, Louis, 31, Conemaugh.

Roland, Lizzie, 29, Conemaugh.

Rosensteel, James M., 50, Woodvale.

Rose, Harry G., 29, Locust street.

Roth, Mrs. Kate 27, Bedford street.

Roth, John, 38, Potts street.

Schoff, Mrs. E. T., 32, Clinton street.

Schotz, Mrs. Elizabeth, 63, Union street.

Schotz, Annie, 23, Union street.

Schotz, Jennie, 21, Union street.

Schubert, C. T., 39, Stonycreek street.

Seibert, Henry, 58, Woodvale.

Shaffer, Jacob, 47, Cambria.

Shulteis, Henry, 26, Potts street.

Shumaker, John S., 11, Locust street.

Shumaker, Edith M., 7, Locust street.

Shumaker, Irene G., 5, Locust street.

Shumaker, Walter S., 2, Locust street.

Slick, George R., 60, Stonycreek street.

Smith, Mr., 54, Cambria.

Smith, Mrs. Sarah, 72, Walnut street.

Stremel, Julius R., 21, Washington street.

Streum, John, 63, Locust street.

Stufft. J. Wesley, 37, Woodvale.

Stufft, Mrs. J. W, 39, Woodvale.

Suder, Homer, 7. Millville.

St. John, Dr. C. P., 32, Hulbert House.

Stophel, Mrs. Maggie, 21, Baumer street.

Stophel, Frank Earl, 4, Baumer street.

Stophel Bertha, Hulbert House.

Swank, Mrs Ella, 29, Main street.

Swank, Jennie, 15, Bedford street.

Swank, Jacob, 61, Bedford street.

Swank, Mrs. Catherine, 57, Bedford street.

Swank, Maud, 11, Napoleon street.

Swank, Fred B., 10, Bedford street.

Swank, Susan, 8, Napoleon street.

Swank, Mrs. Neff, 31, Napoleon street.

Swank, Samuel, 5, Napoleon street.

Swank, Edna, 3, Napoleon street.

Statler, Mrs. Amelia, 51, Park Place.

Statler, May, 23, Park Place.

Statler, Frank E., 17, Park Place.

Teeter, Mrs. Mary, 83, Locust street.

Tittle, Cyrus P., 53, Broad street.

Tradenick, Edward, 18, Union street.

Turner, May, 15, Main street.

Tyler, Jno. T., 29, Stonycreek Township.

Thoburn, Thomas, 17, Millville.

Thoburn, Jennie, 7, Millville.

Thomas, Mrs. Mary A., 39, King street.

Thomas, Ida, 7, King street.

Unverzagt, George, Sr., 67, Main street.

Unverzagt, George, Jr., Main street.

Updegraff Samuel 15, Woodvale.

Viring, Mrs. Louisa, 38, Conemaugh.

Viering, Lizzie, 20, Conemaugh.

Viering, Henry, 14, Conemaugh.

Viering, Herman, 1, Conemaugh.

Vinton, Margaret, 8, Jeannette, Pa.

Von Alt, Mrs. Catherine, 80, Washington street.

Wagoner, Dr. George, 63, Market street.

Wagoner, Lizzie, 20, Market street.

Wagoner, Mrs. Mary L.

Wagoner, Frances E., 18, Market street.

Wagoner, Cora M., Market street.

Wenner, Carl, 32, Locust street.

Wenner, Mrs., Locust street.

Wenner, Mary, 1, Locust street.

Weaver, Mrs. Sue D., 27, Market street.

Weaver, Martha B., 15 months, Market street.

Weakland, John W., 30, Napoleon street.

Werry, Thomas Albert, 17, Chestnut street.

White, Mrs. Mima.

White, Mrs. Ella, 34, Union street.

White, Mrs. Margaret E.

White, Mary P., 20, Market street.

White, Maggie, 31, Union street.

Wild, Jacob, 72, Main street.

Wild, Mrs. Jacob, 58, Main street.

Wild, Bertha, 16, Main street.

Williams, Maggie, 26, Lewis alley.

Williams, Joseph M., 22, Conemaugh street.

Williams, William J., Union street.

Wiliiams, Carrie E., 20, Woodvale.

Worthington, Mrs. Richard, 28, Conemaugh St.

Worthington, Richard, Jr., 1, Conemaugh St.

Worthington, Mamie, 7, Conemaugh street.

Worthington, Annie, 4, Conemaugh street.

Young, Katie.

Yong, Emil, 48, Levergood street.

Young, Frank, 16, Levergood street.

Young, August, 29, Main street.

Young, Andrew C., 36, Broad street.

Zimmerman, Emma, 16, Bedford street.

Zimmerman, Theo. F., 34, Locust street.


Abler, August, 28, Conemaugh.

Abler, Mrs. Louisa, 31, Conemaugh.

Abler, George, 11, Conemaugh.

Baldwin, George, 69, Apple alley.

Bishop, Charles, 45, Woodvale.

Brindle, Mollie, 25, Conemaugh.

Clark, John.




Eberle, Joseph, 63, Conemaugh.

Forbes, Mrs Rachael, 38, Pearl street.

Forbes, Harry E., 10, Pearl street.

Fredericks, Mrs. Annie E., 78, Vine street.

Gray, S. Taylor, 37, Woodvale.

Gallagher, C. F.

Gallaher, Mrs. C. F.


Greenwalt, Mrs.

Greenwalt, child.

Given, Jane, Millville.

Given, Benj. F., Millville.

Greenwood, Jennie, 17, Cambria.

Greenwood, Geo., 55, Cambria.

Hammer, Daniel, Railroad street.

Hesselbein, Chas., 27, Conemaugh.

Hesselbein, Lewis, 23, Conemaugh.

Hite, Samuel, 26, Woodvale.

Hoffman. Gottfried, 40, Washington street.

Hoffman, Harry, 6, Washington street.

Hoffman, Daniel.

Hoffman, Godfrey, 41, Washington street.

Hoffman, Lizzie, 16, Washington street.

Hoffman, Mrs. Conrad, 38, Market street.

Hoffman, Charles B., 16, Market street.

Hoffman, Willie, 15, Market street.

Hoffman, Annie, 11, Market street.

Hughes, Emma, 26, Potts street.

Jones, Thomas, 50, Woodvale.

Jones, Mary W., 21, Woodvale.

Jones, Richard, 46, Woodvale.

Jones, child of Richard, Woodvale.

Jones, Clara. 6, Woodvale.

Kimpel, Christ., 47, Clinton street.

Knee, Geo. D., 54, Conemaugh.

Meyers, Mrs. Mary, 69, Cambria.

Morgan, Job, 50, Walnut street.

McClarren, Samuel, 49, Cambria.

McClarren, Mrs. Jane, 42, Cambria.

McClarren, Smith, 22, Cambria.

McClarren, Jno. J., 19, Cambria.

McClarren, James, 4, Cambria.

Peppler, Wm., 20, Conemaugh.

Raab, Geo. C, 28, Washington street.





Recke, Alex., 35, Washington street.

Scheetz, Jacob, 61, Clinton street.

Schnable, Conrad, 38, Baumer street.

Schnable, John, 20 Main street

Stahr, Fred.

Strayer, Mrs. Elizabeth, 47, Market street.

Strayer, Cora, 17, Market steet.

Strayer, Bertha, Market street.

Teeter, Mrs.

Thomas, Mrs. Edward, Woodvale.

Thomas, Edward, 49, Woodvale.

Thomas, Lydia, 12, Woodvale.

Thomas, Frank, 8, Woodvale.

Tross, Mrs. Margaret, 39, Woodvale.

Unverzagt, Lizzie, Washington street.

Unverzagt, Minnie, 27, Washington street.

Will, Casper, 45, Bedford street.

Wier, Frank A., 18, Cambria.

Willower, Miss Bella, Somerset street.

Wehn, Mrs. Rachel, 57, Main street.


Blair, Mrs., 50, Woodvale.

Bopp, Jacob, 32, Broad street.

Bracken, Katie, 21, Woodvale.

Bracken, Minnie, 19, Woodvale.

Bridges, Chas., 2, Cambria.

Bridges, Emma, 18, Cambria.

Brown, Peter, Woodvale.

Brown, Thomas, 24, Woodvale.

Brown, Emma, 20, Woodvale.

Brown, Gertrude, 17, Woodvale.

Byrne, John, 32, Hulbert House.

Byrne, Ella, 24, Hulbert House.

Carroll, Mrs. Bridget, 70, Conemaugh.

Carroll, Thomas, 30, Conemaugh.

Carroll, Rose, 20, Conemaugh.

Clark, Mrs. J. B., 39, Conemaugh.

Cronin, Daniel, 50, Vine street.

Cullen, James, 55, Cambria.

Cullen, Mrs. Ann, 50, Cambria.

Cullen, Mrs. Alice, 48, Cambria.

Cullen, Annie, 20, Cambria.

Cullen, Annie, 20, Locust st.

Pro'bly dupl'ted

Cullen, Mrs. Alice, 48, Cambria.

Cush, Mrs. Ann, 55, Cambria.

Cush, Daniel. 33, Cambria.

Cush, Joseph, 19, Cambria.

Cush. Mrs. Tillie, 20, Cambria.

Daily, Mrs. Ann, 60, Locust street.

Daily Frank, 30 Locust street.

Degnan, Mrs. Mary, 60, Cambria.

Downs, Mrs. Catherine, 55, Millville.

Downs, Mary, 32, Millville.

Downs, Katie, 28, Millville.

Dowling, Mrs. Catherine, 42, Market street.

Dowling, Mary E., 21, Market street.

Dunn, Mary Ann, 25, Prospect.

Early, Mary, 22, Woodvale.

Fitzpatrick, Mrs’ Peter, 28, Cambria.

Fitzpatrick, Ella, 6, Cambria.

Fitzpatrick, Mary, 3, Cambria.

Fitzharris, Christ, 42, Franklin street.

Fitzharris, Mrs. Margaret, 40, Franklin street.

Fitzharris, Christ, Jr., 14, Franklin street.

Fitzharris, John, Jr., 12, Franklin street.

Fitzharris, Maggie M., 9, Franklin street.

Fitzharris, Gertie, 5, Franklin street.

Fitzharris, Katie, 7, Franklin street.

Gaffney, Catherine, 2, Cambria.

Gaffney, John, 4, Cambria.

Gallagher, Mrs. Margaret, 32, Washington street.

Gallagher, Thomas, 4, Washington street.

Garvey, Bernard, Sr., 62, Cambria.

Grady, Mrs. Abbie, 60, Cambria.

Halleron, May, 5, Washington street.

Hayes, Mrs. Jane, 32, Cambria.

Hayes, Michael, 12, Cambria.

Hayes, Mary, 8, Cambria.

Hayes, Rose, 7, Cambria.

Hayes, John, 6 Cambria.

Hart. Eliza.

Harrigan, Ella, 22, Hulbert House.

Howard, James B., 45, Conemaugh.

Howe, Mrs. Edward, 50, Railroad street.

Howe, Mrs. Bridget, 48, Cambria.

Howe, Maggie, 24, Cambria.

Howe, Lizzie, 22, Cambria.

Howe, Rose, 19, Cambria.

Howe, Gertrude, 13, Railroad street.

Kane, John, 20, Cambria.

Kane, Mary, 18, Cambria.

Kinney, Mrs. Mary, 50, Washington street.

Kinney, Mary Ellen, 12, Washington street.

Kirby, Wm., 32, Washington street.

Kirby, Mrs. Lena, 25, Washington street.

Lambert, Johanna.

Lavelle, Michael, 22, Broad street.

Lavelle, Wm. M.

Madden, Kate, 17, Cambria.

Matthews, Thos., 22, Clinton street.

McAneny, Neal, 50, Cambria.

McAneny, Mrs. Neal, 45, Cambria.

McAneny, Rose, 23, Cambria.

McAneny, Kate, 18, Cambria.

McAneny, Mary, 13, Cambria.

McAneny, Wm., 9, Cambria.

McAneny, Annie, 5, Cambria.

McAneny, Agnes, 2, Cambria.

McGee, John, 55, Market street.

McGinley, James, 34, Conemaugh.

McVay, Lizzie, 20, Locust street.

Mullin, Peter, 50, Conemaugh.

Murphy, Michael J., 34, Brunswick Hotel.

Murphy, Mrs. Mary, 26, Millville.

Murphy, John, 17, Millville.

Murphy, Rose, 14, Millville

Murphy, Wm., 11, Millville.

Murphy, J. J., 55, Park Place.

Murphy, Lily, 9, Park Place.

Nightly, John 30, Millville.

O’Connel, Capt. Patrick, 70, Washington street.

O’Connel, Margaret, 63, Washington street.

O’Connel, Nora, 60, Washington street.

O’Donnel, Frank, Washington street.

O’Neil, Edward, 3 months, Cambria.

O’Neil Mrs. Bridget, 28, Cambria.

O’Neil, John.

Quinn, Ellen, Franklin street.

Quinn, John, Franklin street.

Riley, Frances, 15, Cambria.

Riley, Gertrude, 13, Cambria.

Riley, Mary, 18, Cambria.

Rogers, Mary, 17, Millville.

Rogers, Tatt.

Rogers, Mrs. Susan.

Rogers, Jane, child.

Ryan, John, 55, Washington street.

Ryan, Mrs. John, 50, Washington street.

Ryan, Maggie, 14, Washington street.

Ryan, Mrs. Mary, 73, Washington street

Sagerson, Catherine, 4, Railroad street.

Sagerson. Agnes, 2, Railroad street.

Sagerson Thomas, 6 months, Railroad street.

Sharkey, Mary, 4, Washington street.

Sinniger, Mrs. Mary, Cambria.

Slick, Mrs. Nancy, 55, Fourth Ward.

Takacs, Mrs. Teresa, 31, Cambria.

Takacs, Mrs. John, 21, Cambria.

Tokar, Mrs. Dora, 23, Cambria.

Tokar, Mary, 4, Cambria.

Tokar, Annie, 1, Cambria.

Taylor, Frances.


(Lower Yoder.)

Banyan, Mrs. Rose, 36, Cambria.

Betzler, Mrs. Agnes, 38, Cambria.

Boyle, Charles, Sr., 45, Cambria.

Boyle, Mary, 12, Cambria.

Boyle, Charles, 8, Cambria.

Boyle, Thomas, 7, Cambria.

Brotz, Pancrotz, 55, Cambria.

Brotz, Mrs. Lena, 50, Cambria.

Brady, John, 53, Franklin street.

Brady, Mrs. Julia, 50, Franklin street.

Coby, Elizabeth, Cambria.

Culliton, Mrs. Teresa, 28, Cambria.

Deitrich, Mrs. Amelia, 23, Cambria.

Fish, Lena, 17, Cambria.

Fisher, Ignatius, 59, Cambria.

Fisher, Margaret, 14, Cambria.

Fleckenstein Mrs. Ann, 25, Cambria.

Fleckenstein, Regina, 2, Cambria.

Gerber, Mrs. Margaret, 41, Cambria.

Gerber, John C., 45, Cambria.

Gerber, Rose, 8, Cambria.

Gerber, Vincent, 6, Cambria.

Hanki, Edward, Cambria.

Hecker, Mrs. Christ, 58, Cambria.

Heider, Mrs. Ella, 24, Cambria.

Heider, John Leo, 6 months, Cambria.

Hessler, Mrs. Fedora, 29, Cambria.

Hessler, Mary, 10, Morrellville.

Hessler, Joseph, 1½, Cambria.

Hirsch, Eddie, 8, Cambria.

Just, Magdalena, 29, Cambria.

Just, William, 9, Cambria.

Just, Eddie, 4, Cambria.

Kintz, Mrs. Mary, 26, Cambria.

Kintz, Katie, 19, Cambria.

Kintz, Mrs. Mary, 25, Cambria.

Knoblespeice, Maggie.

Koebler, Mrs. George, 60, Cambria.

Kropp, Katie, 21, Cambria.

Lambert, Johanna, 19, Washington street.

Lambreski, Kate, 12, Cambria.

Macheletzky, Stanislaus, 10, Cambria.

Martinades, Mrs. Mary, Cambria.

Miller, Mrs. Annie M., 46, Cambria.

Miller, George, 65, Cambria.

Miller, Eddie, 3, Cambria.

Miller, Annie, 1, Cambria.

Nich, Mrs. Margaret, 30, Cambria.

Nich, Frank, 6, Cambria.

Nich, John, 4, Cambria.

Osterman, Joseph, 38, Cambria.

Quinn, Mrs. Terry, 26, Railroad street.

Schnell, Mrs. Fidel, 68, Cambria.

Schnell, Mrs. Margaret, 60, Cambria.

Schnell, Mrs. F., Cambria.

Schmitt, Mary, 31, Cambria.

Schmitt, George, 4, Cambria.

Schmitt, Sophia, 11/2, Cambria.

Shmitt, Fredericka, Cambria.

Shmitt, Mrs. Hortena, Cambria.

Shmitt, Leo, Cambria.

Sininger, Mrs. Mary, Cambria.

Sarlouis, Mrs. Barbara, 48, Cambria.

Sarlouis, Mrs. Peter, Cambria.

Snell, Mary, 13, Cambria.

Stinely, Mrs. Mary, 35, Cambria.

Stinely, Kate, 12, Cambria.

Stinely, Joseph, 5, Cambria.

Weber, Mrs. Tresa, 43, Cambria.

Weber, John, 4, Cambria.

Weinzierl, Louis, 41, Cambria.


(Conemaugh Borough.)

Akers, Alvar, 54, Upper Yoder.

Coad, Mrs. Mary, 57, Washington street.

Coad, John, 59, Washington street.

Conrad, William, 26, Woodvale

Halleran, Mrs. Mary C., 30, Washington street.

Hannan, Eugene, 14, Woodvale.

Howe, Abner.

Lynch, John, 27, Conemaugh.

Lynch, Mary, 16, Conemaugh.

Mayhew, Jennie, 18, Woodvale.

Mayhew, Joseph, 16, Woodvale.

Mayhew, Annie, 12, Woodvale.

Mayhew, Earnest, 9, Woodvale.

Mayhew, Harry, 6, Woodvale.

Mayhew, James, 3, Woodvale.

McKarley, Mrs. Mary.

Nugent, Mrs. Mary Jane, 50, Hager Block.

Quinn, Vincent, 14, Main street.

Wehn. Mrs. Laura. 29. Conemaugh.

Wehn, Annie, 4, Main street.

Wehn, Mary, infant, Conemaugh.

Wehn, Joseph, 4, Conemaugh.

Wheat, Frank, 28, Clinton street.



Brindle, Mary.

Geis, Mrs. Abbey, 24, Salina, Kansas.

Geis, Richard P., 2, Salina, Kansas.

Hable, John, 29, Conemaugh.

Hoffgard, Conrad, 18, Clinton street.

Holtzman, Joseph, 35, Woodvale.

Home, William J., 21, Conemaugh.

Home, Emma J., 22, Stormer street.

Hornick, John P., 26, Conemaugh.

Hornick, Mrs. Amelia, 25, Conemaugh.

Horton, Joseph, Sr., 59, Woodvale.

Keifline, Mrs. Catherine, 56, Conemaugh.

Maloy, Manassas, 45, Clinton street.

Malzi, Jacob, 34, Washington street

Murtha, James, 65, Conemaugh.

Murtha, James, 28, Main street.

Murtha, Mrs. Barbara, 24, Main street.

Murtha, Frank, 6, Main street.

Murtha, Flora May, 4, Main street.

Murtha, Lily, 1, Main street.

Oswald, Charles, 44, Third Ward.

Oswald, Mary, 19, Third Ward.

Quinn, Vincent D., 16, Main street.

Ripple, Maggie B., 27, Merchants’ Hotel.

Robine, Christina, 25, Franklin street.

Sarlouis, Sophia.

Schnurr, Charles, 40, Conemaugh.

Schnurr, Robert, 27, Smith alley.

Schry, Joseph, Sr., 78, Woodvale.

Schry, Mrs. Joseph, 68, Woodvale.

Shellhammer, Lorentz.

Shellhammer, Patricius

Schaller, Joseph, 62, Woodvale.

Schaller, Mrs. Joseph, 62, Woodvale.

Schaller, Annie, 24, Woodvale.

Schaller, Rose, 21, Woodvale.

Werberger, Prof. F. P., 70, Locust street.

Voegtly, Germanus, 62, Conemaugh.


Rubritz, Peter, 65, Franklin Borough.

Rubritz, Mrs. Margaret, 56, Franklin Borough.

Rubritz, Maggie, 20, Franklin Borough.

Schiffhauer, John, 62, Washington street.

Stenger, John, 12, Main Street.

Stenger, Leo, 3, Main street.

Steigerwald, William, Conemaugh.

Steigerwald, Mrs. Mary, 38, Conemaugh.

Steigerwald, infant, 1 month, Conemaugh.


[Known to have been found, but bodies never recovered by friends, and buried in Public Plot in Grand View Cemetery.]

Arthur, Earl H., 8, Water street.

Baker, son of Andrew.

Bohnke, Charles.

Bopp, son of Jacob.

Bopp, Katie, 9, Broad street.

Bricker, Henry.

Burns, John.

Barbour, Harry L., 16, Locust street.

Barker, Mrs. Susan, 28, Woodvale.

Behnke, Charles.

Bloch, Louisa, 17, Conemaugh.

Boehler, Mrs. Annie, 39, Conemaugh.

Brawley, George D., 17, Cor. Union and Vine sts.

Brennan, Mrs. Martha, 36, Woodvale.

Brennan, Mary, 16, Woodvale.

Brennan, William, 12, Woodvale.

Brennan, Lewis, 10, Woodvale.

Brennan, Arthur, 7, Woodvale.

Brennan, Frank, 3, Woodvale.

Brown, Sadie, 22, Woodvale.

Bruhn, Claus, 58, Conemaugh.

Bryan, Wm. A., 45, Mansion House.

Campbell, Peter, 40, Conemaugh.

Casey, William, 48, Cambria.

Cornelison, Maggie.

Craig, Thomas A., 32, Market street.

Craig, Mrs. T. A., 30, Market street.

Craig, Christ, 45, Cambria.

Craig, Annie, 13, Walnut street

Cunz, Lydia, 6, Napoleon street.

Cunz, Robert, 4 months, Napoleon street.

Dillon, James, 35, Napoleon street.

Downey, Mrs. 55, Pearl street.

Dudzik, Andrew, 28, Cambria.

Eager, Annie

Eck, Mary Ann, 37, Woodvale.

Eck, Lily, 12, Conemaugh street.

Edwards, Mrs. Ann R., 70, Union street

Elsaesser, Andrew, 16, Conemaugh.

English, Joseph, 24, Railroad street.

Fagan, Matthew, 40, Millville.

Fagan, Mrs. M., 38, Millville.

Fagan, Monica, 12, Millville.

Fagan, Daniel, 10, Millville.

Fagan, Clara, 3, Millville.

Fagan, Thomas, 1, Millville.

Faloon, Mrs. Ann E., 63, Pearl street.

Fichtner, Mrs. Tillie, 33, Main street.

Fiddler, Elmira, Bedford street.

Fiddler, Eliza J.

Fockler, Herman, 21, Franklin street.

Griffin, Miss Mary.

Hamilton, Mary, 33, Bedford street.

Hanki, Mrs. Teresa, 40, Cambria.

Hause, Mollie.

Hellriggle, Chas.

Hellriggle, Mrs. Lizzie, 30, Woodvale.

Henry, William, 34, Cumberland, Md.

Hocker, Mrs. John, 72, Somerset street.

Hop Sing, Franklin street.

Hurt, Charles, London, England.

Irwin, Maggie, 22, Hulbert House.

Johnson, David, 45, Conemaugh street.

Jones, Mary, 14, Main street.

Kast, Clara, 17, Clinton street.

Keene, Katie, 16, Union street.

Keinxstoel, Samuel, 30, Market street.

Larimer, James, 45, Somerset street.

Lee Sing, Chinaman, Franklin street.

Lucas, Maria, 50, Conemaugh.

Madden, Mrs. Mary, 47, Cambria City.

Mack, August.

McClarren, 8, Cambria City.

McCue, Mrs.

Melden, Richard.

Maley, Henry.

Mosser, Mrs. Mary, 65, Conemaugh street.

Mullen, Margaret.

Oswald, Mrs.

Owens, Mrs.

Oyler, John R.

Phillips, Mrs. Eliza, 48, Union street.

Reese, Mrs. Lizzie, 30, Conemaugh street.

Reese, Annie, 7, Vine street.

Reidel, John C. 60, Conemaugh.

Rich, Mrs. Charlotte, 45, Stonycreek street.

Roberts, Mrs. Jennie, 18, Somerset street.

Rosenfelt, Solomon, Washington street.

Saylor, Henry.

Schnable, Mrs. Conrad, 35, Baumer street.

Schittenhelm, Anton, Cambria.

Schittenhelm, Anton Jr., Cambria.

Shumaker, Mrs. James M., Locust street.

Skiba, Mrs. Stainslous, 32, Cambria.

Skiba, Joseph, 4, Cambria.

Smith, Ralph, 11, Woodvale.

Smouse, Jennie, Hulbert House.

Stern, Bella.

Strauss, Moses, 77, Vine street.

Strauch. Henry 50, Conemaugh.

Smith, Willie, 1, Cambria

Surany, David.

Thomas, John T.

Till, Arthur, 27, Market street.

Unverzagt, Daniel, 66, Washington street.

Unverzagt, Mrs. Daniel, 62, Washington street.

Viering, Mrs.

White, Mrs. John, 76, Union street.

Wagnor, Henry, Cambria.

Warsing, Jane, 24, Coopersdale.

Warkeston, Miss.

Weinzierl, Mrs. Mary, 38, Cambria.

Wearn, Willie, 6, King street.

Walford, Frank.

Will, Elizabeth, Conemaugh.


[Those marked ? bodies never found. Those found lived at the places named, to which places the remains were taken.]

Bates, Mrs. Annie, Delavin, Wis.

? Brady, Mrs. J. W., Chicago, Ill.

Bryan, Elizabeth M., 20, Philadelphia.

Christman, Mrs. A. C., Dallas, Texas.

Day, John R., 60, Prospect, Md.

Day, Miss, Prospect, Md.

Ewing, Andrew, Snow Shoe, Pa.

? Feustermaker, Victor, Egypt, Lehigh County

Harnish, Blanche, Dayton, O.

? Hemingway, Fred, and wife, Kokomo, Ind.

King, Mrs. J. F.

? Lyon, E., New York.

? McCoy, Mrs.

? McCoy,—

? McCoy,—

Meisel, Christ, 32, Newark, N. J.

Minich, Kate, Fostoria, Ohio.

Paulson, Jennie, 20, Allegheny City.

? Phillips, Frank (porter), Jersey City.

Rainey, Mrs. Sophia, 64, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Ross, John D.

Schrantz, George, Pleasant Gap, Pa.

? Shelly, W., Newark, N. J.

Shick, Cyrus, Reading.

? Sible, Mrs. Springtown, Bucks County, Pa.

Smith, Mrs. H. K., 25, Osborn, Ohio.

Smith, R. Wardwell, 3, Osborn, Ohio.

Stinson, Eliza, Norristown, Pa.

? Swaney, Mrs. Mary A., 67.

Swineford, Mary A., St. Louis, Mo.

Swineford, Mrs. Ed., St. Louis, Mo.

Tarbell, Mrs. Farney, 32, Cleveland, Ohio.

? Tarbell, Grace, 7, Cleveland, Ohio.

? Tarbell, Bertie, 5, Cleveland, Ohio.

? Tarbell, Howard, 2, Cleveland, Ohio.

Weaver, Beneval, Millersburg, Pa.

Woolf, Jennie, Chambersburg, Pa.


[Bodies taken to places named in subheads for burial. The place named in line with name of individual is where they were lost from.]


Aaron, Mrs. H. B., 29, Railroad street.

Aaron, Flora, 10, Railroad street.


Alexander, John G., 45, Woodvale.

Alexander, Mrs. John G., 45, Woodvale.

Brown, Emma, 20.

McLaughlin, Mrs. Julia, 60, Cambria.

Miller, Robert, 22, Sixth Ward.

Pike, Fanny, 19, Haynes street.


Beiter, Mathias, 3, Clinton street.


Butler, Chas. T., Hulbert House.

Carlin, Jonathan, Hulbert House.

Cox, James G., Hulbert House.

Clark, W. H. L., 50, Hulbert House.

De Walt, Chas. B., 36, Hulbert House.

Dorsey, John D., Hulbert House.

Lichtenberg, Rev. John, Locust street.

Lichtenberg, Mrs.

Murray, James, 50, Hulbert House.

Nathan, Adolph, 40, Main street.

Overbeck, William H., 38, Main street.

Spitz, Walter L., Hulbert House.

Woolf, Mrs. M. L., Jackson street.


Marshall, Chas. A., 34, Hulbert House.


Cadogan, Mrs. Mary A., 46, Millville.

Cadogan, Ann, 25, Milville.

Young, Mrs. Kate, 34, Market street.

Young, Samuel, 13, Market street.


Creed, David, 60, Washington street.

Creed, Mrs. Eliza, 55, Washington street.

Creed, Maggie, 28, Washington street.

Fisher, Moses, 24, Mansion House.

Sweeney, Mrs. Ann, 70, Conemaugh.


Custer, William H., 35, Millville.


Davis, Frank B., 40, Main street.

Davis, Frank, infant.


Gaither, Harry, 18, South street.

Houston, Minnie, Hulbert House.

Hurst, Nathaniel, 15, Washington street.


Diehl, Carrie, 20, Hulbert House.

Wells, Jennie, 22, Hulbert House.


De France, Mrs. H. T., 32, Hulbert House.


Dow, W. F., Hulbert House.


Fitzharris, John, Sr., 97, Franklin street.


Eskdale, James, 42, Woodvale.

Eskdale, Mrs. James, Woodvale.


Garman, Grace, 21, Washington street.


Groff, Nellie C., 20, Hulbert House.


Hill, Ivy, 6, Washington street.

Jack, Jennie.



Hinchman, Harry, 4, Woodvale.

Long, Samuel.

Shaffer, Fred, 21, Conemaugh.


Jackson, H. A., 36.


Katzenstein, Mrs. Ella, Hulbert House.

Katzenstein, Edwin, Hulbert House.


Keis, Charles A., 26, Conemaugh.

Weber, E. Vincent, 26, Woodvale.

Weber, Mrs. Florence, 25, Woodvale.


Bonner, Mrs. Ann, 24.

Kenna, Mrs. Alice B.


McDivitt, Mattie, 32, Water street.


Allison, Florence, 12, Texas.

Beck, William J., 30, Woodvale.

Beck, Mrs. Blanche, 29, Woodvale.

Wilson, Dr. J. C., 53, Franklin.

Wilson, Caroline E., 52, Franklin.


Smith, Mrs. J. L., 34, Hulbert House.

Smith, Florence, 9, Hulbert House.

Smith, Frank, 7, Hulbert House.

Smith, infant, 4 months, Hulbert House.

Wilson, Charles H., 45, Hulbert House.


Young, Sarah C., 66, Court street.


Leslie, John S., 30, Levergood street.


Richards, Carrie, Hulbert House.

Richards, Mollie, Hulbert House.


Goldenberg, Henry, 54, Lincoln street.

Hoopes, Walter E., 30, Woodvale.

Smith, Mrs. Alice M., 29, Woodvale.


Kilgore, W. Alex., 52, Washington street.

Montgomery, Alex., 55, Stonycreek street.


Little, John A., 43, Hulbert House.


Llewellyn, Mrs. J. J., 27, visiting at J. T. Llewellyn’s.


Mullin, James, 24.


Myer, Bernhart.


Richards, John O., 70.


White, Mrs. Alex., 42.


Ziegler, James B., 24.


Fediman, W. M., 56, Main street.


Blough, Samuel, 40, Market street.

Blough, Sophia, 38, Main street.

Blough, child, Main street.


Owens, William L., 11, Market street.

Owens, Daisy, 13, Market street.


Rosensteel, Mrs. J. M., 35, Woodvale.

Rosensteel, Ray Halstead, 18, Woodvale.


[Bodies found, but not known where buried.]

Adams, Henry Clay.

Alberter, Anna, 22, Cambria.

Amps, Nicodemus, 42, Cambria.

Amps, Mrs. Teresa, 32, Cambria.

Atkinson, John, 72, East Conemaugh.

Baer, Rosa L., 17, Grubbtown.

Bagley, William, Morrellville.

Baird, Charles.

Baker, Mrs. Nelson.

Baker, Mrs. Mary, Woodvale.

Baker, Catherine, 70, Market street.

Baker, Agnes, 68, Market street.

Barley, Myrtle, 11, Woodvale.

Barley, Mamie, 7, Woodvale.

Barley, Effie, 5 Woodvale.

Barley, Laura, 6 months, Woodvale.

Barrett, Jas., ‘27, Franklin St., St. Charles Hotel.

Berg, Mrs. Marion, 24, Woodvale.

Berkebile, Mahlon, Morrellville.

Blough, Emanuel, 22 Bedford street.

Blough, infant, School alley.

Bowersox, Frank, 22, Market street.

Boyer, Solomon, 62, East Conemaugh.

Bradley, Thomas, 42, Conemaugh.

Bruhn, Mrs. Anna, 45, Portage street.

Bunting, Mrs. Caroline, 45, Woodvale.

Burk, Mrs. Matilda, 38, East Conemaugh.

Burkhard, Mrs. Molliie, 36, Woodvale.

Carr, Alexander, 36, East Conemaugh.

Carr, Sissie, 2, East Conemaugh.

Christie, Andrew C., 50, Woodvale.

Clark, Thomas, 42, Union street.

Clark, John B., 50, Portage St., and 7 children.

Cole, John, Cambria.

Connors, Mrs. Mary, Millville.

Cooper, Otto, 8, Kurtz alley.

Cooper, Mrs. 38, Kurtz alley.

Couthamer, Mr.

Coy, Mrs. Sarah, 46, East Conemaugh.

Coy Newton G., 16, East Conemaugh.

Craig, Mrs. Catherine, 40, Walnut street.

Crowthers, infant, 3, Chestnut street.

Cummings, Amy, Somerset street.

Davis, Frank, 8. Woodvale.

Davis, Mrs. Philip, 60.

Davis, Mrs. Thomas S., 55, Market street.

Delaney, Mrs. C.W., 59, Conemaugh street.

Dimond, Frank, 36, Conemaugh.

Dimond, Mrs. Ann, 64, Conemaugh.

Doorocsik, Mrs. Annie, 28, Cambria.

Doorocsik, Miss, 6, Cambria.

Doorocsik, Mary, 4, Cambria.

Dorriss, August, 54, Conemaugh.

Doubt, Mrs. William, 63, Cambria.

Dougherty, Mary, 16, Cambria.

Eberle, Lena, 14, Woodvale.

Fails, Dolly F., 15, Union street.

Fers, Frank, 23, Millville.

Fink, Mary E., 17, Conemaugh street.

Fisher, Wolfgang, 33, Main street.

Fisher, Noah, East Conemaugh.

Flegle, David G.

Flegle, Miss Annie.

Flinn, Mrs. Mary, Bedford street.

Fogarty, Thomas, 50.

Forrest, Frank, 12, Locust street.

Foust, Conrad, Woodvale.

Gardner, Rose, 20, Prospect.

Gill, William, 7, Prospect.

Gillen, Laura, Bedford street.

Gordon, Susan L., 62, Hager Block.

Greenwood, Mrs. Rose, 33, Conemaugh.

Gromley, Lilly, 19, Mineral Point, Pa.

Gromley, J. A., 14, Mineral Point, Pa.

Hallen, Charles E., 33, Millville.

Harris, Mrs. Mary T., 48, Walnut street

Hartzell, Mr., Market street.

Hecker, John, 10, Cambria.

Heckman, Francis, 25, Main street.

Heffley, Edward, 22, Somerset street.

Heine, Henry, 26, Cambria.

Heine, Mrs. Lizzie, 25, Somerset street.

Herman, Edward, Cambria.

Hess, William B., 55, Millville.

Hipp, Elizabeth P., 20, Main street.

Hitchins, Mrs. Cordelia, 35, Market street.

Hornick, Agnes, Broad street.

Hughes, Mary, 7, Chestnut street.

Hughes, Mrs., 64, Union street.

James, Lena, 26, River avenue.

James, Maggie, 1, River avenue.

Jenkins, Mrs. Susan, 40, Somerset street.

Johill, Joseph, Third Ward.

Johnson, John M., 40, Union street.

Johnson, Mrs. John M., 38, Union street.

Johnson, Mrs. Oliver, 22, Conemaugh street

Jones, Maggie, 29.

Kane, John 45, Union street.

Kane, Bridget, 20, Market street.

Keifline, Mary, 4, Conemaugh.

Kelly, Charles, Millville.

Kunkle, Lizzie, 21, Washington street.

Laban, Mrs. Teresa, 50, Cambria.

Leech, Mrs. Sarah E., 60, Franklin.

Leech, Alice M., 18, Franklin.

Lingle, Mrs. Mary J., 44, Pearl street.

Long, Samuel, 60, Vine street.

Lotz, Conrad, 64, Sherman street.

Lyden, Mary, 20, Merchants’ Hotel.

Maneval, Clarence, 17, Lincoln street.

Mann, Michael, 41, South Fork.

Marczi, Mrs. Mary, 42, Cambria.

Marshall, Wm. H., 23, Clinton street.

Maurer, John, 77, Morris street.

McAuliff, Laura, 16, Woodvale.

McDowell, Geo., 8, Pearl street.

McGuire, Mrs. Mary, 45, Walnut street.

McHugh, Mrs. D. A., 45, E. Conemaugh.

McHugh, Gertrude, 16, E. Conemaugh.

McHugh, Jno. L., 14, E. Conemaugh.

McNally, Patrick, 42, Prospect.

Mecke, August, 51, Cambria.

Melczer, Frederick, 28, Cambria.

Miller, Robert, 5, Napoleon street.

Miller, John A., 25, Cambria.

Miller, William, 44, Franklin.

Mingle, Sarah.

Monteverde, Mary, 11, Washington street.

Monteverde, Emelia, 7, Washington street.

Morran, James A., 53, Somerset street.

Nau, Katie, 20, Bedford street.

Neary, Mrs. Kate, 34, Bedford street.

Neary, Mary Ellen, 11, Bedford street.

Noblespiece, Maggie, 14, Morrellville

Nugent, Mrs. Mary Jane, 60, Hager Block.

O’Connell.—, Cambria.

O’Conner, Rose, 20, Locust street.

O’Neal, John, 19, Wood alley.

Oswald, Appahmarian, 12, Cambria.

Page, Emma, 11, Mineral Point.

Page, Herman, 6, Mineral Point.

Palmer, Mrs. J. H., 76, Napoleon street.

Partsch, Mrs. Josephine, 59, Woodvale.

Phillips, John, 15, Union street.

Rausch, John, 44, Daisytown.

Repp, George, 5 months, Daisytown.

Robine, Eddie, 2, Franklin.

Robine, Willie, 9 months, Franklin.

Rodgers, Patrick, 52, Millville.

Rodgers, Grace, 5, Millville.

Rodgers, Mrs. Mary, 50, Millville.

Ross, Joseph, 30, Conemaugh.

Roth, Annie, 5, Cambria.

Rowland, Emma, 32, Market street.

Rowland, Ran, 16, Market street.

Samen, Mrs. Annie, 25, Cambria.

Samen, John, 4 Cambria.

Samen, Annie, 3, Cambria.

Samen, Mary, 3 months, Cambria.

Schmidt, Mrs. Frederick, Cambria.

Schmidt, Hortense.

Schmidt. Leo.

Schmitz, Gustave, 33, Clinton street.

Schittenhelm, Max, Cambria.

Snyder, Mrs. Annie, 34, Woodvale.

Spareline, John, 64, Railroad street.

Smith, Mrs. Maggie L., 38, Woodvale.

Smith, Addie, 13, Pearl street.

Smith, Philip, 16, Walnut street.

Smith, Mrs. Amelia, 32, Cambria.

Smith, Mrs. Mary, 52, Conemaugh.

Smith, Philip, 16, Conemaugh.

Slick, Josephine, 20, Woodvale.

Sutliff, George, 25, Somerset street.

Stern, Bella, 1, Washington street.

Stewart,—, Second Ward.

Spicsak, Mrs. Annie, 27, Cambria.

Tacey, Peter L., 20, Woodvale.

Trindle, John M., 39, Nineveh.

Trawatha, Mrs. Annie, 60, Conemaugh.

Thomas, Mabel, 6, Market street.

Thomas, Edward M., 71, Woodvale.

Uhl, Mrs. Ludwig, 80, Peter street.

Valentine, George M., 42, Market street.

Weisz, Mrs. Martin, 46, Cambria.

Weisz, Jacob, 13, Cambria.

Weisz, Jacob.

Weisz, Isaac, 6, Cambria.

Weisz, Anna, 4, Cambria.

Welsh, Thomas, 60, Cambria.

Weinzierl, Louis, 41, Cambria.

Williams, Elanor, 7 months, Lewis alley.

Williams, Mrs. Margaret, 27, Conemaugh street.

Wild, Mrs. Margaret, 80, Conemaugh.

Willower, Miss Bella, Somerset street.

Willower, Bertha, Somerset street.

Wissinger, Mrs. Catherine, 47, Morris street.

Yost, Charlotte, 16, Pine street.


Abele, Katie, 21, Main street.

Abler, Lulu, Woodvale.

Alberter, Teresa, 3, Cambria.

Alexander, Mrs. Martha, Main street.

Allison, Mrs. Jane, 45, Pittsburgh.

Alt, John, 65, Conemaugh.

Alt, Teresa, 20, Conemaugh.

Alt, George, 60, Cambria.

Alt, Mrs. Ann, 75, Cambria.

Amps, Mary, 11, Cambria.

Aubrey, Thomas, 45, Conemaugh street.

Backer, George, 27, Conemaugh.

Baker, James, 22, Woodvale.

Baker, Catherine, Market street.

Baker, Lydia, 20, Woodvale.

Baker, Nancy, Market street.

Baker, Richard, 1, Woodvale.

Baker, Mellville, 11, Woodvale.

Baker, Deronda, 5, Woodvale.

Baker, Dolly, Woodvale.

Baker, Clara, 17, Woodvale.

Banyan, John, 7, Cambria.

Banyan, Albert, 4, Cambria.

Banyan, Theodore, 2, Cambria.

Barbour, Howard, 7, Woodvale.

Barbour, John F., 3 months, Woodvale.

Barbour, Mrs. Sarah, 59, Woodvale.

Barker, Edward, 27, Woodvale.

Barker, Clara, 2½, Woodvale.

Barker, infant, 1 month, Woodvale.

Bartosh, Mrs. Hannah, 39, Cambria.

Bartosh, Frank, 14, Cambria.

Baumer, Mrs. Eliza, 68, Woodvale.

Beam, Roscoe, 2, Locust street.

Beecher, Mrs. Jane, 44, Woodvale.

Beecher, Mary, 23, Woodvale.

Beck, Alfred, 6.

Beck, Roy, 3.

Beckley, Mrs. Mary, 48, Woodvale.

Benson, Mrs. Bessie, 23, Cambria.

Benson, Flora, 3, Cambria.

Bare, Mrs.

Bare, infant.

Barkley, George.

Barnes, Andrew, Conemaugh.

Barron, Anton.

Barron, Mrs.

Benson, Cora Belle, 1½, Cambria.

Berkey, Henry S., 45, Clinton street.

Beske, John, 7, Cambria.

Beske, Joseph, 5, Cambria.

Beske, Frank, 3, Cambria.

Beske, Lewis, 1, Cambria.

Betzler, Frank, 9, Cambria.

Betzler, Katie, 7, Cambria.

Bishop, Julius, 55, Cambria.

Bitner, A. B.

Blair, Alfred, 53, Woodvale.

Blair, Oliver, 25, Woodvale.

Blair, Alfred, Jr., 14, Woodvale.

Blair, Emanuel, 12, Woodvale.

Blair, Rosana, 10, Woodvale.

Bloch, Mrs. Rose, 54, Conemaugh.

Bloch, Annie, 26, Conemaugh.

Block, Minnie, 15, Conemaugh.

Bloch, Emma, 13, Conemaugh.

Boehler, Barbara, 7, Conemaugh.

Boehler, Annie, 9, Conemaugh.

Bogus, William.

Blough, Mrs. First Ward.

Bopp, Naomie, 7, Broad street.

Bonson, Charles R.

Booser, Eddie, 14, Market street.

Bowers, George, Woodvale.

Bowersox, Mrs. Elia, 16, Market street.

Bowersox, Cordelia, 3, Market street.

Bowman, Jessie, 4, Woodvale.

Bowman, Blanche, 2, Woodvale.

Boyer, Emma, 17, Woodvale.

Boyle, Rose, 6, Cambria.

Boyle, Bridget, 4, Cambria.

Boyle, William, 2, Cambria.

Boyle, Joseph, 8 months, Cambria.

Braden, Patrick, Milliville.

Bradley, Mrs. Elvira, 39, Conemaugh.

Brawley, Mrs. Maggie, 42, Union street.

Brawley, Robert J., 4, Union street.

Brawley, John.

Brennan, Mrs. Mary Ann, 46, Woodvale.

Brennan, Mary Ann, 23, Woodvale.

Brennan, Ellen, 19, Woodvale.

Brennan, Jane 16, Woodvale.

Brennan, Agnes, 13, Woodvale.

Bridges, Mrs. Jane, 64, Market street.

Brindle. Vincent.

Brindle, Frank.

Brindle, Rose.

Brinker, Henry.

Briney, Matilda, 25. Woodvale.

Brockner, Samuel, 28, Conemaugh.

Brown, Mrs. Magdalena, 58, Cambria.

Brown, Lizzie, 15, Woodvale.

Brown, Mrs., Conemaugh.

Buckhard, Mrs. Elizabeth, 50. Woodvale.

Buckhard, Charles, 19, Woodvale.

Buckhard, Mrs., 63, Woodvale.

Buckley, Mrs. Mary, 48, Woodvale.

Burket, Frank, 14, Washington street.

Burket, Blair, 8.

Burkhard, Howard, 12, Woodvale.

Burkhard, Gussie J., 5, Woodvale.

Burkhard, Charles C., 2, Woodvale.

Burkhard, Mrs. Catherine, 85, Mineral Point.

Burns, Peter, Woodvale.

Butler, John, 51, 84 John street.

Butler, Robert, 40, Millville.

Butler, Mrs., 70, Millville.

Butler, Annie, 17, Millville.

Butler, Fannie, 14, Millville.

Butler, George, 11, Millville.

Butler, Mrs. Sarah.

Byers, Mrs. Catherine, 46, Mineral Point.

Callahan, Mary, 22, Locust street.

Callahan, Mrs. Frank, Locust street.

Carr, Mrs. Mary, 42, Woodvale.

Carr, William, 7, Woodvale.

Carr, Patrick, 22, Cambria.

Carr, Mrs. Sarah’, 20, Cambria.

Cartin, Mrs. Thomas, 46, Woodvale.

Cartin, Frank, 5, Woodvale.

Christie. Mrs. Lizzie, 46. Woodvale.

Christie, Daisy, 19, Woodvale.

Clark, Thomas, Jr., 9, Union street.

Clark, Annie, 5, Union street.

Clark, Hamilton.

Coad, William, 12, cor. Market and Washington.

Cleary, Alice, Cambria.

Conrad, John, 21, Woodvale.

Constable, Mrs. Sarah E., 48, Broad street.

Constable, Clara, 16, Broad street.

Constable, George, 39, Franklin.

Cope, Ahlum, 70, Conemaugh.

Costlow, Michael, 70, Locust and Union streets.

Costlow, Zita, 6, Woodvale.

Costlow, Juniata, 2½, Woodvale.

Costlow, Regina, 1, Woodvale.

Craig, William, 8, 314½ Walnut street.

Creed, Kate, 26, 200 Washington street.

Creed, Mary, 16, Washington street.

Crown, Thomas, 51, Conemaugh.

Crowthers, Samuel, 30, Cambria.

Crowthers, Mrs. Verna, 27. Cambria.

Culleton, George F., 1, Chestnut street.

Culleton, John F., 2, Chestnut street.

Cummings, Mrs., Somerset street.

Cummings,—, Somerset street.

Cunz, Mrs. Catherine, 37, Napoleon street.

Cunz, Edward, 12, Napoleon street.

Cunz, Gussie, 3, Napoleon street.

Curtin, Johanna.

Cush, Annie, 112 Railroad street.

Cush, Thomas, 11/2, 116 Railroad street.

Custer, Mrs. Emma J., 27, Bedford street.

Curry, Robert.

Darr, George E., 28, Millville.

Davis, Martha, 18, Woodvale.

Davis, Ada, 15, Woodvale.

Davis, Mrs. Ann, 60, Locust street.

Davis, Mrs. Mary, 54, Locust street.

Davis, Della, 22, Locust street.

Davis, Evan, 16, Locust street.

Davis, Reese, 13, Locust street.

Davis, Mrs. Mary D., 55, Millville.

Deible, Harry, Woodvale.

Deihl, Mrs. Mary, 40, Conemaugh.

Delaney, Charles, 18, 51 Conemaugh street.

Devlin, Melissa, 12, East Conemaugh.

Dick, Cornell, 17, Cor. Locust and John streets.

Dill, Robert, 26, Woodvale.

Dill, Mrs. Robert, 26, Woodvale.

Dill, William, 7, Woodvale.

Dill, Harry, 3 Woodvale.

Dinkel, Adam, 50, Conemaugh.

Dishong, Lizzie, 22, Union street.

Dluhos, Jacob, 3. Cambria.

Dluhos, Mary, 3 months, Cambria.

Dolny, Mike, Cambria.

Dorillia, Mrs., 30, Cambria.

Dorillia,—, Cambria.

Dorillia,—, Cambria.

Downs, Willie, Millville.

Dudzik, Mike, 21, Cambria.

Dudzik, Albert, 21, Cambria.

Early, Mrs. Ella, 59, Woodvale.

Eck, Ellen C., 6, Woodvale.

Eck, Edna Marie, 1½, Woodvale.

Eck, John B., 38, Conemaugh street.

Eck, Dora, 7, Conemaugh street.

Eck, Mabon, 2, Conemaugh street.

Edmonds, Nancy.

Edwards, Roger, 55, Millville.

Edinger, Annie, 19, Millville.

Elder, Mrs. Cyrus, 49, Walnut street.

Elder, Nannie M., 23, Walnut street.

Eldridge, Pennell, 39, Morrellville.

Eldridge, Mrs. Sarah T., 71, Woodvale.

Eldridge, Mrs. Sallie, 27, Woodvale.

Eldridge, Clara, 3, Woodvale.

Eldridge, Annie, 1, Woodvale.

Elsaesser, Constantine, 44, Railroad street.

Elsaesser, Mrs. Frances, 41, Railroad street.

Elsaesser, Charles, 13, Railroad street.

Elsaesser, Adolph, 11, Railroad street.

Elsaesser, Maggie, 10, Railroad street.

Elsaesser, Rose, 4, Railroad street.

Elsaesser, Mary, 1, Railroad street.

English, John.

Etchison, Samuel, 37, Hulbert House.

Evans, Evan B., 50, Woodvale.

Evans, Susannah, 16, Woodvale.

Evans, Mrs. Mary, 55, Main street.

Evans, Annie, 26, Millville.

Evans, Jennie, 13, Millville.

Evans, Susannah, 9, Millville.

Evans, Idris, 3, Millville.

Evans, Walter, 8, Vine street.

Evans, Albert, 12, Conemaugh.

Evans, Elizabeth.

Fairfax, Mrs. Susan, 94, Somerset street.

Fairfax, Mrs. G. W., 38, Somerset street.

Fedorizen, Miklosz, Cambria.

Fenlon, Patrick, 70, Conemaugh.

Fendra, E. H.

Fenn, John Fulton, 12, Locust street.

Fenn, Daisy, 10, Locust street.

Fenn, George Washington, 8, Locust street.

Fenn, Virginia, 5, Locust street.

Fenn, Esther, 1½, Locust street.

Fentiman, Edwin F., 19, Main street.

Fees, Frank, 23, Millville.

Fichtner, Carrie, Stonycreek street.

Fichtner, Annie, 21, Main street.

Fiddler, son of Jacob, Cambria.

Findlay, Mrs. Phoebe, 58, Woodvale.

Findlay, Robert B., 17, Conemaugh.

Fingerhute, Mary, 18, Conemaugh street.

Fingle, Mrs. Mary.

Fink, Samuel P., 54, Conemaugh street.

Fink, Mrs. Mary, 47, Conemaugh street.

Fisher, John, 60, Cambria.

Fisher, Johanna, 19, Cambria.

Fisher, Kate, 9, Cambria.

Fisher, Eddie, 7, Cambria.

Fisher, George, 3, Cambria.

Fisher, August.

Fisher, William.

Fitzgerald, Mrs. Catherine. 40, Millville.

Fitzpatrick, Eliza, 15 months, Cambria.

Fitzharris, Mary J., 16, Franklin street.

Fitzharris, Sarah A., 15, Franklin street.

Foling, August, Cambria.

Foster, Mrs. Margaret, 64, Woodvale.

Foster, Maggie, 29, Woodvale.

Frank, August, 26, Washington street.

Frank, Lena, 15, Washington street.

Fritz, Mrs. Matilda, 26, Homer street.

Fritz, Jane, 2, Homer street.

Fritz, Lily, 1, Horner street.

Gaffney, Mrs. Ellen, 26, Cambria.

Gaither, Willie, 15, South St.

Gardner, John.

Geczie, John, 47, Cambria.

Geczie, Veronica, 37, Cambria.

Geczie, Stephen, 8, Cambria.

Geczie, Annie, 4, Cambria.

Geczie, August, 2, Cambria.

Geczie, Belle, 3 months, Cambria.

Geddes, Mrs. George, 40, Woodvalo.

Geisel. Julia. 9. Cambria.

Geisel, Rolla, 9, Cambria.

Geraldan, Mrs. 17, Conemaugh street.

Gillas, David, 66, Cambria.

Given, Cora, Millville.

Glass, James, 45, School Alley.

Golde, Harry, 5, Walnut street.

Gouchenour, Frank, 31, Conemaugh.

Grant, Mrs. Kate, 24, Cambria.

Grant, Bernard, 5, Cambria.

Grant, John, 3, Cambria.

Gray, Mrs. Frances, 36, Woodvale.

Gray, Gerald, 5, Woodvale.

Gray, Inez, 3, Woodvale.

Greenwood, Mary A., 8, Cambria.

Greitzer, George, 27, Cambria.

Greger, Ann.

Griffith, Mr.

Gromley, Mrs. Magdalena, 48, Mineral Point.

Gromley, Mary M., 16, Mineral Point.

Gromley, Daniel J., 13, Mineral Point.

Gromley, Emanuel L., 9, Mineral Point.

Gromley, Emma B., Mineral Point.

Hager, Mrs. Mary, 62, Washington street.

Hagerty, Mrs. Mary J., 36, School alley.

Hagerty, Kate, 12, School alley.

Hagerty, Stella, 8, School alley.

Haight, Annie, First Ward.

Haltie, Miss.

Haldiman, Hy, Woodvale.

Hammers, George.

Hammill, Mrs. Catherine, 70, Cambria.

Hamilton, Lou.

Hannan, Mamie, 22, Woodvale.

Hanekamp, Mrs. Louise, 28, Lincoln street.

Hanekamp, child.

Harrigan, Mary L., Millville.


Hart, May, 9, Market street.

Harkey, William G.

Hess, Mrs.

Haugh, John, Conemaugh.

Hayes, Thos., 10, Cambria.

Hayes, Annie, 5, Cambria.

Hayes, Agnes Gertrude, 3 weeks, Cambria.

Heckman, Miss, 18, Cambria.

Heidenthal, Mrs. Mary, 38, Woodvale.

Heidenthal, Joseph, 14, Woodvale.

Heidenthal, Annie, 12, Woodvale.

Heidenthal, Phoebe, 10, Woodvale.

Heidenthal, Bertha, 6, Woodvale.

Heidenthal, Alfred, 2, Woodvale.

Heingard, Annie, 22, Woodvale.

Heine, Joseph, 1, Cambria.

Heine, Amelia, 8 months, Cambria.

Hellenberger, Miss E.

Hellreigle, Chas. J., 28, Woodvale.

Henahan, John, 40, Cambria.

Henahan, Mrs. Mary, 24, Cambria.

Henahan, Mary, 7, Cambria.

Henahan, Catherene, 4, Cambria.

Henahan, Frances, 1, Cambria.

Henderson, Thomas, South Fork.

Henderson, Robert, 6 months, Main street.

Henning, John.

Henning, Mary.

Hickey, Stephen, 9, Conemaugh.

Hicks, Miss Ella, Woodvale.

Himes, Charles C., Conemaugh street.

Himes, Mrs. C. C., Conemaugh street.





Hinchman, Franklin, 2, Woodvale.

Hirsch, Henry, 10, Cambria.

Hockenberger, Ann, Napoleon street.

Hoffman, Mrs. Mary, 69, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Joseph, 10, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Mary, 8, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Peter, 78, Market street.

Hoffman, Frank C., 11, Market street.

Hoffman, Sehna, 3, Market street.

Hoffman, Lena, 19, Washington street.

Hoffman, George, 12, Washington street.

Hoffman, Crissie, 9, Washington street.

Hoffman, Albert, 4, Washington street.

Hoffman, Walter, 2, Washington street.

Hoffman, Stella, 6 months, Washington street.

Hoffman, Fred W., 42, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Mrs. Jennie, 40, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Lena, 19, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Henry, 65, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Mrs. Mary Ellen, 55, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Stewart, 24, Conemaugh.

Hoffman, Mrs., Conemaugh.




Hoopes, Mrs. Maria, 25, Woodvale.

Hoopes, Ernest, 5, Woodvale.

Hoopes, Allen C., 6 months, Woodvale.

Hopkins, Hannah, 40, Locust street.

Hopkins, Elizabeth 4, Conemaugh.

Hopkins, Geo., 8, Conemaugh.

Hopp, Mary E., 7 months, Vine street.

Homer, Miss, Hulbert House.

Horner, Elwood, 15, Levergood street.

Hornick, Wm., 23, Conemaugh.

Hough, Mrs. Louisa, 48, Conemaugh.

Hough, Patrick, 5, Conemaugh.

Houghton, Mrs. Lizzie J., 24, Walnut street.

Howe, Mary E., Washington street.

Howe, Mrs. Nancy, 50, Bedford street.

Howe, Robert G., 8, Bedford street.

Howe, Mrs. W. J.,

Howells, Maggie, 15, Union street.

Howells, John, 25, Union street.

Howells, Wm., 4 days, Union street.

Hughes, Lizzie A., 1, Chestnut street.

Hurst, Mrs. Minnie, 60, Washington street.

Hurst, Emily, 10, Washington street.

Hammell, Margaret, 14, Washington street.

Illis, Daniel, Cambria.

James, John K., 8, Main street.

James, William, 10, Market street.

James, Mrs. John.

James. Benjamin, Third Ward.

Janosky, Mrs. Lena, 27, Market street.

Jenkins, John, 20, Upper Yoder.

Jenkins, Harvey, 6, Vine street.

Jenkins, Thomas, Third Ward.

Jenkins, Mrs. Thomas, Third Ward.


Johns, Mrs. Josephine, 32, Woodvale.

Johns, Richard, 14, Woodvale.

Johns, Silvie, 11, Woodvale.

Johns, Stephen, 5, Woodvale.

Johnson, Mrs. David, 40, Conemaugh.

Johnson, Geraldine, 17, Conemaugh.

Johnson, George, 17, Union street.

Johnson, William, 15, Union street.

Johnson, Gertrude, 13, Union street.

Johnson, Lottie, 11, Union street.

Johnson, Dollie, 7, Union street.

Johnson, Frederick, 4, Union street.

Johnson, Lulu, 3, Union street.

Johnson, Ellen, Hulbert House.

Jones, Mrs. Alice, 65, Millville.

Jones, Mrs. Rachael, 41, Main street.

Jones, Ella, 11, Main street.

Jones, Sarah, 8, Main street.

Jones, Abner, 6, Main street.

Jones, Ida, 3, Main street.

Jones, Thomas, 6, Conemaugh street.

Jones, Elmer, 2, Conemaugh street.

Jones, Mrs. Jennie, 50, Woodvale.

Jones, Williams, 17, Woodvale.

Jones, Amanda, 40, Woodvale.

Jones, Pearl, 9, Woodvale.

Jones, William, 4 months, Woodvale.

Jones, James, 19, Pearl street.

Jones, Charles, 16, Pearl street.

Jones, Emma, Second Ward.

Jones, Walter B., 7, Main street.

Jones, Mrs. Margaret, 65, Llewellyn street

Jones, Rev. E. W., 56, Vine street.

Jones, Mrs. Rev. E. W., 55, Vine street.

Kane, Mrs. Lidia, 44, Union street.

Kane, Ellsworth, 18, Union street.

Kane, Laura, 15, Union street.

Kane, Willie, 12, Union street.

Kane, Dollie, 10, Union street.

Kane, Lester, 2, Union street.

Kane, Emma, 21, Prospect.

Kane, Mrs. Ann, 60, Cambria City.

Kast, Mrs. Charlotte, 43, Clinton street.

Kalor, Mrs. Philapena, 67, Conemaugh.

Kalor, Jamanes.

Kalor, Jane.





Keedy, Clay, 5, Millville.

Keelan, Mrs. Catherine, 55, Cambria.

Keelan, Daphne, 13, Cambria.

Keelan, Edward.

Keelan, Frank.

Keene, Mrs. Elizabeth, 60, Union street.

Keenan, Mrs. Jane, 26, Washington street.

Keiflein, Philamena, Conemaugh.

Keis, Mrs. Caroline, 24, Railroad street.

Keis, infant. Railroad street.

Kehoe, Thomas, 24, South Fork.

Kelly, Mary M., 30, Millville.

Kelly, Mary C., 1½, Millville.

Kelly, Maggie, 17 days, Millville.

Kelly, Mrs. Ann, 45, Cambria.

Kelly, John W., 24, Cambria.

Kidd, Mrs. Jenny, 35, Walnut street.

Kidd, Laura, 5, Walnut street.

Kilgore, Mrs. W. A., 48, Washington street

Kilgore, Jessie, 15, Washington street.

Kilgore, Fred, 12, Washington street.

Kilgore, Alex., 9, Washington street.

Kimpel, Mrs. Christ, 43, Clinton street.

Kinder, Thomas, 40, Moxham.

King, Mrs. James, 48, Broad street.

King, Katie M., 24, Broad street.

King, James, 5, Broad street.

Kinney, Mrs. Margaret, 31, Washington street.

Kinney,—, 4, Washington street.

Kinney, Agnes, 10, Washington street.

Kintz, Teresa, 24, Cambria.

Kinley, Jane, Bausman alley.

Kirkbride, Fannie, 11, Hager Block.

Kirkbride, infant, Hager Block.

Kirkwood, Finley, 19, Conemaugh.

Kirlin, Mrs. Thomas, 32, Conemaugh street.

Kirlin, Willie, 2, Conemaugh street.

Knable, John.

Knable, Leonard.

Knox, Thomas, 54, Somerset.

Keohler, Mrs. Philomen, 87, Conemaugh.

Keohler, Wm., 16, Conemaugh.

Kraft, Mrs. Maggie, 37, Walnut street.

Kraft, Herman, 12, Walnut street.

Kraft, Frederick, 10, Walnut street.

Krieger, Katie.

Kunkle, Katie, 19, Washington street

Lambreski, Willie, 2, Cambria.

Lavelle, Miss Mary, 31, Broad street.

Lavelle, Kate, 24, Broad street.

Lavelle, Sallie, 18, Broad street.

Lavelle, Mrs. Mary, 58, Broad street.

Lavelle, John F., 8, Conemaugh street.

Lavelle, Edgar R., 4, Conemaugh street.

Lavelle, Frances A., 6, Conemaugh street.

Laystrom, Mrs., 30, Union street.

Layton, infant, Broad street.

Lewis, Mrs. Lizzie, 28, Lewis alley.




Lightner, James, 23, Cambria.

Lightner, Mrs. Mary, 21, Cambria.

Lightner, Eddie, 1, Cambria.

Lohr, Julia, 17, Bedford street.

Lonaenstein, Mrs. Ida, 27, Franklin.

Ludwig, Charles E., 30, Railroad street.

Luther, Michael, 40, Cambria.

Madden, Willie, 12, Cambria.

Maloy, Mrs. Ann, 35, Millville.

Maloy, Jane, Hulbert House.

Marks, William.

Martin, Edward, 48, River avenue.

Martin, Mrs. Catherine, 40, Millville.

Martin, Mary, 18, MiUville.

Martin, Ann, 7, Millville.

Martin, Celia, 7, Millville.

Masters, Margaret.

Masterton, Miss.

Mayhew, Annie, 12, Woodvale.

Mayhew, Earnest, 9, Woodvale.

Mayhew, Harry, 6, Woodvale.

McAteer, Mrs. Jane, 38, Cambria.

McAneny, Sarah, 7, Cambria.

McAley, P.

McCann, Mrs. John, 30, Railroad street.

McCann, John, 31, Railroad street.

McCann, infant, Railroad street.

McClarren, Mary, 13, Cambria.

McClarren, Philip, 1½, Cambria.

McConaghy, Harry M., 6, Main street.

McConaghy, Fank A., 2, Main street.

McCoy, Mr., Railroad street.

McGrew, Oscar, Conemaugh.

McGuire, Constantine, 48, Woodvale.

McGuire, Ann, 19, Woodvale.

McGuire, Christian, 17, Woodvale.

McHugh, Kate, 19, Cambria.

McKeever, Mrs. Mary.

McKim, Mrs. Polly, 65, East Conemaugh.

McMeans, William, 33, Conemaugh street.

McPike, Rosie, 4, Cambria.

McWilliams, Susie, 13, Pittsburgh.

Melczer, Robert, 35, Cambria.

Melczer, Mrs. Johanna, 30, Cambria.

Melczer, Albert, three weeks, Cambria.

Melczer, Mary, 4, Cambria.

Melczer, John, 2, Cambria.

Merle, Mrs. George, Washington street.

Merle, Mrs. Ida, 29, Washington street.

Merle, Nettie, 5, Washington street.

Merle, Elmer, 2, Washington street.

Meredith, Mr. (probably duplicate).

Meyers, Joseph, 70, Cambria.

Meyers, Lizzie, 11, Millville.

Meyers, Annie, 9, Millville.

Meyers, Stella, 7, Millville.

Meyers, Charlie, 5, Millville.

Meyers, Philip, 1, Millville.

Michalitch, Mrs. Mary, 38, Cambria.

Michalitch, Martin, 6, Cambria.

Michalitch, Mary, 3, Cambria.

Michalitch, John, 1, Cambria.

Miller, Lizzie, 11, Woodvale.

Miller, John, 1, Cambria.

Miller, Mrs. Sophia, 45, Cambria.

Miller, John, 8, Cambria.

Miller, Mary, 12, Horner street.

Monteverde, Mrs. Maria, 40, Washington street.

Monteverde, Joseph, 5, Washington street.

Monteverde, Eleanora, 1½, Washington street.

Moore, Melda, 20, Main street.

Moreland, Mrs. Margaret, 48, Quarry street.

Morgan, Gertie, 11, Millville.

Morgan, Mrs. Mary R., 66, Conemaugh street.

Morgan, Miss, Conemaugh.

Moser, Heinrich, Cambria.

Moschgat, Amelia, 22, Bedford street.

Mullen, Mrs. Mary, 65, Conemaugh street.

Mullen, Mrs. Margaret, 47, Prospect.

Mumma, Mrs. Eliza, 26, Washington street.

Murphy, Mrs. Kate H., 48, Park Place.

Murphy, Mrs. Maggie, 34, Brunswick Hotel.

Murphy, John, 10, Brunswick Hotel.

Murphy, Clara, 8, Brunswick Hotel.

Murphy, Genevieve, 6, Brunswick Hotel.

Murphy, Martin F., 4, Brunswick Hotel.

Murphy, Maggie, 2, Brunswick Hotel.

Murr, Stella, 16, Washington street.

Murr, Frederick, 11, Washington street.

Murr, Nellie, 6, Washington street.

Murr, Frida, 3 months, Washington street.

Nadi, Frank.

Nainbaugh, Henry.

Nayuska, Mrs. Hannah, 65, Market street.

New, Frank.

Newell, August.

Newman, Banheim, 68, Washington street.

Nich, Peter, 30, Cambria.

Nich, William, 2, Cambria.

Nich, Lena, 23, Cambria.

Nich (infant), Cambria.

Nix, Frank, Cambria.

Nixon, Fannie, 5, Woodvale.

Neice, Conrad.

O’Brien, Mrs. Sarah, 60, Millville.

O’Brien, Mrs. Ellen, 31, Millville.

O’Brien, Mrs. Catherine, 55, Millville.

O’Callahan, James, 70, Millville.

O’Callahan, Mrs. Bridget, 68, Millville.

O’Callahan, Miss Ella, 25, Millville.

O’Connell, Edward, Cambria.

O’Donnell, Mrs. Julia, 26, Washington street.

O’Donnell, John, 2, Washington street.

Ogle, Mrs. Hettie M., 52, Washington street.

Ogle, Minnie T., 32, Washington street.

Oberlander, Robert, 35, Locust street.

Oberlander, Mrs. Robert, 30, Locust street.

Oberlander, Mary, 2, Locust’ street.

O’Lily, Catherine, 20, Cambria.

O’Neill, James, 2, Cambria.

Oswald, Eulaliah, 9, Third Ward.

Osterman, Mrs. Victoria, 31, Cambria.

Osterman, Conrad, 4, Cambria.

Osterman, Joseph Jr., 6, Cambria.

Osterman, Mary Ann, 1½, Cambria.

O’Shea, Mary, Second Ward.

Owens, Mrs. Mary, 62, Market street.

Owens, John, 12, Conemaugh street.

Owens, Amelia, 6, Conemaugh street.

Owens, Willie, 4, Conemaugh street.

Owens, Mrs. Elizabeth, 37.

Pfeifer, Charles, 30, Woodvale.

Pfeifer, Ella, 21, Woodvale.

Pheng, John, Conemaugh.

Phillips, Mary, 16, Union street.

Phillips, Grace, 12, Union street.

Phillips, John J., 14, Market street.

Phillips, David, 12, Market street.

Phillips, Richard, 10, Market street.

Phillips, Mary, 8, Market street.

Phillips, Evan, 6, Market street.

Pipple, Mrs., Fourth Ward.

Plummer, Alvin.

Pollocks, Louis, 19, Cambria.

Polk, John.

Potts, Mrs. Mary, 29, Market street.

Powell, Mrs. Reese, 74, Main street.

Pratt,—, Cambria.

Pratt,—, Cambria.

Pritchard, Mrs. Henry, 48, Market street.

Pritchard, Howell, 9, Market street.

Pritchard, Alice, 5, Market street.

Pritchard, Rachael, 3, Market street.

Price, Mrs. Abe, 29, Millville.

Progner, Samuel, 28, Conemaugh.

Prosser, Mrs. David, 68, Union street.

Pukey, Julius, 23, Cambria.

Pukey, Matilda, 1, Cambria.

Raab, Mollie, 18, Clinton street.

Raab, Bertha, 13, Clinton street.

Raab, Katie. 3, Clinton street.

Raab, Mrs. Minnie, 24, Washington street.

Rawn, Mrs. Henrietta, 78, Conemaugh.

Ream, Mrs. Mary, 34, Woodvale.

Ream, Joseph, 10, Woodvale.

Ream, Effie May, 6, Woodvale.

Ream, Cora, 1, Woodvale.

Ream, Frederick E., 23, Third Ward.

Ream, Amelia, 20, Third Ward.

Reamus, Gussie, 17, Woodvale.

Recke, Mrs. Alex., 29, Washington street.

Reed, Charles.

Reese, Susie, 14, Millville.

Reese, Sarah, Woodvale.

Reese, Mrs., 70.

Reidel, Mrs. Teresa, 56, Conemaugh.

Reilly, Timothy, 27, Millville.

Ressler, John.

Reynolds, Mrs. Elizabeth, 40, Woodvale.

Reynolds, Idella, 14, Woodvale.

Reynolds, Columbia, Conemaugh.

Rhodes, Frank, 2, Somerset street.

Rich, Harry, 16, Stonycreek street.

Richards, Mrs. Margaret, 40, Union street.

Riffle, Mary C., Cambria.

Riley, Mrs. Bridget, 40, Cambria.

Riley, Annie, 8, Cambria.

Riley, Katie, 6, Cambria.

Ripple, Emma, 24, Bedford street.

Ritter, Katie, 20, Cambria.

Ritter, Sophia, 12, Cambria.

Rodgers, Mary, Hulbert House.

Rodgers, Mary G., 19, Woodvale.

Rodgers, Mrs. Mary, Water street.

Roland, Lizzie, 5 months, Conemaugh.

Roose, John, 31, Haynes street.






Rosensteel, Matilda V., 19, Woodvale.

Roth, Albert, 8, Cambria.

Roth, Mary, 6, Cambria.

Roth, Sebastian, First Ward.

Ruth, John.

Rowland, Mrs. E. J., 64, Market street.

Ryan, Sadie, 16, Washington street.

Ryan, Gertie, 3, Washington street.

Ryan, Mary, Third Ward.

Sagerson, Mrs., 96, Millville.

Salenty, E.

Sample, Mrs. Catherine, 63, East Conemaugh.

Sarlous, Grace, 16, Cambria.

Savage, Mrs. Bridget, 76, Woodvale.

Saley, Joseph, 50, Millville.

Shaffer, Mrs. Mary, 43, Cambria.

Shaffer, Carl, 19, Cambria.

Schanvisky, August, 10, Cambria.

Sherer, Mrs. Kate, 49, Conemaugh.

Sherer, Emma, 24, Conemaugh.

Sherer, Mary, 11, Conemaugh.

Schiffhauer, Frances, 19, Washington street.

Schittenhelm, Wilmena.

Schmitt, William J., 7, Cambria.

Schmitt, Mrs. Augustina, 38, Cambria.

Schmitt, August, 8, Cambria.

Schmitt, Anton, 2, Cambria.

Schmitt, Annie, 1, Cambria.

Schmitz, Ferdinand, Cambria.

Schmitz, Gabriel, 50, Conemaugh.

Schmidt, John L., Cambria.

Schonhardt, Victoria, 56, Conemaugh.

Schultz, Mrs. William, Clinton street.

Schultz, Clinton street.

Schultz, Clinton street.

Schultz, Clinton street.

Schultz, Clinton street.

Schultz, Joseph, First Ward.

Schweitzer, William, Conemaugh.

Schweitzer, Catherine E., Conemaugh.

Schurtz, Peter, 38, Conemaugh.

Seibert, Mrs. Elizabeth, 56, Woodvale.

Schaffer, Howard, 21, South Fork.

Shea, Mrs. Mary, 30, Locust street.

Sheldon, H.

Sherman, Mrs. Ann, 35, Market street.

Shinkey, Mrs., Second Ward.

Shorper, Jacob.

Shorper, Jacob, Jr.

Silverman, Moses, Second Ward.

Seigmund, Mrs. Matilda, 52, Woodvale.

Seigmund, Mrs. Carolina, 28, Woodvale.

Seigmund, John, 20, Woodvale.

Singer, Mrs. E. H., Unionport, Ohio.

Siroczki, Mrs. Mary, 30, Cambria.

Siroczki, Mary, 7, Cambria.

Siroczki, Annie, 4, Cambria.

Siroczki, Lizzie, 2, Cambria.

Skiba, Annie, 6, Cambria.

Skiba, Sophia, 1½, Cambria.

Smith, Harry, 5, Woodvale.

Smith, Hattie, 4, Woodvale.

Smith, infant, 3, Woodvale.

Smith, Alice J., 2, Woodvale.

Smith, Clarence, 6 months, Woodvale.

Smith, George A., 38, Pearl street.

Smith, Mrs. Jennie, 36, Pearl street.

Smith, Charles, 7, Pearl street.

Smith, Alum, 4, Pearl street.

Smith, Effie, 9 months, Pearl street.

Smith, Mrs. Mary, 21, Cambria.

Smith, Mollie, 22, Cambria.

Smith, Mrs. Ann, 55, Cambria.

Smith, Francis, 3, Cambria.

Smith, Charles, 1, Cambria.

Smith, John M., 38, Millville.

Smith, William, 9, Millville.

Smith, Mrs. Mary, Third Ward.

Smith, William, Third Ward.

Smith, Esther, Third Ward.

Smith, Charles, First Ward.

Smith, Richard, First Ward.

Smith, Frank, First Ward.

Snyder, Polly, 14, Woodvale.

Snyder, William, 8, Woodvale.

Snyder, Annie, 6, Woodvale.

Snyder, John, 3, Woodvale.

Snyder, Patrick V., 5 months, Woodvale.

Snyder, Hollis, Woodvale.

Snyder, Mary.

Snyder, Annie.

Snyder, John.

Snyder, Mary E.

Snyder, Harrison V.

Speers, Mrs. L. E.

Spenger, Mrs. Catherine, 56, Stonycreek street.

Spenger, Edward, 16, Stonycreek street.

Spoiler, Mrs.

Spoller, Lee.

Stansfield, James C., 30, Woodvale.

Stansfield, Mrs. J. C., 25, Woodvale.

Stansfield, Ralph, 9 weeks, Woodvale.

Steckman, Fred, 42, Cambria.

Stewart, Watson, 60, Pearl street.

Stewart, Mrs., 70, Walnut street.

Stews, Louis, Walnut street.

Stinely, Annie, 4, Cambria.

Stinely, infant, 4 months, Cambria.

Stork, Casper, 43, Walnut street.

Stork, Mary, 38, Walnut street.

Stork, John, 20, Walnut street.

Stork, Lizzie, 14, Walnut street.

Strauss, Charles S., Conemaugh.

Strayer, Katie, 22, Market street.

Strayer, Bertha, 14, Market street.

Stroup, Henry, Conemaugh.

Stufft, Vera, 10, Woodvale.

Stufft, Earl B., 8, Woodvale.

Stufft, Lula B., 6, Woodvale.

Stufft, Elda M., 3, Woodvale.

Stufft, infant, four months, Woodvale.

Suder, Lizzie, 9, Millville.

Suder, James, 5, Millville.

Sullivan, Mrs. Catherine, 55, Millville.

Swank, Leroy, 4, Main street.

Swank, Miss, Morris street.

Sweitzer, William, 35, Morrellville.

Temple, Leroy.

Thoburn, John, 40, Millville.

Thoburn, Mrs. Flora, 36, Millville.

Thoburn, John, Jr., 10, Millville.

Thoburn, Harry, 1, Millville.

Thomas, Tydvil, 19, Millville.

Thomas, Mrs. Annie E., 56, Napoleon street.

Thomas, Mrs. Ann, 41, Woodvale.

Thomas, Albert E., 17, Woodvale.

Thomas, Vivian D., 15, Woodvale.

Thomas, James Roy.

Thomas, Sylvester.

Thomasberger, Fannie, 42, Conemaugh.

Thomasberger, Nellie, 13, Conemaugh.

Thomasberger, Charles, 11, Conemaugh.

Thurin, Levi.

Totas, Jacob, Cambria.

Totas, Sophia, Cambria.

Totas, Michael, Cambria.

Totas, Wavreck, Cambria.

Trefts, William S.

Tross, W. J. Sr., 43, Woodvale.

Tross, Katie, 19, Woodvale.

Tross, William, 17, Woodvale.

Tross, Conrad, 16, Woodvale.

Tross, Charles, 13, Woodvale.

Tross, George, 9, Woodvale.

Tross, Louis, 7, Woodvale.

Tross, Edward, 6, Woodvale.

Tucker, Mrs. Margaret N., 45, Woodvale.

Tucker, Lillian G., 18, Woodvale.

Tucker, Mabel, 6, Woodvale.

Tynan, Michael J., 49, Conemaugh.

Tynan, Mrs. M. J., 47, Conemaugh.

Unverzagt, Lulu, 23, Washington street.

Vallance, David, 55, Conemaugh street.

Vallance, Mrs. Sarah, 66, Conemaugh street.

Vallance, Annie, 21, Conemaugh street.

Valentine, Mrs. Carrie, Market street.

Valentine, Alexander L., 14, Market street.

Valentine, Annie May, 11, Market street.

Valentine, Burt, 7, Market street.

Valentine, Howard, 4, Market street.

Valentine, Ruth, 1½, Market street.

Varner, Viola, 12, Cambria.

Varner, Sarah, 10, Cambria.

Varner, Ida, 7, Cambria.

Varner, Ella, 5, Cambria.

Varner, infant, six weeks, Cambria.

Veith, Mrs. Carrie, 52, Stonycreek street.

Veith, Emma, 14, Stonycreek street.

Voeghtly, Mrs.

Von Alt, Henry, Clinton street.

Wagnor, Mrs. Henry, Cambria.

Wagnor, Frank, Cambria.

Wagnor, John, Cambria.

Walker, Conrad, 27, Clinton street.

Walker, Ida J., 22, Conemaugh.

Walser, Mrs. Ann, Alum Bank, Pa.

Ward, Ella, Cambria.

Warren, Edward, 28, Millville.

Waters, Thomas J., 15, Conemaugh.

Watkins, Mary J., 22, Washington street.

Wearn, Mrs. Priscilla, 66, Walnut street.

Wearn, Richard, 30, King street.

Wearn, Mrs. Ella, 27, King street.

Wearn, Myrtle, 3, King street.

Weaver, Joseph H., 19, Woodvale.

Weaver, Margaret J., Second Ward.

Webber, Christian, 31, Woodvale.

Wehelco, John, Cambria.

Wehn, Casper, 80, Clinton street.

Weinzarl, Annie, 13, Cambria.

Weinzarl, Martha, 11, Cambria.

Weinzarl, Sarah, 7, Cambria.

Weinzarl, Mollie, 5, Cambria.

Weinzarl, John, 3, Cambria.

Weinzarl, George, 4 months, Cambria.

Weisc, Rosa, 10, Cambria.

White, Annie. 23, Market street.

White, Raymond, 4, Youngstown, O.

Wickersham, Richard G., 26, Woodvale.

Wilson, Mrs. Lavina, 38, East Conemaugh.

Wilson, James, 33, Mineral Point.

Wilson, Henry, 58, Millville.

Wilson, Mr., Cambria.

Wiseman, Charles, 26, Conemaugh.

Wiseman, Emma, 4, Conemaugh.

Wiseman, August, 2, Conemaugh.

Witz, Sarah, Third Ward.

Wolf. Anthony, 24, Cambria.

Wolf, Albert, 1 ½, Cambria.

Wolford, Andrew, Conemaugh.

Wolford, Conemaugh.

Wolford, Conemaugh.

Wolford, Conemaugh.

Woren, Richard, Walnut street.

Woren, Mrs. Richard, Walnut street

Woren, Willie, 6, Walnut street.

Woren,—,, child, Walnut street.

Woren,—, child, Walnut street.

Woren, Mrs. Priscilla, 60, Walnut street.

Woren, Miss, 24, Walnut street.

Woren, Mrs. Thomas, Walnut street.

Yocum, Samuel, Third Ward.

Yost, Laura, 18, Grant street.

Yost, Lottie, Jackson street.

Young, Mamie, 12, Broad street.

Young, Katie, 10, Broad street.

Youst, Mr.

Youst, Eddie.

Zellar, Rose.

Zern, Miss.

Zimmerman, Milton, 19, Locust street.

Zimmerman, Morgan, 11, Young’s alley.

Zimmerman, Owen N.

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