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art British Casualties, April 19, 1775


Estimate by Stephen Kemble, Gage’s Intelligence [!] Officer: “We lost about 25 killed and about 150 wounded.” Kemble Journals, N-YHS, 42-43.

Estimate by John Pope, a British soldier: 90 killed, 181 wounded, total 271

Estimate by an anonymous British soldier: “might have amounted to 500 killed and wounded” (Kehoe, “We Were There!” I, 174).

Estimates of casualties by regiment:

4th Foot: “Our regiment had about four or five men killed, and about 25 wounded” (Evelyn); Gage reported 8 killed, 25 wounded, 8 missing.

5th Foot: Of the grenadiers, “half the company and Lt. Baker were killed or wounded.” For the entire regiment, Gage reported 5 killed, 18 wounded, 1 missing.

10th Foot: Of the light infantry, “A sergeant of the company came to me and inform’d me he had but 12 men and could not find any other officer [Kelly, Parsons and Lister all were casualties].” (Lister). For the entire regiment, Gage reported 1 killed, 17 wounded, 1 missing.

18th Foot: Of the grenadier company, the only unit engaged, 2 killed, 4 wounded (Gretton, Regimental History). Gage reported 1 killed 4 wounded, 1 missing.

23rd Foot: “our regt had 5 killed and 31 wounded.” (Mackenzie; aa4, 440); Gage reported 4 killed, 27 wounded and 6 missing.

38th Foot: Gage reported 4 killed, 12 wounded.

43rd Foot: Gage reported 4 killed, 6 wounded, 2 missing.

47th Foot: Gage reported 5 killed, 23 wounded.

52nd Foot: Gage reported 3 killed, 2 wounded, 1 missing.

59th Foot: Gage reported 3 killed, 3 wounded.

British Marines: Gage reported 27 killed, 40 wounded, 7 missing.

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