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Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn

Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn

Israel is a tiny state, and yet it has captured the world’s attention, aroused its imagination, and lately, been the object of its opprobrium. Why does such a small country speak to so many global concerns? More pressingly: Why does Israel make the decisions it does? And what lies in its future?

We cannot answer these questions until we understand Israel’s people and the questions and conflicts, the hopes and desires, that have animated their conversations and actions. Though Israel’s history is rife with conflict, these conflicts do not fully communicate the spirit of Israel and its people: they give short shrift to the dream that gave birth to the state, and to the vision for the Jewish people that was at its core.

Introduction: A Grand Human Story

Chapter 1. Poetry and Politics: The Jewish Nation Seeks a Home

Chapter 2. Some Spot of a Native Land

Chapter 3. A Conversation, Not an Ideology: Zionist Divisions at the Turn of the Century

Chapter 4. From a Dream to Glimmers of Reality

Chapter 5. The Balfour Declaration: The Empire Endorses the State

Chapter 6. Nowhere to Go, Even If They Could Leave

Chapter 7. The Yishuv Resists the British, the Arabs Battle Partition

Chapter 8. Independence: The State Is Born

Chapter 9. From Dreams of a State to the Reality of Statehood

Chapter 10. Israel Enters the International Arena

Chapter 11. Israel Confronts the Holocaust

Chapter 12. Six Days of War Change a Country Forever

Chapter 13. The Burden of Occupation

Chapter 14. Yom Kippur War: The “Conception” Crashes

Chapter 15. Revolution Within the Revolution: The Rise and Revenge of Israel’s Political Right

Chapter 16. Taking a Page from the Zionists: The Rise of Palestinian Nationalism

Chapter 17. The Peace Process Stalls

Chapter 18. A Jewish Renaissance in the Jewish State

Conclusion: A Century After Balfour—“A National Home for the Jewish People”

Appendix A: Glossary of People Mentioned

Appendix B: Glossary of Non-English Terms

Appendix C: Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Appendix D: Israeli Prime Ministers and the American and Israeli Presidents with Whom They Worked

Appendix E: Israeli Political Parties and Their Changing Balance of Power


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