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art American Casualties, April 19, 1775, by town:

Acton: killed (3) Isaac Davis, James Hayward, Abner Hosmer; wounded (1) Luther Blanchard.

Bedford: killed (1) Capt. Jonathan Wilson; wounded (1) Job Lane.

Beverly: killed (1) Reuben Kenyme; wounded (3) Nathaniel Cleves, William Dodge III, Samuel Woodbury.

Billerica: wounded (2) Timothy Blanchard, John Nichols.

Brookline: killed (1) Isaac Gardner.

Cambridge: killed (6) John Hicks, William Marcy (noncombatant?), Moses Richardson, Jason Russell, Jason Winship (noncombatant), Jabez Wyman (noncombatant); wounded (1), Samuel Whittemore; missing (2) Samuel Frost, Seth Russell.

Charlestown: killed (2) Edward Barber (a 14-year-old noncombatant), James Miller.

Chelmsford: wounded (2) Oliver Barron, Aaron Chamberlain.

Concord: killed (none); wounded (5) Nathan Barrett, Jonas Brown, Charles Miles, George Minot, Abel Prescott, Jr.

Danvers: killed (7) Samuel Cook, Benjamin Deland, Ebenezer Golwait, Henry Jacobs, Perley Putnam, George Southwick, Jothan Webb; wounded (2) Nathan Putnam, Dennis Wallace; missing (1) Joseph Bell.

Dedham: killed (1) Elias Haven; wounded (1) Israel Everett.

Framingham: wounded (1) Daniel Hemminway.

Lexington: killed (10) John Brown, Samuel Hadley, Caleb Harrington, Jonathan Harrington, Jr., Jonas Parker, Jedidiah Munroe, Robert Munroe, Isaac Muzzy, John Raymond, Nathaniel Wyman; wounded (10) Francis Brown, Joseph Comee, Prince Estabrook, Nathaniel Farmer, Ebenezer Munroe Jr., Jedidiah Munroe, Solomon Pierce, John Robbins, John Tidd, Thomas Winship.

Lynn: killed (4) William Flint, Thomas Hadley, Abednego Ramsdell, Daniel Townsend; wounded (2) Joseph Felt, Timothy Monroe; missing (1) Josiah Breed.

Medford: killed (2) Henry Putnam, William Holly.

Needham: killed (5) John Bacon, Nathaniel Chamberlain, Amos Mills, Elisha Mills, Jonathan Parker; wounded (2) Eleazer Kingsbury, Tolman.

Newton: wounded (1) Noah Wiswell.

Roxbury: missing (1) Elijah Seaver.

Salem: killed (1) Benjamin Pierce.

Stow: wounded (1) Daniel Conant.

Sudbury: killed (2) Deacon Josiah Haynes (aet. 80), Asahael Reed; died of wounds (1), Thomas Bent (1); wounded (1) Joshua Haynesjr.

Watertown: killed (1) Joseph Coolidge.

Woburn: killed (2) Daniel Thompson, Asahel Porter; wounded (3), Jacob Bacon, Johnson, George Reed.

TOTAL: killed and died of wounds, 50; wounded, 39; missing, 5; total casualties, 94; towns with casualties: 23

SOURCES: Elias Phinney, History of the Battle at Lexington… (Boston, 1825), 27-30; John Farmer in MHSC, XVIII; Frothingham, History of the Siege of Boston, 80-81.

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