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Rise to Globalism: American Foreign Policy Since 1938

Rise to Globalism: American Foreign Policy Since 1938

Since it first appeared in 1971, Rise to Globalism has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The ninth edition of this classic survey, now updated through the administration of George W. Bush, offers a concise and informative overview of the evolution of American foreign policy from 1938 to the present, focusing on such pivotal events as World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, and 9/11. Examining everything from the Iran-Contra scandal to the rise of international terrorism, the authors analyze-in light of the enormous global power of the United States-how American economic aggressiveness, racism, and fear of Communism have shaped the nation's evolving foreign policy.


Chapter 1. The Twisting Path to War

Chapter 2. The War in Europe

Chapter 3. The War in Asia

Chapter 4. The Beginnings of the Cold War

Chapter 5. The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan

Chapter 6. Containment Tested

Chapter 7. Korea

Chapter 8. Eisenhower, Dulles, and the Irreconcilable Conflict

Chapter 9. From Hungary and Suez to Cuba

Chapter 10. Kennedy and the New Frontiers

Chapter 11. Vietnam: Paying the Cost of Containment

Chapter 12. Nixon, Détente, and the Debacle in Vietnam

Chapter 13. America in the Middle East and Africa

Chapter 14. Carter and Human Rights

Chapter 15. Reagan and the Evil Empire

Chapter 16. The End of the Cold War

Chapter 17. Bush and the Gulf War

Chapter 18. Clinton and Democratic Enlargement

Chapter 19. Clinton and the New Post-Cold War Order

Chapter 20. The Tragedy of September 11, 2001

Chapter 21. After the Attack and Into Iraq

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