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Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory

Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory

An exploration of the relationship of competition and assimilation between England and the Netherlands during the 17th century, revealing how Dutch tolerance, resilience and commercial acumen effectively conquered England by permanently reshaping the intellectual landscape long before Dutch monarchs sat on the English throne.

Chapter 1. England Invaded by the Dutch: The Conquest that Never Was

Chapter 2. From Invasion to Glorious Revolution: Editing Out the Dutch

Chapter 3. Royal and Almost-Royal Families: ‘How England Came to be Ruled by an Orange’

Chapter 4. Designing Dutch Princely Rule: The Cultural Diplomacy of ‘Mr Huggins’

Chapter 5. Auction, Exchange, Traffic and Trickle-Down: Dutch Influence on English Art

Chapter 6. Double Portraits: Mixed and Companionate Marriages

Chapter 7. Consorts of Viols, Theorbos and Anglo–Dutch Voices

Chapter 8. Masters of All They Survey: Anglo–Dutch Passion for Gardens and Gardening

Chapter 9. Paradise on Earth: Garnering Riches and Bringing Them Home

Chapter 10. Anglo–Dutch Exchange and the New Science: A Chapter of Accidents

Chapter 11. Science Under the Microscope: More Anglo–Dutch Misunderstandings

Chapter 12. Anglo–Dutch Influence Abroad: Competition, Market Forces and Money Markets on a Global Scale


Bibliography of Secondary Sources