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Overhaul: A Social History of the Albuquerque Locomotive Repair Shops

Overhaul: A Social History of the Albuquerque Locomotive Repair Shops

In Overhaul, historians Richard Flint and Shirley Cushing Flint present the largely forgotten story of Albuquerque's locomotive repair shops, which were the driving force behind the city's economy for more than seventy years. In the course of their study they also document the thousands of skilled workers who kept the locomotives in operation, many of whom were part of the growing Hispano and Native American middle class. Their critical work kept the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe's steam trains running and established and maintained Albuquerque's unique character in the region.

Including a generous selection of historic photographs, Overhaul provides a glimpse into the people, places, culture, and special history found in Albuquerque's locomotive shops during the boom of steam railroading. The Flints provide an engaging and informative account of how these shops and workers played a crucial role in the formation and development of the Duke City.


Chapter 1. Albuquerque and Western Steam Railroading in the 1870s

Chapter 2. The Requirements of Steam

Chapter 3. Albuquerque and the Locomotive Repair Shops in the Early 1880s

Chapter 4. The Railroad’s Immediate and Lasting Impact: The 1880s and 1890s

Chapter 5. Overhauling Steam Locomotives

Chapter 6. Job Specialties

Chapter 7. The Workforce: 1880–1900

Chapter 8. Work Schedules and Routines

Chapter 9. Albuquerque and the Locomotive Repair Shops: 1901–1922

Chapter 10. The Railroad Shopmen’s Strikes of 1893 and 1922

Chapter 11. State of the Art: Building the New Shops, 1914–1924

Chapter 12. The Heyday of the Shops: 1925–1950

Chapter 13. The End of Steam: The 1950s

Chapter 14. Shopwomen and African American and Hispanic Shopmen

Chapter 15. Purchase and Redevelopment of the Rail Yards by the City of Albuquerque

Chapter 16. Conclusion: The Impact of the Shops on Albuquerque and New Mexico

Appendix 1. Agreement between William Hazledine and Franz Huning

Appendix 2. Ethnicity of Shopworkers (Surname Proxy), AT&SF Albuquerque Locomotive Repair Shops

Appendix 3. Guide to Steam Locomotive Components


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