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Exploring American Histories, Volume 2: Since 1865

Exploring American Histories, Volume 2: Since 1865

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Chapter 16: Frontier Encounters 1865-1896

Opening the West

Conquest of the Frontier

The Mining Frontier

Ranching and Farming Frontiers

Pushing Farther West

Conclusion: The Ambiguous Legacy of the Frontier

Chapter 17: American Industry in the Age of Organization 1877-1900

America Industrializes

Free Markets and Rugged Individuals

Society and Culture in the Gilded Age

National Politics in the Era of Industrialization

Conclusion: Industry in the Age of Organization

Chapter 18: Workers and Farmers in the Age of Organization 1877-1900

Working People Organize

Farmers Organize

The Depression of the 1890s

Conclusion: A Passion for Organization

Chapter 19: Cities, Immigrants, and the Nation 1880-1914

A New Wave of immigrants

Becoming an Urban Nation

Urban Politics at the Turn of the Century

Conclusion: A Nation of Cities

The Roots of Progressivism

Humanitarian Reform

Morality and Social Control

Good Government Progressivism

Presidential Progressivism

Conclusion: The Progressive Legacy

Chapter 20: Empire and Wars 1898-1918

The Awakening of Imperialism

The War with Spain

Extending U.S. Imperialism, 1899-1913

Wilson and American Foreign Policy, 1912-1917

Fighting the War at Home

Conclusion: An American Empire

Chapter 21: An Anxious Affluence 1919-1929

Postwar Turmoil

People of Plenty

Challenges to Social Conventions

Culture Wars

Politics and the Fading of Prosperity

Conclusion: The Roaring Twenties

Chapter 22: Depression, Dissent, and the New Deal 1929-1940

The Great Depression

The New Deal

The New Deal Moves to the Left

Conclusion: New Deal Liberalism

Chapter 23: World War II 1933-1945

The Road toward War

Global War

The Home-Front Economy

Fighting for Equality at Home

Conclusion: The Impact of World War II

Chapter 24: The Opening of the Cold War 1945-1954

The Origins of the Cold War, 1945-1947

The Cold War Hardens, 1948-1952

Peacetime Challenges, 1945-1948

The Anti-Communist Consensus, 1945-1954

Conclusion: The Cold War and Anticommunism

Chapter 25: Troubled Innocence 1950-1961

The Boom Years

The Culture of the 1950s

The Civil Rights Movement

The Eisenhower Era

Conclusion: Cold War Politics and Culture

Chapter 26: The Liberal Consensus and Its Challengers 1960-1973

The Politics of Liberalism

Civil Rights

Reforming the Social Order

Challenges to the Liberal Center

Conclusion: Liberalism and Its Discontents

Chapter 27: The Conservative Ascendancy 1968-1992

Richard M. Nixon, War, and Politics, 1969-1974

The Challenges of the 1970s

The Conservative Political Ascendancy

Conclusion: The Conservative Legacy

Chapter 28: Ending the Cold War 1977-1991

Carter’s Diplomacy, 1977-1980

Reagan’s Cold War Policy, 1981-1988

The Fall of the Iron Curtain

Conclusion: Farewell to the Cold War

Chapter 29: The Challenges of a New Century 1993 to the present

Transforming American Society

Politics at the End of the Twentieth Century

The New Millenium

Challenges Ahead

Conclusion: Technology and Terror in a Global Society

Glossary of Key Terms

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